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Thank Goodness these Democrats are Old

Thank Goodness these Democrats are Old

I firmly believe that Trump will get four more years as President from the 2020 election. If I am wrong the country is in big trouble.

Thank goodness that this crop of Democrat candidates are so damned old that they really will not have another shot at the Presidency after this. This means that we have seen the last of them, their psychoses, their ignorance, their lines of BS.

Here are the people that I will be glad to see go simply because they will be too old to run in 2024.

Bernie Sanders, 78, will be 82 in the 2024 elections. I’m tired of the delusional socialist B.S. and his promise of a paradise that no one else has ever been able to achieve.  While it may be that crazy Bernie thinks he will still be fit, it is pretty certain that he will have enough health incidents in the next four years to make him think twice.

Will there be a successor to the Bernie Revolution? Possibly. The danger with Bernie is that if he should happen to win the Democrat nomination (something the Democrat establishment is fighting against tooth and nail at this point), he will establish a permanent socialist presence in the Democrat party. But hopefully, we will not have to listen to Bernie anymore.

Elizabeth Warren, 70, will be 74 in the 2024 election, perhaps not too old to run again. But she stumbled badly this year and was found to be a fraud in a lot of her “plan for that” proposals. She may not be too old but I believe her rhetoric has sunk her for the next round. Age will be the excuse, incompetence the real reason. I don’t want to hear, ever again, “I have a plan for that” from someone who has never implemented a plan in her life.

Joe Biden, 77, will be 81 in the 2024 elections. A mainstream candidate like Joe, having lost to Trump would not be welcome to run again. There has already been talk about who his vice president will be in case he keels over. Joke about Alzheimer’s abound. An added incentive is that the Ukraine affair will go away (I predict that it will be prominent in the 2020 election if he is the nominee). In any event, mainstream Democrat philosophy is that 81 is too old to be elected President.

Hillary Clinton, 72, will be 76 in the 2024 election. I wouldn’t put it past her to attempt another run. However, I suspect she will make enough of a mess this year in at the Democratic Convention that she will not have another chance to run, and, like Warren, age will be the excuse. Please, please Hillary go away!

Michael Bloomberg, 78, will be 82 in the 2024 election. He failed badly in his campaign, and knows that his age will be yet another obstacle, even if his mind is still clear and he is physically capable (with his fortune, he gets the best medical care…). He won’t run again. However, with his more than 50 billion, he seems to be intent on supporting Democrats and opposing Trump for at least the next 4 years. If he endows a political machine to support Democrats after his death, it could be formidable and, indeed, make the Koch machine look anemic. But at least we won’t have to listen to him anymore. And yes, Michael, you are short!

None of the other candidates have been quite as obnoxious as these old farts, but I’m sure others will rise. But this has truly been the most propaganda laden election season in history. We have never had such a threat of socialism to the degree it has been talked about by Bernie, Elizabeth and others.  The younger candidates were playing “follow the leader” with Bernie and Liz. Maybe these lemmings will follow someone with more sense next time.

On the Republican side in 2024, the field will be one of the strongest ever. In addition to Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and some other strong candidates who have previously run, we could have such superstars as Rick Scott, Joni Ernst, Devin Nunes, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Jim Jordan, Mike Pompeo. We have outstanding Republican governors, and a businessman or celebrity might step up. Who knows? Mitt Romney (booo!) might even poke his head into the race.

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  1. Bruce R.

    There are runners that “Uncle Joe” may pick Michele Obama as his running mate. I can see where that might be
    a wise pick for him and big trouble for Trump. Just think, a year or two in the White House, then turn it over to her.
    Imagine: Obama/Biden 08’—Biden/Obama 20’.
    In this scenario we can only hope that Hillary is so angered
    by this, Michele may have an “accident”. lol
    KAG TRUMP 20’

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I think her suicide is already on the calendar!

      But Biden already has the black vote, he needs someone who will get the crazy Bernie voters activated.

  2. TCT

    I disagree.
    There needs to be a Democrat that old running or Wheeling their way to be president.
    Old and with a plan.
    And just out of touch with the average – Voting – person.

  3. Sono Fabich

    Joe Biden will have an interpreter at the next debate. Someone to speak for him.
    The kommiecrats are in trouble, with these two clowns. All they can do is try to stop Trump with virus attacks and lawsuits.

  4. derek blurb

    Our representatives are a pack of geriatrics who are not representing us at all. Their own interests come up first. Besides, their minds have long departed anyhow. But they don’t know that, and their own gaggles of sycophants live off their delusions.

  5. BobB

    They ARE old but they are Shiffty you got to watch out for them. They like to change the rules in their favor all the time.

  6. David Barron

    The problem is what on earth is going to replace them, the current ones in the wings? OMG!