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Latest Washington Power Couple Doesn’t Come Across As Very Powerful

Latest Washington Power Couple Doesn’t Come Across As Very Powerful

In the Democrat Party rebuttal to President Trump’s border security address last night, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer proved that there isn’t necessarily strength in numbers. Why the pair (and Democrat Party as a whole) thought that two…two…two political heads are better than one and would better convey their argument against the President’s version of more effective border security, rather than presenting one speaker alone, is a mystery.

Were the Democrats democratic in this decision, taking any input at all from the membership on the best way to present the party line? Was there actual consensus on this, that tag-teaming the appearance was indeed the best way to go? Or was it the only way to go, taking into account the egos of the two involved?

It started at first as a visual trainwreck, as soon as the TV producer yelled “Action!”

Okay, they don’t actually yell “action” for Capitol Hill news coverage, but you would never know it by their expressions. They looked like two embarrassed high school students nervously smiling after being voted King and Queen of the Prom.

So we’re greeted by this image of two awkward, elderly teenagers squeezed behind a podium built for one, shoulder pressing shoulder. Not very relaxed. Not very sensible. And sadly, kind of reminiscent of overcrowded classrooms, with students forced to uncomfortably share a desk.

From time to time, it appeared that someone would cue the music, and they would tap dance while switching sides. Nancy on the right. Chuck on the left. Cue music. Now, Nancy on the left. Chuck on the right. Maybe even juggle lit torches or swords between them, or share a chocolate milkshake placed in the center of the podium, giggling cheek to cheek, sipping from two straws. (Remember that prom?)

You had to let your imagination run wild, because watching it as is was just too ridiculous. What a way to start the “show,” but the show must go on!

Who orchestrated this? Couldn’t they find a second podium, or a wider podium? Were they trying to appear close and united as a party?

Or did they want to appear thrifty and fiscally responsible, chanting, “No funding for podiums! Build friendships, not podiums! People don’t kill people, podiums do!” (Democrats get confused at times.)

I just don’t know, but first impressions count, and first impressions are based on appearance. In this context, it was a big fail, with the web being flooded today with Photoshopped images of the two in ridiculous, insulting parodies.

And their actual rebuttal?

They denied there’s a crisis at the border, despite daily images of thousands trying to cross illegally through Tijuana. They lied about the security dangers of unvetted immigration. They denied the costs of unlimited low skilled immigration, legal or not (education, housing, food stamps, medical costs, etc.), despite all of the data. And the craziest lie of all, that a wall simply wouldn’t work, as if they favored border security in the first place.

It was a regular Who’s On First. Pure comedy, but in this case, comedy at its worst.

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  1. Paul Miller

    Didn’t Hitler say the bigger the lie the more people will believe it? Seriously, if SNL doesn’t do something really funny with these two then there is no comedic justice on that show any more. They are begging to be mistreated!

    • Magoo

      Frick and Frack at their best.

    • Ron C

      Trust me there isn’t even anything funny about SNL…anymore!

  2. Domsan10

    Two traitors to our nation standing side by side.

  3. Ron C

    No doubt creepy Chuck & Nancy will bring even more creepy-ness then that to the rest of 2019!

  4. James Roberts

    According to you but facts say otherwise.!!! This Bullshit site is nothing but a Conservative Racist site blatantly twisting the facts to meet their twisted racist agenda and I’m making sure as many people as possible are informed about this Bullshit site. You lie and twist the facts like that sociopathic egomaniacal White Supremacists Racist in the White House and all you assholes need to go into your closets and show the world who you really are by pulling out you hooded white sheet clown suits!!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Funny how Conservatives almost never talk about white supremacy, and Liberals bring it up all the time…

  5. donald

    Perfect SNL skit!!! In fact, most of what the democrats are doing and espousing these days would fit well on various SNL segments! Probable help their ratings, too!