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American Boogeymen: The Alt-Right Myth

American Boogeymen: The Alt-Right Myth

Americans must be at their most cautious when presented with characters or groups presented as problematic. When we look through the cases that define the limits on our rights, the presence of an undesirable, fringe group is a near-guarantee. The desire to limit one’s owns expression of a right is rare, but the goal of limiting an undesirable group’s expression turns such a loss into some kind of trivial collateral damage to those with short-term thinking.

For much of American history, that “undesirable group” used to create consensus around right mitigation was constituted by blacks – and we still see the ripples in the current state of rights for all American lives. When we look at the current price of healthcare, how much can we blame the racist justifications for regulating away lodge practice? When we look at our War on Drugs, how much can be blamed on Nixon’s war against all things anti-war? When we see the state of the 2nd Amendment in so many regions of America, how much can we blame the laws to keep newly freed blacks from possessing firearms?

The legal history of the 1st Amendment is a tale of international and national socialists engaging in otherwise legal speech – and then being attacked due to their political affiliations.

While America has survived the threat of international socialism and then national socialism, all without banning books and jailing those with unpopular opinions, there are those in our society who have deemed a new threat appropriate for the creation of unprecedented changes to American expression of speech. While the forms of socialism have upturned full nations, the current threat known as the alt-right is more smoke and mirrors than it is a political movement.

Why the Alt-Right?

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group apparently dedicated to low IQ DNC talking points, the alt-right “is a set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that “white identity” is under attack by multicultural forces using “political correctness” and “social justice” to undermine white people and “their” civilization.”

The make-believe law center lists a broad array of names that allegedly fit under the alt-right banner – with or without their consent. The names range from a homosexual man who married a black man to a Canadian stay-at-home dad who has championed peaceful parenting for decades.

As is the case with most “members” of the alt-right, the only common denominator seems to be support for Donald Trump – which also explains both how and why the hardly existing group rose to national awareness and scorn.

To date, the peak of the alt-right came back in 2017, when 200 people of no particular power or status decided to march in Charlottesville. With some members supporting Donald Trump, the media went into overdrive with the narrative that a hate group formed as a result of Republican rhetoric. After quite literally billions of dollars in free marketing, the unduly bloated non-event became a magnet for counter-protesters looking to live-action roleplay as some kind of Robert Jordan figure.

As was inevitable after the ubiquitous, hysterical coverage, clashes occurred between protesters and counter-protesters – and one person even died after being rammed by a car. Interestingly, we still hear about this death with great frequency. With most Americans on both sides of the aisle not being literal Nazis, the disastrous event marked both the peak as well as the end of the ill-fated movement. The American right – not wanting to associate with children marching while yelling about Jews – continued to not involve themselves with the movement or its organizers.

However, because the public had a sour taste in their mouth from the event, left-leaning pundits and writers would use the vague term of alt-right to smear any oppositional voice. In essence, alt-right became a way to call someone racist without using the exact word.

With much of the media wanting to have white separatists who support Donald Trump on-air as much as possible, people like Richard Spencer became national figures despite having virtually no following. At his peak, Spencer had about 15 thousand followers on Facebook, yet was said to be spearheading a racist movement that put all minorities in jeopardy. Spencer would eventually be violently attacked as a result of the hysterical coverage, and Americans got to learn how many of their neighbors supported violence against those with unpopular opinions during the “punch Nazis” era.

The alt-right would return to Charlottesville the following year – when around 12 people were laughed at by locals for an afternoon.

The current alt-right

Like the January 6th Capitol riot, the alt-right is merely a seed exaggerated into a mighty oak for no other reason but to discredit entire movements because of the actions of a few. In my experience, those with the truth on their side don’t go through great lengths to paint imaginary lines of affiliation between people they disagree with and whatever trendy boogeyman organization is currently in fashion. Such blanket dismissals are the hallmark of children and those with nothing else to offer.

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  1. Dan Tyree

    I never was clear on the term “alt right “ People throw shit out there like “right wingers “ to attack people who believe in constitutional freedoms

  2. Onisha

    It’s just one branch among many of identity politics. I think most of what the lefties complain about is fictional.

  3. Peter anderson

    There is a certain corrective truth to your article, but also a self-induced blindness to the extent to which the combination of Trump and social media leveraged an otherwise small fringe element into an actual serious political force. If that were not the case, how can be it be that, in his trance, 80% of Republican voters tell pollsters that they agree with Trump that the election was stolen — notwithstanding its legitimacy being attested to by every state recount (most controlled by long standing Republicans), Trump’s own Homeland Security Department, Trump’s own Wm. Barr, and 61 courts (many of which judges were Republicans, and several appointed by Trump.

  4. John Wood

    I like to challenge these Leftist critics to give specific names, times and places where all this racism is being committed. I enjoy pointing out the ignorance of stupid people.

    • DMC1776

      Bingo! I work in a place, shall we say, where I have access to legal documents, lawsuits, etc. Guess what, at the Federal level, nationally? There are very few if any civil rights cases ever brought forth. You know, cases where the suit of someone violating your civil rights, like in racism cases, don’t exist. Boogeyman is right. These frauds have to make up these stories (Smolett, Wallace, Charlottesville, Univ. of Mich cases, & on & on & on – all proven to be hoaxes. Sadly, the lie travels around the world before the truth puts it’s pants on. Also sadly, libturds never revisit anything. Once the headline is embedded on their tiny brains, that’s it. That’s the truth! The media knows this, and its why they plan on the gullible, the left. They’re all frauds on the left. Lying, corrupt, useful idiot frauds.

  5. Recce1

    It’s by view that the sad events in Charlottesville have been badly misconstrued by both sides, but particularly egregiously by the left to fit political narratives.

    The Unite the Right group asked for and was granted a permit for a parade to protest the city council’s vote to tear down historic Confederate monuments like that of Gen. Robert E. Lee. Then the left and ANTIFA ask for and received a permit for a counter protest. So the council revoked Unite the Rights permit. It went to FEDERAL court and the denial of the permit was overturned.

    In response, ANTIFA and leftists said that if Unite for Right marched, there WOULD BE violence. They said they’d come armed. In their either miscalculation or connivance, the police allowed both groups to demonstrate near each other. The result was predictable.

    As for the leftist woman’s death, she was ran over by a alt-right demonstrator who was fleeing the threat of violence. A far left professor bragged on YouTube that he had threatened the driver with a rifle just before the tragic accident. But this wasn’t allowed in court, I believe to avoid more serious riots in the event of a not-guilty verdict.

    As for Pres. Trump, he NEVER praised racists as the left, especially the SPLC, claimed. In an interview with a leftist reporter interrupting him constantly and trying to play gotcha, the reporter said, “The neo-Nazis started this. They showed up in Charlottesville to protest –“. In response Trump said, “Excuse me, excuse me. They didn’t put themselves — and you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. You had people in that group. Excuse me, excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name.”

    • Dan Tyree

      The crap in Charlottesville was incited by commie militants. Antifa is nothing but Marxist assholes

  6. Ben

    There were good people on both sides! Although I’ve never met a guy wearing a red maga hat ( the mark of the beast upon their forehead) chanting “Jews will not replace us” , that was a good person.

    One only has to read the comment section of The PBP to see racism is alive and well. There is a civic duty to confront people spewing such vile rhetoric. Perhaps they have surrounded themselves with like minded individuals or only come to echo chamber web sites, that they don’t even know what they think and say is harmful to society at large. More likely, they think that they won’t be confronted for their racist and morally repugnant views.

    By definition, Alt -Right is a loosely defined term ( even by altright members themselves) by design. The belief system is a detriment to our society and antithetical to America ideals.

    It is telling that you attack the SPLC as inconsequential all while basing an entire article on their findings.

    I do however agree with you that no laws should be established by the government to curtail speech. But that doesn’t preclude the moral majority from calling out racist crap and shun the perpetrators in any legal way they deem appropriate. After all, the First Amendment protects you from the Government censoring your speech or punishing you for your speech. It does NOT protect you from the repercussions of your speech that are deemed unacceptable to the public at large.

    • Anonymous

      lol, you’re an idiot Ben, go do something with your lfe

    • Larry Kuhn

      Ben stfu you ignorant asswipe.

      • Ben

        Larry Kuhn ,
        No, I don’t think I will STFU
        I had no idea the radical right thought about buttholes so much. Almost every response to me has something to do with buttholes. Like, it hardly ever crosses my mind, what is it with you guys?
        I’m not one to kink shame, but it’s getting weird around here.

  7. frank stetson

    “I never was clear on the term “alt right “ People throw shit out there like “right wingers “ to attack people who believe in constitutional freedoms.” Is Dan daring to feign being upset at some name calling? But wait, there’s more: he adds the reason for the name calling is “ to attack people who believe in constitutional freedoms.” which I think is White Supremacists’ code talk. At least that’s what I heard.

    “I think most of what the lefties complain about is fictional.” That’s true. I have a real bug up my arse over Winnie the Pooh, fiction well worth complaining about.

    “I like to challenge these Leftist critics to give specific names, times and places where all this racism is being committed. I enjoy pointing out the ignorance of stupid people.” My favorite. C H A L L E N G E A C C E P T E D

    Here’s 158 resources on racism as gathered by The Smithsonian Museum, a radical left organization for sure.

    But no way could racism be systemic, I mean, I never owned a slave. My Daddy didn’t own any slaves. Well, my Grandfather kept a few, but it was legal so OK. How could racism be systemic? Here’s a tutorial about systemic racism and how it is all around us, either implemented consciously or subconsciously:

    In answer your specific question: specific names; it’s really not hard for even someone with “the ignorance of stupid people” to find:

    Here’s are total’s by state: In this, you can see the total hate crimes based by type, like race, etc. There’s a lot more: jfgi.

    Racism is really just not hard to find in America. Systemic racism is more complex. I enjoyed pointing this out to you, using facts and sources, rather than just blowing some hot air, tossing in a few names, stereotypes, a trope or two. Do you see racism now?

  8. frank stetson

    “As for the leftist woman’s death, she was ran over by a alt-right demonstrator who was fleeing the threat of violence.” Wow, and for fleeing the threat of violence, this self-professed Nazi White Supremacist was convicted for the first-degree murder, eight counts of malicious wounding, hit and run. For fleeing the threat of violence, he is sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 419 years at the State level. Then he pled guilty to 29 federal hate crime charges to avoid the death penalty while getting another life sentence at the Federal level. Gee, he must have had the same nine Trump lawyers that filed the voter fraud case in Michigan.

    “I never was clear on the term “alt right “ People throw shit out there like “right wingers “ to attack people who believe in constitutional freedoms.” Pretty funny that Dan’s knickers are all knotted over a little name calling. Loosen up, tighty whitey, if you don’t understand the alt-right, just look into the mirror.

    “I like to challenge these Leftist critics to give specific names, times and places where all this racism is being committed. I enjoy pointing out the ignorance of stupid people.” Right back at ya: really not hard to find….

    Here’s a list of recent hate crimes: And here’s the case-specific examples:

    Here’s the state summary, if you click on any state, you will see a summary of hate crimes due to race/ethnicity/ancestry. As you will see, hate crimes due to race are the leading hate crime in the US. And if you look at the three-year tracking, it pretty much jumps out how this is expanding during the reign of Trump, like a 300% increase due to Trump enabling of these idiots and the ones who don’t even believe it is happening:

    • Anonymous


    • Dan Tyree

      Frankie you sound like a dumb race baiting asshole. You want people to be racist just so you can whine and bitch. I’m proud of the patriots that came to Charlottesville to protest Marxist bastards trying to erase history. I think that we should start taking down statues and pictures of MLK and then see how you commiecrats like it

  9. Emeline Suozzi

    This is amazing! I have added it to my favorites.