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The Democrat Bomb: A conversation between experts

The Democrat Bomb: A conversation between experts

Just happened to be included in a casual facebook conversation between folks who are experts in the arena, including a friend of mine who is a secuirty contractor in  Afghanistan. I thought the comments were very telling.

I’ve blurred the identities, so as to not cause them any problems. Very frank and insightful discussion.

The takeaways?

  1. Not put together by an expert who wanted to kill someone
  2. No postage mark on the package.
  3. Not enough postage to have actually sent it this way
  4. No trigger or way to detonate it.




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  1. Raymond b

    This way democrats are trying to gain sympathy. Shows how really stupid democrats are, all the simple mistakes in the bomb and postage stamps. Wouldn’t surprise me if this was made by a democrat. Remember what polise said “mislead, lie, cheat, do anything to win elections.

    • K2l0UpnEUh

      KGB’s motto “Admit nothing, Deny everything, Make counter accusations”

  2. Fred

    This is the New Democratic Party. They will lie cheat steal and even more for power. They have lost their minds and will end up starting a civil war in this nation so be ready to save your family because it isn’t going to be pretty in the near future if they don’t start treating people right.

  3. Carol

    Democrats are stooping even lower than ever before. It shows how desperate they are….. Now they are looking for sympathy because “fake” bombs were sent to them by some nut job. Give us a break.
    We the People will never vote for scumbocrats. We will keep the republican majority to save our country from their crooked politics which benefit no one but the scumbocrats themselves. Notice how wealthy each of them becomes after they are elected…..


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