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Biden-Appointed Democrat Arrested for Faking Racist Attacks

Biden-Appointed Democrat Arrested for Faking Racist Attacks

The non-stop train of crimes, run by Democrats in American politics, frequently blows the race horn. One Democrat of color in Texas really blew it as he faked racist attacks on him, and was busted. Will you be surprised to learn the suspect is a Biden appointee?

The Western Journal reported that Taral Patel, was arrested by Texas Rangers on Wednesday (June 12) for allegedly creating fake social media accounts to post fake racist attacks against himself back in September 2023. Patel, the son of immigrants from India, is running as the Democratic nominee for Fort Bend County Precinct 3 commissioner. After posting racially charged messages to himself from his fake account, Patel went on to blame Republicans for racist attacks against him.

For online impersonation, Patel was charged with a third-degree felony as well as with misrepresentation of identity, a misdemeanor.

Patel’s website brags about his appointment by Joe Biden as his key achievement and includes his picture with Joe and Jill Biden:

Most recently, Taral was appointed by President Joseph R. Biden to serve in the Office of White House Liaison to work on matters related to housing, urban development, and disaster recovery and resilience.

In his profile, Patel also proudly counts in his experience of working for the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division in the Public Integrity Section that investigates, among other things, election crimes. While Patel’s fake racist attacks seem to be part of his local election campaign, the connection stands out as political irony.

As expected, leftist media attempted to cover up for the Democratic Party by omitting any mention of Patel’s party membership from the headlines. USA Today ran the story as “Texas politician accused of creating Facebook profile to send himself hate messages.” ABC News titled it “Texas commissioner candidate charged for allegedly faking racist social media attacks.” Conservative media, however, highlighted the fact that he is a Democrat with a number of right-wing publications including the Biden connection in their story titles.

On social media, Patel was trolled after the news broke of his arrest and criminal charges. Independent journalist Andy Ngô commented under Patel’s campaign video a collage of his pictures with prominent Democrats including Biden and Obama and the screenshots of his fake racist messages to himself along with Patel’s mugshot.

On June 10, just a couple of days before his arrest, Patel posted an X (Twitter) message congratulating the Indian cricket team for playing well against Pakistan’s cricket team. A MAGA conservative posted the news of Patel’s arrest in comments under the Democrat’s post and asked: “Are you related to Jussie Smollett?”

The reference to actor and singer Jussie Smollett was a reminder of the infamous fake racist assault orchestrated by Smollett in 2019. Smollett was convicted and sentenced in 2022 to five months in a county jail. He appealed the conviction but failed to overturn it.

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  1. Harold blankenship

    Liars and more liars. It’s the glue that holds the democrats together

  2. frank stetson

    Wow, Ernest Dempsey has a new picture of his more mature self. Must have been contacted by too many members of the gay community disappointed when finally facing reality. One wonders if one updated a picture, is it smart to go with a worse one complete with custom stylized Star Trek shirt? Oye. Beam me outta here Scotty. And if one was to update his appearance, wouldn’t one update their bio. Matter of fact, why does only Horist have a bio. What are the other’s trying to hide? No experience? Criminal records. Look at the pic, there’s a man whose had a few mug shots it looks like…. :>) Having read The Dumpster’s bio elsewhere, it does make sense.

    This time he’s pegged the entire Democratic party for the actions of a Fort Bend County Precinct 3 commissioner who served as a token liaison to Biden’s Whitehouse for what looks like a very short time. Matter of fact, this guy seems to do a lot of different things, each for a very short time. But leave it to The NYPost and The Dumpster to inflate a county commissioner to leader of all things Democrat. He gets his desire, Howold for example jumps on it as the poster child for every member of the Democratic party.

    Can we base all Republicans on Trump and the fine folks from 1/6/2021 as poster children for how all “those people” are and act?

    Take this man to court, met out his punishment, and let’s move on.

    Here’s Dempsey’s incoherent first paragraph apparently written in pigeon English, Dempsey’s best. “The non-stop train of crimes, run by Democrats in American politics,” OK, has Dempsey PROVEN a non-stop train of crimes? And what is a non-stop train of anything? Is that a Pakistani cliche? Sure ain’t American, I think it’s Amerikan. He continues: “frequently blows the race horn.” Ah, the old “race horn.” That’s the thing you blow in Pakistan right before you throw the race card. Neither of which this guy actually did, but that does not deter The Dumpster. “One Democrat of color in Texas” OK, that is news. Color, Democrat, Texas, how rare. But he’s Indian. “really blew it” ah, now the horn makes sense as an entry to the lamest joke in history. “attacks on him, and was busted.” finally, the actual news, although they were written attacks on the internet, but that would be accurate, Dempsey needs more. He needs to inflate. And then the close: “Will you be surprised to learn the suspect is a Biden appointee?” Yea, he was an liaison and it looks like he lasted a very short time.

    Mole hills into mountains means little except this guy tried stupid and stupid, as The Dumpster confirms, does not often work. Even in Texas.

    Time for a new picture.

    • Justanamerican

      Why don’t you show us a picture of yourself? – – – -Oh, on second thought, please don’t, it will look like a snake!

      • frank Stetson

        Justunamerican. Wow, my 7 year old nephew just said the same thing about his buddy. He got a timeout.

        • Justanamerican

          Spelling? I am Justanamerican not Justunamerican like you.

          • Frank stetson

            Really we both have sunk to a new level of stupid. Sorry for my part in your childish game.

            But hey, if you think that’s a great pic and not some ai abortion, tis your right.

        • Jim wampler

          Do you take showers with your nephew?


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