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Idaho: The Next Islamic State?

Idaho: The Next Islamic State?
As Saudi Arabia and Iran rip the Middle East into a fragmented, sectarian war-zone, the two Islamic countries continue to spend billions of dollars building Muslim Mosques and community centers in the United States and Latin America. Islam of both Shiite and Sunni orientation, is growing rapidly throughout America.
 The number of foreign born Muslims in the U.S. will continue to increase, according to the Obama administration, which announced a program calling for thousands of Islamic refugees to relocate to cities in Idaho.  Fearing their city will become a breeding ground for radical Islamic groups, many throughout the Gem State are criticizing Democratic Boise Mayor David H. Bieter, who is “welcoming them all with open arms.”
Beginning next fiscal year (October 1), 300 Syrian refugees will arrive in Twin Falls, Idaho. According to a report by WND, refugees from Iraq and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will also contribute to the initial wave of immigration. A conference held at the University of Idaho was held so local Idahoans could discuss the influx of refugees.  According to sources in attendance, the number of potential refugees could exceed three thousand. 
This decision to allow young Muslims, some who have fighting experience, into the country comes at the heels of the Obama administration’s refusal of an Iraqi Christian Nun’s visa request. 

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