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Gilbertson: I Keep Thinking Bernie Sanders Supporters are all Mildly Retarded.

Gilbertson: I Keep Thinking Bernie Sanders Supporters are all Mildly Retarded.

I can’t help it.

Anyone who doesn’t see that Bernie Sanders’ proposed policies are impossible MUST be a bit slow. I don’t mean to make fun of the mentally disabled, and apologize if anyone is offended by my way of expressing this.

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But express it, I must.

Bernie Sanders fits the definition of insanity. People talk about how “honest” and “authentic” is Bernie Sanders.  Of course he is, he absolutely positively believes in something that is pure fantasy – he rejects all challenges to his beliefs, he fabricates excuses where his theories fail – his world is not your world.

This is the equivalent of believing the Earth is flat, even after having seen the satellite images showing a nice curved horizon with the Sun poking up. There is no other way to explain how a man who was elected to the U.S. Senate cannot do enough mathematics to know that his policies will bankrupt the country. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that he REFUSES to do the math – because he is insane.

Everyone with common sense knows that socialism doesn’t work. It has been tried in a great many places, most recently Venezuela, all ending in disaster. The more sophisticated of us know that socialism is a negative feedback loop, the more you put into social support, the less the motivation to produce. And we who are older watched the Soviet Union attempt to conquer enough resources to stay afloat, only to eventually collapse under its own weight.

Let’s go back to the analogy that Sanders believes the Earth is flat. The satellite images of the Earth are open to everyone, so who is going to follow Bernie?

See what I mean? Anyone who is not able to see the simplicity of the error MUST be (at least) mildly retarded.

And just like the flat-Earthers from hundreds of years ago, Bernie is charging all kinds of conspiracies against his plan for socialism, all of the reasons it hasn’t worked before, all of the enemies of socialism, and the dismissal and claims of falsification of data supporting the opposite of socialism.

Followers of Bernie have to be able to ignore the success of free enterprise that permeates EVERYTHING around them. They have to ignore all of world history showing the failures of socialism. They have to gather ammunition to fight the overwhelming evidence that continually bombards them every second of every day just to keep faith with a man who is “authentic” and “honest” and, without a doubt, insane.

I cannot envision a normal person who lives in the real world, reads an occasional newspaper and takes interest in politics, and still is unable to see the impossibility of Bernie’s plans. And yet, I see seemingly intelligent. people supporting him who are actually convinced (or in some cases pretending?) that his policies are reasonable.

And we see Democrat Party leadership accepting it all.

And we see the media treating him like he makes sense.

Again, I can’t help it. I feel sorry for these people, I feel bad for them. I’ve tried to speak to a few, they will not let go of their psychosis, facts do not penetrate. They are, at minimum, mildly retarded.

I just hope there are not more of them than there are of us.

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  1. James P Andrews

    They are far more than “mildly retarded”. They are dangerous idiots!

    • John

      Re liberal being mildly retarded….don’t thinks but definitely cult like. Not quite as bad as the brain dead trumpies

      • Joe Gilbertson

        But we live in the real world. We are seeing real, actual, measurable results from President Trump.

      • bittersweet.2007

        john’s comments, (or whtever that was), Proves Dems/Libs is a mental Disorder

    • James

      I believe that many people believe what they believe because they are listening to the major news media propaganda. Nighty percent (90% ) of the news we listen to are owned by 6 corporations! The majority of the owners are 15 billionaires! Do we believe that what we believe is really, real? These people that are controlling what most of the public hear are only interested in keeping control! They hope to keep us divided by instilling hatred! Let’s stop bashing each other and share any true information, not what they want us to believe! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sharing ideas with out hate will stop the hatred that they hope to push!

    • Isir

      Bernie Sanders is a professional CON man. Where in hell can he get his 63 Trillion dollars to fund his idiotic and impossible free everything BS over 10 years. Did he mentioned about raising our taxes to 80%? Yes, he did mentioned it one time when he had an interview with fake News CNN. These idiots followers don’t know that everybody will be taxed.

  2. Everett

    All democrats ARE mentally retarded and Liberalism is a disease!! They can’t think, nor comprehend, refuse to accept other people’s opinions, and do not have the brains to debate policies other than their own convoluted ideas!! They are the best communism can buy!!

  3. Peter

    That’s what happens when you read and internalize Cloward Piven and Rules for Radicals. The objective is to destroy the economy. You can add Faucohantas and AOC to the growing list.

  4. Rich

    Bernie’s “supporters” are in it for the Freebies; i.e., forgive $1.5+ Trillion of student debt, shut down oil and gas and build windmills for cars and airplanes, etc.

  5. Scott Campbell

    The fact that Sanders is insane should be obvious. I am from Vermont. I have watched this looney for years. And PLEASE stop saying he is from Vermont. HE IS NOT. He is from Brooklyn NY. He just oozed his way up here. As for his supporters, just look up the video from the nutcase that says conservatives should be put in concentration camps, that is proof positive that sanders and his supporters are severely mentally ill.

    • Patriot-Right_Zeno

      I disagree-they are dangerous to those like you and me! Behind Sen The Bern Sanders is the George Soros-ian globalist banking clique that first must destroy the establishment to remake this continent for the North American Union! Study the French and Bolshevik Revolutions to really FEEL The Bern, we are in play so we need Pres. Donald Trump to stay and win in 2020!

      • Joe Gilbertson

        You are most likely correct, but do you think Bernie realizes that? I think he is oblivious.

  6. Laura Wagner

    The problem is not that Bernie Bros. are retarded. The problem is that they have been programmed not to think critically…They aren’t taught that in math there is a right and wrong answer. It’s how do you FEEL about the answer you gave. They aren’t taught about history. After all, why learn something that given the modern predilection to change it, they would have to learn all over again? Bernie is likable. He hasn’t changed at all since the 60s. But the education system has changed for the worse since then. Critical thinking has NOT been part of the program and has been highly discouraged.

    • Knobby

      Laura, Good point. The education system has become the indoctrination system. We as a nation have never been more vulnerable to subversion from within.

  7. Knobby

    Part of the reason that the “mildly retarded” refuse to submit to facts and mathmatics is that once they identify with “The Cause”, they submit to tribalism/groupthink. Once you are “in the group” your individual traits are, in your own mind, reduced in stature to the group traits. It is easier to defend these traits and ideas because they do not reflect the individual, they reflect a “status” or “brand” to which you belong.

    Per Jordan Peterson, it is an abrogation of personal responsibility. The groupie is not responsible for the moral or political position, but will fight tooth and nail to defend it.

    Google: “Jordan peterson interview rex murphy”

    Peterson is a LOT more precise and accurate about this concept than I ever will be.

    The phenomenon is similar to what happens when someone signs up for a cult, and “drinks the KoolAid”. They are blinded by the group that promises eternal loyalty and assures them that they are one of the few that know the “truth”. Everyone else is wrong-headed, and is sure to incur the wrath of the devil, or some other future event.

    In other words, they become less independent thinkers, and choose to be “mildly retarded”. Their original belief patterns are subordinate to the “Leader”.

    A sad state of affairs, but this evil plot has been going on for centuries.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Very nice analysis. In “persuasion” terms you have the “commitment-consistency” effect. This means that if you commit a little bit, then the next time you have to defend your position in order to be consistent (and not wrong). The more times you commit, the more you have to struggle to be consistent.

      • Knobby

        Thank you Joe. High praise in my estimation, coming from a person with a record of concise and coherent written position statements.
        You know you have found one of the committed when you attempt to start a rebuttal discussion and all they can muster is a tired slogan blurted out with forced emphasis.
        Joel Mudge describes such an event (below). It is a let-down, and at the same time scary, disorienting, and pitiful.
        We need divine help, in any way you can describe it.


    the bern has always been a CERTIFIABLE NUT CASE, he thinks stalin was the role model, even to honeymoon in moscow. any thinking human with a brain that is not smoked into mush can see that he is FAR FROM HARMLESS. this is the most dangerous breed of devil that walks on two feet.the supporters that follow him MANY HAVE NEVER HEALD A TRUE JOB, most are living at home with one or more parents supplying food and money. they have no idea what real sink or swim work is.THEY NEED TO SPEND SOME TIME IN A REAL SOVIET WORK CAMP FOR REFERENCE…

  9. Haugen

    As comedy relief in the Senate, Bernie has been a good choice. As a serious law maker, not so much.
    Bernie is more than old enough, and wealthy enough to retire. He really needs to pack in his brand of 1970’s liberal/socialism and realize it has failed everywhere it has been tried. Sure, help the less fortunate. Help those in need. Make grants available for those who are academically qualified, but financially unable to attend college. But realize that nothings comes free, except the air you breath.
    Many of Bernie’s followers evidently failed math. Or economics 101. You just can’t get something from nothing.

  10. Wolf

    I’m amazed that anybody takes this card carrying communist seriously at all. Does no-one study world history anymore? A lot of senior level students apparently can not even point on a map where they live. How can we expect them to vote wisely and judiciously? I spent many years as a university professor, and kept thinking every year that it can’t get any worse with each new class. I was wrong, as it did. At one major school I taught at with a well known football team, I had a student athlete in his “senior” year doodled all over a midterm exam and I failed him. The day after I handed the tests back, I got a call from the coach asking what I “could do” to help him graduate!!!! He asked as a personal favor, could I ask the player why he did this, and so I reluctantly agreed., but couldn’t understand what the student could say that would make a difference. The student told me that even after 4 years in college, he couldn’t read and write! Friends and others did all the work for him, I was the ONLY person in 4 years to fail him. I gave him a D- so he could graduate and get one of the NFL jobs. So I no longer wonder why people vote for idiots and communists, nearly all of which can be found on the democratic side, and Romney on the Republican side. Is Bernie Sanders “the best” that the democrats can do? It must be. Think I’ll vote for Trump again.

  11. Joel Mudge

    I tried to get one of them to just look at what Bernie believes in –He wouldn’t – He just wanted to argue that I didn’t know what I was talking about –I TOLD HIM TO READ or at least Listen to what he is saying –The guy said feel the BERN ?????????

  12. Mike Tanco

    Listen up,please? Do you actually believe Bernie Sanders became a millionaire through Socialism or Communism?
    There’s nothing “Free” people! The government cannot give you anything “Free”! They redistribute the wealth. In fact, the government does a very poor job spending taxpayers money now.
    How do you think we got over 20 trillion dollars in debt?
    These so-called Democrats that want to raise taxes are all millionaires and could care less about the citizens.

  13. Carl J Bujan

    They may be retarded but they are also brainless.