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Former Successful Obama Fund Raiser Jumps Ship to Trump

Former Successful Obama Fund Raiser Jumps Ship to Trump

A former hugely successful fundraiser for Obama and the Dems has jumped ship and flipped to Trump largely because she feels that Biden is “asleep at the wheel.”

Allison Huynh who once raked in millions of dollars for the Democratic Party is none too happy with the direction of the country these days, telling Fox News she is so dismayed, she’s switching her vote to Trump.

“Biden has been asleep at the wheel,” Huynh said on a recent installment of “Fox & Friends First.”

“He’s allowed Big Tech as well as the looters to take over Silicon Valley. San Francisco has been the science experiment that’s gone awry. I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to, there’s no malls to take my teenage girls shopping to. The streets are not safe, there are more fentanyl users and dealers than high school students in our once great city,” she continued.

Huynh, along with her then-husband Google programmer Scott Hassan, helped raise millions of dollars for the Obama campaign in 2008, according to The New York Post.

Her nature as a “hopeful” person and what she called former President Obama’s “great ideas” focused on equality for women and people of color led her to support the candidate promising “hope and change.”

She now describes herself as an independent who plans to vote for President Trump this November. She even recently traveled to Mar-a-Lago to show support for Trump at a fundraiser.

“When he [Obama] came into power, he was very scared. In his biography, he talked about being afraid of doing things because he didn’t want to ruin it for future Black leaders and Black presidents, and therefore, he let the government bureaucracy and red tape take over him whereas Trump was very specific with coming out with great ideas to allow people to grow great wealth,” she said.

“Biden is changing that. Right now, it’s very hard in this country to make money unless you work for a Big Tech company. If you’re an emerging tech company, they’re driving you offshore,” she added.

On the other hand, she argued that the policies outlined by Trump are more hopeful for fledgling businesses, including promises of lower taxes for emerging AI and Blockchain companies.

“They will lead the next wave of the industrial revolution, and we need specific policies to encourage that innovation,” she said. To further showcase her deteriorating enthusiasm for the Democratic Party, she’s selling off memorabilia tied to party history, including a rocking chair that belonged to former President John F. Kennedy, which she purchased at an auction for nearly $10,000, according to The Post.

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  1. Earl howell

    Great news. She has been lied to by the democrats and finally the lights came on.

  2. frank stetson

    Why Bill just runs a cut n paste from the NYPost story is strange: why not just post a link if there is no tangible value-add from PBP?

    And on this one, there is some fodder to sift through, if one was journalistically inclined to look. I was and I did and the first thing that struck me is Silicon Valley is one weird place full of genius’s, entrepreneur’s, hucksters, and scammers. The second was that Allison Huynh seemed to be more entrepreneur than genius. She starts things, raises capital, and moves on. There is little doubt she is very smart, savvy, and good at her work. But, like many an entrepreneur, there seems to be more under the veneer BS and the NYP provide. Not that the question marks were not right in front of their conservative faces, only blocked by the chance to ding some Democrats. I mean creates fantastic start-up with partner-husband, divorces and he’s still there, she’s not, and now a sudden 180 to Republicans for the silliest of reasons, and more than what just does not fit for those curious to the news.

    I just don’t know why Joe pays for NYPost copy, I hope he does not pay much. I mean this thing screams to look more, why doesn’t BS care? Funny part is the more you look the stranger, and therefore better, the story becomes. BS could have surpassed the NYPost pretty easy.

    On the other hand, I am proud that Republicans and PBP offer this Vietnamese refugee immigrant acceptance. Yet I had a school chum once from Saigon like this woman, except he was from Hanoi through Saigon to Washington, DC. And no, he was not a communist; the family was of money. For Republicans though, finally, they can put that war behind them embracing the Vietnamese as new members of the tribe. I would say “you’ve come a long way baby,” but we all know you want her as a foil to bash Democrats. But you always pick the somewhat crazy ones and I hope you treat her better than poor Herman Caine.

    I always am suspect when a woman marries a billionaire genius and suddenly becomes a genius herself. And the fact she divorced said billionaire makes me wonder —- what’s up with that? And she’s still considered by BS and the NYP as “The co-creator of Willow Garage,” but Willow Garage does not show that….. I had a feeling and wondered, what’s up with that divorce?

    Apparently, a lot, and at this point I should have just moved on, but like rubber-necking a car crash, I had to peek. It was one hell of a divorce with hubby looking for a post nuptial and seemingly having a pre-nuptial, because she does not have Willow-Grove-Founder money in any assets I can see. It’s a story most certainly seen on the rack at the checkout of your favorite grocery. I could not find the final solution however. Maybe BS knows. For the rest, here you go, one car wreck coming up:


    BS and the NYPost give her credit for Willow Grove. Her linked page does not, Willow Grove does not (that could be hubby’s work), and her resume does not. It does give her credit for creating a video game business. What I see is a savvy entrepreneur very expert at raising capital to start new things, business, products, and ideas. She’s been attached to many a project, just not sure she’s the genius or leveraging others like this billionaire. Good or bad, she married her way into Silicon Valley, stayed hitched for 13 years, good sized family, but not good enough not go the distance, hubby dumped her, hard, and divorce was painstakingly slow and acrimonious. Now she needs a new job, a new city, heh……politics is full of…..ideas…and a natural for a fund raiser.

    Resume wise, she’s a distinguished fellow at Stanford, I am betting, given her fund-raising skills, she bought it. Her BS is in engineering and ethics, perhaps a great discipline, perhaps an oxymoron, whatever the hell that is. Clearly, she must know tech, she does know code, she’s a fantastic fund raiser, capital or political, and she’s much smarter than I ever will be. She can raise money like a son of a bitch.

    Follow the money. And there you might have it. I hate to say it but when it comes to suckers, you guy’s take the cake. Look at how the snowflake Dempsey fits right in. A snowflake from Pakistan fools you into believing he’s hard core right wing red neckery. FYI: it would be uber-easy for me to cut n paster blogosphere stories to become one of you. You just don’t look that hard for things you already believe are true. You don’t even agree when facts prove your assumptions wrong. Hey, we might believe a guy in Texas who sends hate messages to himself to show how tough he is against racism, we may wink and nod at a Menendez who was bound to rip us off a second time if we let him go, but you guys line up to buy bibles for $59.99, gold sneakers, and cartoon characterizations for huge bucks. You folks have pictures of Trump in your house: be honest. You guys actually believe a guy telling you it’s the best economy when the numbers say it wasn’t. A hurricane path by sharpie. Drinking Clorox and shining UV up your ass is worthy of study. And it’s really easy to strut your stuff back to you and toss the red meat you are telegraphing you want.

    Read the shit she says turned her and it’s amazing how she agrees 100% with your wildest imaginations, some of which is most certainly false for her. I am sorry, but look at the crooks making a big buck off you: Bannon, Jones, Carlson —- a lot of these guys, including Trump, were more progressive until the lure of bucks from suckers on the right give up. I am not saying we are any different, there are Democrat hucksters, but I am saying there’s a very good chance that this entrepreneur is playing you as she played us in the past. IMO, you are easier to fake out than us. Not many Democrats rally round the aspirations of the squad.

    OK, that’s a bit harsh, probably wrong, and even Obama had some huckster in him, but this one is already hitting the stage at Fox and Friends, and I am betting she’s either raising money or spending money for you folks, very soon. I am sure she will garner more than her 15 minutes of fame. This is not Herman Caine, she expects a return on her investments.

    You may want to hold on your vitriolics until after the next piece where I will look at some things to prove my point.

    • frank stetson

      Gonna fit this in before the bbq. Tonight, just flip the burgers in the air and thy will be done: God’s air fryer. Nope, global warming gots nothing to do with this normal weather pattern breaking all records, once again for another year of denial. OK, to the car wreck.

      The first thing I noticed was part of her rationale: “We are allowing heroin addicts to shoot up in public, violent attacks on Asians in Chinatown, and looting of our grocery stores and shopping malls,” she said, also mentioning people defecating in the streets. “City officials and police just look the other way.” OK, she lived in San Fran many years ago, but lives in Silicon Valley where she raised her three kids…. And we’re talking the good side of SV. 7,000 square feet of good. I don’t think San Fran shopping malls are her issue or her expertise. Aren’t those talking points a little too convenient? Where’s “lock her up and build a wall.”

      And then it falls out. She is finishing her new book; just like Horist, except with flair. Like Hoirst, she will beat up on Democrats for love and money. Horist is more love, she is more money. I think her advertising tour is already better than our man Larry’s. Her husband may or may not be in the book; depends on the divorce decree :>)

      She is selling everything Democratic she owns as if what is happening today tainted the legacy of John F. Kennedy. She’s just selling the chair; makes you wonder how much money she really needs. It’s about 10K and like her husband, she used to like it and can’t understand why it does not like her anymore.

      But she has a book, she’s making the rounds, her kiss n tell is “democrats are from hell” and we all know where that sells. FOXXY lady.

      Her husband, sometimes called the third google founder, Harpo since he talks little, announced their pending divorce to her via a text. Oh, that’s harsh. That’s some kind of hate. She’s known as the woman who married the third google founder. Not as his partner in his endeavor. He likes her so much, he started a hate website against her using her name. Oh, that’s really harsh. Yup, some kind of hate. Can’t find how much of his billions she got, but his going in bet was 20 million and he vowed not to give her a cent more.

      She now says: “Obama started out with an aspirational messaging that resonated with me; it was about equality and women and minorities; Biden projected the image of being cool and hip,” she said, adding, “But where are we now? Immigrants come into our country and commit crimes . . . Big tech tracks you and knows everything about you. But if you are having a problem with whatever [tech] service, you can never get a hold of anyone.” I am sorry, but big brother arrived after 9/11, that’s Bush. Obama did not add much, if anything to that. The rest, except for the call out about call centers, comes right from your playbook as in she reads you, she’s singing your song, you are being played, and you are playing her, all for mutual gain.
      It is what it is. She fund-raised for us, soon for you, and please buy that book. Cheaper than a bible :>)

      Gotta admit though, those divorce proceedings are a barn-burning page turner, ain’t they.

      Bottom line: certainly, smart and savvy woman with great expertise at raising funding and getting things started. She markets herself well and NYP and BS bought it all. For some reason, her husband hates her as in really hates her. And now she comes to raise some money for you. Congrats. And she has a book coming out which I am sure you will hear all about shortly.


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