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RNC Using Reverse Psychology to Support Trump?

RNC Using Reverse Psychology to Support Trump?

“No, Donald Trump is too much a man of the people! We, the evil establishment, want a candidate of the establishment, which is not Donald Trump! We will choose the nominee, someone who is not Trump! The voters, who clearly want Trump, cannot out-vote us one-percenters! We order you not to use your vote for Trump! Grrr! “

When Republican Party officials and high-ranking members speak about the primaries, that’s all we’re hearing. Left and right, RNC officials are denouncing Trump and looking for ways to get rid of him. Senior official and Republican Convention rules committee member Curly Haugland came right out and said it during an interview with CNBC: “The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here.” 

“The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee,” he clarified. The Republican establishment has made it more than clear who they <I>don’t</I> want the nominee to be. 

The New York Times recently ran an article giving the public a peek into all the ways the RNC and its network of establishment Republicans have been trying to “secretly” sabotage Trump’s campaign. Although, considering The New York Times ran an article about it, their secret meetings are not exactly a well-kept secret. 

If establishment Republicans were trying to quietly remove Trump and get those pesky voters out of the way so they can choose their own candidate, they’ve royally mucked it up. Every half-informed voter knows about their efforts, and that’s no accident.

These people didn’t get to their level of power by being stupid, and they didn’t get there by being careless. If they wanted to take Trump down and quietly insert a candidate of their choosing, they would have done so behind closed doors. If one leak had happened, it could have been chalked up to a mistake. If one or two of them had publicly voiced their disdain for Trump, it could have been chalked up to individuals who work in politics freely voicing their own personal opinion. This is a concerted effort, and it’s been exposed to the public. 

Is it really a brilliant marketing ploy by Trump? 

Nothing makes a person yearn to do something quite like being told not to. If President Obama were to tell Americans, “Don’t eat apples. I don’t want any of you eating a single apple. All of you, eat pears instead. I know what’s best for you and I am telling you not to touch apples,” you can bet your life that virtually every one of the Americans who don’t support Obama would immediately go out to buy and eat an apple, as a big screw-you to the president. Why? (Because we don’t like being told what to do.)

Nothing insures that people will vote Trump like being ordered not to by the establishment. Nothing gets people riled up in support of Trump quite like seeing the establishment threaten to subvert their freedom to vote and be heard. They know this. 

Yet they keep doing it, and more and more people hop on the Trump train, not realizing that the establishment is already on board, sitting right up front with Donald.

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