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George H.W. Bush Considers Voting for Clinton

George H.W. Bush Considers Voting for Clinton

Former President George H.W. Bush is one of many establishment Republicans who can’t seem to get behind Donald Trump’s insurgency campaign. 

“This is a protection racket here, and they [the Republicans] have never been under greater threat,” says Democratic pollster Pat Caddell.

“It’s not surprising in a way,” said Caddell, speaking to Breitbart radio host Alex Marlow. “We misunderstood that this Trump thing is not so much an ideological contest, even a partisan contest. It’s really an insurgency against the political class by the people. That’s why both Bernie Sanders and Trump did so well” in the primaries. 

Establishment Democrats are overjoyed that Hillary beat out Sanders, but Republicans didn’t get so lucky, and they don’t take kindly to the idea of Donald Trump succeeding without their support. 

“Behind closed doors, what you have is a sense of an alliance,” said Caddell. Power may fluctuate between parties, but they still “eat at the same trough” in Washington. 

Both parties’ ability to maintain power is dependent on presidential candidates’ understanding that they must win the support of either the Dems or the Republicans, but this doesn’t explain how Donald Trump has been able to come in and take everything from the GOP without their permission. 

The Republican big wigs want Donald Trump to know that he can’t win without them, which is why many GOP leaders like Bush are refusing to endorse him. 

Caddell calls Trump’s candidacy an “insurgency,” and in the eyes of top politicians (in both parties), this is true. 

The chances that Trump will win are unlikely, but what the billionaire has shown the Republican Party is that he doesn’t need their leaders to succeed; he just needs to know how to work a crowd.

A Trump presidency would shatter the Republican Party’s precedent of established political candidates and pave the way for more outsider candidates to run for office in the future.

For establishment Republicans, voting for or against Trump isn’t about morals or ethics, it’s about political power, and many of them would rather see Hillary take the White House than allow Trump to win without following their rules. 

Editor’s note: H.W. is being loyal to his son, primary contender Jeb Bush, who seems to be stuck in the anti-Trump mode, despite his promise to support the eventual Republican nominee. 


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