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Trump Acquitted

Trump Acquitted

President Trump has been acquitted in the Senate trial that closed today by a vote of 43 not guilty, 57 guilty. A 2/3 majority was required and not achieved. Sens Romney, Murkowski, Collins, Burr, Sasse, Toomey and Cassidy, were the Republicans who voted to convict President Trump.

The House impeachment managers presented their case that the President incited a riot on January 6th, 2021. Trump’s defense attorneys defended the President point by point.

I managed to watch quite a bit of the trial. I’m embarrassed for America that the Democrats would put on such a show, of lies, innuendo and false passion. They attempt to describe what has long been normal political rhetoric as “inciting violence,” with special emphasis on the word “fight.”It was clear that everyone in the Senate Chamber knew what was happening, nobody was convinced by the arguments. This was a show for the liberal media.

Trump’s defense attorneys called them on their BS arguments. They showed videos of every Democrat member of the Senate using the word “fight” and they showed senior members of the House and Senate encouraging violence from BLM and Antifa protesters.

What was conspicuously absent from the proceedings was any serious consideration that the election was stolen, and it in fact was continuously denied and ridiculed by the Democrat side. The Trump defense team did not (and could not) press the issue.

The Senate voted in favor of calling witnesses. Interestingly, after it passed, Lindsey Graham stood up and requested that his vote be changed from no to yes. I got the feeling that Senator Graham had something up his sleeve. Commentators suggested that perhaps this was about to be Armageddon, and that witnesses could push the trial all the way to July. And it was also speculated that high level politicians might be called to testify. The Democrats quickly back pedaled and agreed to no witnesses.

I am disgusted, dismayed and saddened by this impeachment, and the fact that Democrats have decided to do this at their whim. My own support for President Trump is unwavering.

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