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Facebook Lawsuit, This Time Over Talks with FBI

Facebook Lawsuit, This Time Over Talks with FBI

America First Legal (AFL) is suing the FBI over its failure to disclose its conversations with Facebook and other Big Tech companies. 

The lawsuit highlights Facebook’s efforts to censor a salacious story about Hunter Biden that was originally published by the New York Times in November 2020. More recently, it was revealed that Facebook’s attempts to keep people from reading the story were a direct result of a warning from the FBI to be on the lookout for Russian disinformation. 

As noted in my previous article (click here to read), Facebook and other popular social media platforms suppressed a story that could have directly influenced the 2020 presidential election; and they did so because of the FBI’s warning.  

Last month, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) wrote a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking for more information about his communications with the FBI – including the names of the agents with which he spoke. The request has not been answered. 

“The actions of the agents who spoke to Facebook were blatantly political, something the FBI should shun with a passion,” explains PBP contributor Joe Gilbertson (click here to read the full story). “This is a corruption of the highest law enforcement body in the land…If I were an FBI agent, I would be screaming to boot out the people who did this, the people who damaged the FBI’s reputation.”

As exposed in the lawmakers’ letter, FBI agents are known to have initiated a scheme in August 2020 to downplay any negative information about Hunter Biden in an effort to halt the investigation into his overseas business dealings while his dad ran for POTUS.

“The evidence is that, during the 2020 presidential election campaign, the FBI conspired and combined with large corporations, including Facebook, to censor and suppress the damning evidence of Biden family corruption and influence-peddling found on Hunter Biden’s laptop,” argues AFL partner Reed Rubinstein. “This was done to help Joe Biden and the Democrats win the 2020 election. Now, arrogantly disregarding the law, the FBI is stonewalling AFL’s efforts to expose the FBI’s emails detailing the tradecraft behind this collusive attack on our elections and identifying the persons inside and outside of government who were responsible for it.” 

Google also seems to be blocking information regarding the AFL’s lawsuit.

American First Legal was founded by a group of former Trump Administration officials as an “answer to the ACLU” as the radical left continues to “use its power inside and outside of the government to destroy our country,” explains the group in its mission statement.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who admitted his company’s efforts to suppress the Hunter Biden story and said “it sucks” the story turned out to be real, is also in deep water over his use of non-profit voting rights groups to support local election agencies in Democratic jurisdictions ahead of the 2020 presidential election (read more here).


Conservative Group Sues FBI Over Alleged Big Tech Collusion

American First Legal SUES the FBI for Illegally Concealing Federal Records of Government Collusion with Big Tech to Censor the Hunter Biden Laptop Story

View the AFL lawsuit here

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  1. john

    facebook is criminal for not reporting school sshooter rants, but being traitors to to the american people who want the rightfull person for president, and not that asshole traitor joe biden ! plus the give information on people why say anything true against a corupt fbi and doj ! anyone who signs up has their information sold ,and get spamed , bigtime ,and you dont know whos getting your info !

  2. frank stetson

    Can we sue PBP for not running our stories? I had one about Joe’s mother that he killed :>)

    Nice hack title Alice — it’s a suit against the FBI over their actions with Facebook and perhaps others. It’s led by Steve Miller so I doubt the FBI has much to fear given Mr. Miller’s track record in Trumpian court cases.

    Republicans seem to desire a complete lack of privacy if you can steal communications from their opponents. Whether it be Hunter’s laptop, Joe’s daughters diary, Hillary’s emails, Republicans believe stolen private communications are free speech. They even will extort foreign countries to get it, ask our top adversary to release it, Republicans are the law and order squad that’s first to break the laws of man and God. They even call the January 6th insurrectionists patriots and demand their freedom from what they feel is unjust incarceration.

    Thanks Alice for your copy/paste of this repeatable portrayal of Republican hypocrisy.

    • nunya

      interesting that you cant see how treasonous the content of those comms are. that doesnt seem to matter, only that your radical leftist politicians are being exposed to the public eye…

      typical liberal bullshit

      • frank stetson

        Nunya, what do you think this laptop proves? What is your smoking gun?

        I would love to see “how treasonous the content” of Hunter’s supposed laptop is, one way or the other, and have said as much on PBP. Problem is we don’t know except you think you have heard. Remember, we are a nation of laws, innocent until proven guilty, and beyond a shadow of a doubt. None of which you have here. If you read up on the whole thing, it’s a shit sandwich or a crime scene where you held a rave party after the crime.

        The “content” you are referring to is off a copy of a copy….the chain of evidence is highly tainted, and the less than 50% of the 200,000 emails that can be verified as Hunter’s may have been placed there as well. Who knows? I am not sure anyone even knows where the actual laptop is. What we have could be cloudware, it certainly would not hold up in court without collaboration with other data sources.

        Typical Republication desire to have all the stolen communications they can lay their grubby little paws on. They are even willing to extort foreign countries to get their hands on more info pelf.

        And there is no smoking gun in regards to Joe, so what you are talking about is using stolen, private communications, to make your point. Imagine if we had those for Don Jr. Maybe we should just make all emails from all officials, in office or running, public. Including their entire families. While I agree, at this point let’s just validate the thing, it certainly presents a slippery slope. I just wish someone would illegally release Don’s taxes so we could legally look at the stolen contents of his financial world…… Slippery slope, like covered in oil.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Mom is still alive, thank you very much.

      I think you should start your own website. Clearly you don’t understand anything on this one.

      • B

        And you apparently don’t understand sarcasm.

  3. frank stetson

    I am glad your mom is alive, that’s nice.

    You can use reply on this website if you want to connect to the right post. It’s a little grey button off to the right that reads “reply.”

    Thanks for the advice. And any help with understanding your posts on this one is always appreciated. Perhaps try some facts, figures, statistics, etc. Or maybe even a source that doesn’t read out “far right whack crazies supported by Falung Goon” with seriously damaged factual truths” or something close to that.

    Yup, try some sources or facts, that could really help folks understand. Otherwise, continue on in the PBP echo chamber of Joe and Larry.

  4. Mike

    The issue was not Hunter Biden, it was conservative’s desire to bring Joe into the mix. While Hunter may have (probably has) done some things that were criminal, there is less than zero proof that his Father was involved in any of these. Conservatives always tried a little too hard to nail Joe with his son’s actions, had they just focused on Hunter, these stories would likely have been published. But, they prefer to expand the “facts” to meet their narrative. End of story….

    • X

      Mike, you wrote: “While Hunter may have (probably has) done some things that were criminal”…

      Hunter Biden is a lawyer, and was in his 40’s when he went to work for an energy company in Russia. He probably got hired because of his last name, but that’s not illegal. He and his father both say that they haven’t discussed his work there. Biden Sr. threatened to withold funding to Ukraine if they didn’t remove a corrupt prosecutor, part of the Obama Administration’s attempt to clean up corruption in Ukraine in order to minimize Russian control over government and industry. Nothing illegal, and Biden was carrying out Obama policies. The Administration targeted the prosecutor not because he might have gone after Hunter Biden, but because he never prosecuted ANY corrupt individuals in Ukraine.

      Burisma may have hired Hunter Biden for what they perceived as a veneer of respectability, or maybe because he had worked with international charities, or just because they wanted to impress customers by having a Biden on the board. None of that is illegal, and there was no indication that Hunter Biden did anything illegal.

      So, unless you have some proof that Hunter did something illegal or criminal, you’re just spreading the same conspiracy theories that Republicans have been trying to attack Joe Biden with. As you said, there is “less than zero proof”.

      • Mike

        X-You missed the point of my response. I certainly was not referring to the Burisma issues when I mentioned that Hunter may have acted criminally-that is one area where the right is trying to make Joe into a bad guy, and there is simply no proof of that. While Hunter may have been hired because he was the VP’s son, there were no actions taken by the Obama/Biden administration that were in deference to Hunter, they were simply trying to get rid of a bad prosecutor in Ukraine. However, there are some issues with Hunter’s taxes (that have absolutely no relation to Joe), that are perhaps criminal. We shall see, I trust the current justice department (and I am sure that Joe is staying out of their investigation, unlike the Justice department under Trump). I don’t believe that Hunter is in any way an angel, but the fact that Joe has said he loves him as his son in no way reflects badly on Joe, it makes him a real, loving father…

        • X

          Unproven allegations, but Republicans call out “what about Hunter Biden” as their simplified shorthand for something criminal to do with Joe Biden and Russia. Saying he has probably done something criminal implies it had to do with Russia.

          If “Mike” is on trial for murder, and I said “he’s probably done something criminal” because he has had some traffic tickets, then the statement will imply something different to most people.

          Republicans already have convicted Hunter Biden in their heads… don’t help them.

  5. frank stetson

    Mike, I agree and typical of Republicans, the more tenuous the connection, the shakier the facts, the greater belief that it’s true. I mean if you can’t disprove, you can’t prove it, it must be true because the world is a conspiracy and they are all out to get Republicans because Republicans own all the trailer parks :>)

    My only points are:
    1. the evidence trail is muddy
    2. the evidence has been altered by the mere fact it is a copy of a copy at best
    3. the ties to Joe Biden are mysterious

    but beyond that, it’s clear as mud that it would have end Joe’s run for the Presidency. It’s as bad as “grab you by the pussy,” or “Mir. Putin, can you release to the world those stolen emails from my competitor” to “I will give you the money if you just get me the dirt on Joe Biden” to “I want you to do me a favor, I need 11,666 votes to finish off that devil, Joe Biden” to “can you go grab me some ketchup, I don’t want to miss this capitol cop bashing…..whattttya mean there’s no fucking ketchup…..I want my blood red ketchup to watch the bloodletting…….fuck this burger……..”

    “Hello, secret service, I wanna go to Hardee’s, that’s where Mike Lindell likes to eat…….”
    “Hey, anyone what something to read……the classifieds are in that moving box over there under the burger on the wall.”