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GOP vs. Dem Investigation Wars – the New Normal

GOP vs. Dem Investigation Wars – the New Normal

We have seen three major investigations (and many minor ones) of Donal Trump including two impeachment hearings and, of course, the ongoing investigation of the January 6th protests. In none of the cases were they successful in convicting Trump. Few people expected them to be.

It is not just Donald Trump, though.  Anyone associated with Donald Trump has been subject to scrutiny, and many of them unjustly landed in jail for “crimes” seemingly made up in the spur of the moment.  The FBI raid of Roger Stone comes to mind, about 25 heavily armed agents were sent to arrest one 70-year-old man.  Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh was also put through this ringer with fabricated charges. so many examples, so little time.

These all turned out to be examples of grotesque theater, investigations designed to sway the public and further the rhetoric of the Democratic Party. This is the latest form of campaigning for the Democratic Party, or, if you want to be objective, it is flat-out propaganda.

But it does work. It fires up the “base” and with the cooperation of mainstream media, at least some of the public is persuaded to believe the badness of the subject. It probably gets them votes.

But it seems the GOP is planning some payback. And if the House turns Republican as is expected in the November election, they will get their way.

But what can they investigate?

The first target will be Nancy Pelosi and the formation of the Jan 6 Committee.  Republicans were not allowed a choice as to who would be on this “bipartisan” committee and have zero input in the ongoing show.  It has been the worst kind of abuse of power and corruption of due process from the start.

Perhaps next will be the exit from Afghanistan that left the country in shambles, with billions worth of U.S. weapons, trapping U.S. citizens behind the lines, and leaving any allies we had at the mercy of a terrorist regime. This was the worst blow to our international reputation since Saigon.

Perhaps someone will finally get around to investigating Hunter Biden’s business dealings and payoffs from China, Ukraine and much more.

Perhaps Joe Bidens involvement in facilitating and receiving rewards from his son’s business dealings that seem to have included payoffs from China, Ukraine and much more.

Perhaps they will launch an investigation into the handling of our southern border, such a disaster that Texas is considering declaring its own war.

Perhaps they will investigate the formation of the DHS Disinformation Board, in my opinion the worst and most Un-Constitutional act in many generations.

Hopefully, they will investigate the insider trading of Nancy Pelosi that seems to have been responsible for a good deal of her family’s wealth.

“It’s not something where we’re having to drum up, ‘OK, what are we going to do?’ It’s more of a limiting factor of, we only have 50 weeks a year,” said Rep. Michael Cloud (R-Texas).

The Republicans have historically not been that good at this kind of theater.  Obama had plenty of corruption to investigate (remember the IRS scandal?), and they didn’t make a show of it. Hillary’s scandals were off the charts. Even the Bill Clinton investigations ended up producing little. And, of course, the Republicans will not have the benefit of an enthusiastic liberal media.

I would really prefer that it not be necessary for our elected officials to spend all of their time investigating each other.

But at least maybe we will get some balance.

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  1. Gary

    The democrats have weaponized congress and the courts against republicans. The democrats have became the KGB of America

  2. Fred Behling

    The Biden Regime: Pulled out of Afghanistan in disgrace, while leaving behind many Americans, pallets full of cash, and 80+ billions of $ worth of sophisticated military equipment, which our enemy, the Taliban, can use against us and our allies. Isn’t that aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States? Then, what about not defending American citizens from an invading army of illegal aliens who’s identities are questionable while bringing lethal drugs into our country killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, and enriching Mexico’s drug and human trafficking cartels? Isn’t that also aiding and abetting enemy’s of the United States? Then what about deliberately destroying American’s livelihoods with the WEF’s Global Climate Initiative, which was created to surrender America’s sovereignty over to the WEF’s Great Reset/New (One) World Order? Wouldn’t that be considered an act of treason, surrendering without the consent of Americans and without so much as an attempt to fight for our sovereignty? Aiding and abetting enemies of our country seems to be the “M.O.” of this anti-American regime and the political party this regime represents! In fact isn’t aiding and abetting enemies of the United States considered treason? Let’s hope that IF and when Republicans take back the House, and hopefully the Senate, they will FINALLY get off their asses and put in an all out 100%+ effort to finally bring justice to those sinister scumbags that are trying to “Fundamentally Transform America”!

  3. frank stetson

    Can you say 10 Benghazi investigations, six purely by Republicans? When we are even, we will let you know :>)

    1,000 Clinton subpoenas, Clinton testified, where’s Don?

    over 100 subpoenas to Obama administration. Obama? really?

    Nine Hillary hearings WHILE she ran for office being the only party to investigate an opposing Presidential candidate including holding her for a nine hour testimony. When will Trump the man testify?

    Two investigations into Biden, so far.

    Learn to walk your talk, we ain’t even close to matching your record.

    And on Trump:

    1. over 100 meetings with Russians before the election while the Russians fucked with our votes; you didn’t think we should look into that?

    2. he asked the guy to get dirt on his political opponent, or else he would hold the check that Congress wrote, why wouldn’t you impeach him for that

    3. if you don’t see 1/6 as an impeachable, if not convictable day answer this, forgetting everything else he did or might have done from the middle of December to 1/6: how can you justify the man who took the oath to defend the nation watch the violence at the
    capitol for 3 hours and 7 minutes, 187 minutes, without sending in the guard ==== an act requiring only a phone call and his voice? In what world is that following his oath of office?

    You think the House is tough, wait until you see DOJ run the bases. Even Georgia. And remember, finally some of you pussy’s actually stood up and talked, a few volunteered even.

    Let’s see you blame Democrats for Trump’s burger tossing TV tragedy. What say you?

    • Kyle

      It’s all about Trump. Get a life dumb ass The Clintons were guilty as hell. They were given a pass on purpose

      • Ben

        Boo hoo you big baby. You’re such a victim.

        See you thursday, it ought to be wild.

        Have burger, will travel

        • Kyle

          Boo hoo you commie pussy. Go eat the stains out of Biden’s underwear

          • Ben

            Is that the best you got?

            You really suck at the put down. Amazing since Bob says you’re the best suck around. A real suckwad.

            You just can’t debate on the issues at all.

            This shit is all you got.

            Can’t string an idea backed by facts for the love of God.

            Thursday, thursday, thursday. We’ll cheney your kinzinger.

  4. Kyle

    It works. I pissed you off

    • Ben

      It worked.
      You can be totally trashed and not figure it out.

      • Tony

        Debate issues? All that you and Frank know is trump Trump Trump. Nothing about how our once great economy is being destroyed by so called progressive assholes. Or the skyrocketing crime in cities which are ran by morons in the democrat party. But last weekend a great American hero showed how to handle it. You people deliberately stir the pot and see just how far you can push us. I want you idiots to keep talking and spreading your propaganda. It helps open people’s eyes. Like the bitching by gun grabbing bastards over the hero stopping the mall shooter. And how about inflation and gas prices? There’s been a slight drop in gas prices but it’s not going to last. Just wait until Biden, through his handlers, start screwing around with our energy while blabbing about climate change. The climate changes. Always have. Always will. The list is long for the stupidity and failures of the left. And by the way. Thank God for Joe Manchin.

        • Chad

          It’s true that many people focus on Trump. He’s gone. And I seriously doubt that he’s going to be nominated again So calm down Ben. And you too Frank. But if I’m wrong and he is nominated, he’s damned sure got my vote.

          • Frank stetson

            That’s what they said in 2015.

            Fact is he needs your money, that’s why he runs. You got to cover his legal fees.

            Tonights the night. We’ll talk Trump’ missing 3 hours and 7 minutes…..for even more hours ;-).

            Where are those SS texts? Somebody’s in trouble….

            And we’ll see Trump talks to America outtakes. Priceless.

            Bring your burgers, it will be wild. Trump. Prime Time. Be there.

  5. Ac

    Oh, No, Joe say it’s not so.
    Nothing will ever convince you and all who form a line following you. There is a virus going around of a political nature. Its only cure is the truth vaccine. But, then. conservatives will not voluntarily take a vaccine . Story has it they would rather die in ignorance than hear the truth.
    If there is any consistency in your commentary it’s the predictability of bias and placing blame on others for sins you and yours committed. It called projection. Trump is your mentor in that practice.
    The more you opine more evidenced becomes the lies spun.
    Why all the hype replete with hyperbole? It does nothing for credibility.
    All said is of no sense with logic holes great that s truck could drive clear through.

    • Ben

      That large? Interesting. So join me in a snack from Biden’s underwear

  6. Carolinadog

    Gee, that’s encouraging. All the voters have to do is overcome voting machine rigging and fraudulent ballots. Apparently someone is unaware of the Maricopa County ongoing fraud.

  7. l

    Hey Joe, just wondering… did you actually license the Spy vs Spy artwork? I’m pretty sure that’s copyrighted… which is kind of a dead giveaway that you didn’t because there’s no copyright notice attached. I guess conservatives have no problem stealing to benefit themselves…

    Kind of like Trump has no problem lining his pockets with the money of his suckers… but at least he asks… even if everything he says is a lie to benefit himself…

    • Joe Gilbertson

      The copyright on that is expired, it is more than 50 years old.

  8. frank stetson

    Trump said he couldn’t wait to tell his story in court, and after not voluntarily appearing in court for months and months, blocking action after blocking action, he finally was forced to testify whereupon he walked in, sat down and immediately pleaded the fifth basically concluding he does not want to give evidence against himself as to the crime alleged. He once said only guilty people use the fifth, but now says he has learned that it’s all political —- he said: see FL document seizure as proof. Seems hard to link NY state government with the Federal government and that stealing documents somehow is connected to his illegal property valuations in NY, potential crimes that are decades apart. Sure, it’s all connected. IMO, the connection is poor, poor, Trump the victim as in “why is everyone always picking on me.” Boo hoo. Maybe the connection is Trump is a liar, carnival barker, grifter, and thief. Always has been.

    Trump can’t stand the truth and the court is our forum for determining truth.

    Trump also will not release the inventory of documents seized in the Mara Loser raid that would prove his allegation that it’s a nothing burger. Guess that’s another form of the fifth for The Don.

    It’s good to be King, too bad the Orangutang Emperor has no clothes.