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Study Reveals Labor Unions Donated $1.3 Billion in Membership Dues to Liberal Groups

The Center for Union Facts (CUF) released a study that found that from 2010 to 2017 multiple labor unions sent more than $1.3 billion in membership dues to left-wing groups without alerting their members. 

Some of the organizations that benefited from the union donations include Planned Parenthood, The Clinton Foundation, Center for American Progress, Democracy Alliance, America Votes and the Democratic Governors Association.

America Votes received $15.1 million from unions, Democratic Governors Association received $14.5 million, and Planned Parenthood was donated over $1.2 million from unions. 

Democratic groups and organizations aligned with the party’s agenda received a combined total of $401,418,532 from labor unions. 

Again, the unions did not seek approval from members about where a portion of their fees was going.
According to a Washington Post report, 40 percent of union household members vote Republican, so their membership fees are being donated to support causes they may not agree with. 
The CUF also pointed out that only 51 percent of union households favored Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump in the last presidential election. 
“For decades, union officials have exploited working Americans to advance a left-wing political agenda — without their affirmative consent,” said Luka Ladan, CUF communications director.
“Union leadership provides a reliable ATM for the Democratic Party and liberal special interest groups across the country, whether employees agree or not. Union members are right to support the Employee Rights Act, which would protect their paychecks and hold union officials accountable.”
Lawmakers have introduced the Employee Rights Act, a bill that would require unions to get members’ “opt-in” consent. 

“The Employee Rights Act (ERA), which is now co-sponsored by more than 180 senators and House members, would protect employees’ paychecks by requiring union leadership to obtain prior approval before spending member dues on political advocacy. Roughly 80 percent of Americans—including those in union households—support paycheck protection and other ERA reforms,” writes CUF. 

This act would no longer allow unions to use membership fees to support causes that their members may or may not agree with. 

“For years, labor unions have hijacked member dues to fund Planned Parenthood, Emily’s List, and other pro-abortion groups,” said Luka Ladan, communications director for the CUF.  “Yet many union members oppose the abortion lobby. The Employee Rights Act would require union officials to obtain permission before spending dues dollars on left-wing political advocacy.”

Author’s note: How is this even legal? Why should someone be forced to unknowingly support something that may go against their religion? 

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