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Democrats in Panic Mode Over Biden’s Failing Mental Acuity!

Democrats in Panic Mode Over Biden’s Failing Mental Acuity!

In the wake of the scathing special counsel report, Democrats are in a tailspin over Joe Biden’s failing mental capacity!

The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur that characterized Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” was followed by a fractious White House news conference at which the president — seeking to shore up concerns about his cognitive state — misidentified the president of Egypt as the president of Mexico.

There is no escaping the intertwined issues of Biden’s age and mental acuity now. Polling has been showing for months those topics are among the top concerns of voters.

Some Democrats are no longer bothering to minimize the gravity of the situation, with a presidential election — almost certainly against former President Trump — just nine months away.

“Whatever language you use, I have not had a single person say, ‘Well, this really worked out well,'” James Carville told this column. “Obviously, this has been a bad 48 hours here.”

Carville, best known for his central role in former President Clinton’s 1992 election campaign, added that Democrats were now looking to interventions from the Supreme Court or a criminal conviction for Trump in the hope that such developments would shift the election in Biden’s favor.

“We’re officially in Hail Mary mode here,” he said.

A different Democratic strategist, who asked for anonymity, chose a similarly dire metaphor.

“We’re at a DefCon One situation,” the strategist told reporters. 

“I think between the catastrophic Special Counsel report and the more catastrophic press conference that followed, and the even more catastrophic attacking of the Special Counsel for the report, they are magnifying and dismissing the concerns that the overwhelming majority of Americans have about Biden — including a lot of Democrats.”

Meanwhile, in a CNN appearance Friday, Paul Begala — who rose to political fame along with Carville during the 1992 Clinton campaign — described himself as a “Biden supporter” but continued, “I slept like a baby last night. I woke up every two hours and wet the bed. This is terrible for Democrats. And anybody with a functioning brain knows that.”

It’s easy to see why Democratic panic is rising.

If the election were held today, Trump, despite his legal issues, would be the clear favorite. Trump leads Biden by two points in a one-on-one match-up, according to average polling.

Abundant polling even before Thursday’s events shows the degree to which voters are worried about the 81-year-old Biden’s capacity to serve a second term effectively.

In an NBC News poll released Tuesday, 76 percent of voters — and 54 percent of Democrats — said they had concerns about Biden’s physical and mental health during a second term. 

“Whether Democrats like it or not, this has become an issue,” said progressive strategist Jonathan Tasini, referring to Biden’s age and acuity.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at Friday’s media briefing that the report’s commentary about Biden’s age “is something that we don’t believe lives in reality.”

But whatever the reality of Biden’s cognitive powers, the issue is not going away. And independent observers believe the president’s own press conference was a mistake that could come to haunt him.

“It was a major unforced error,” said Tobe Berkovitz, a Boston University professor emeritus who specializes in political communications. 

Referring to the double punch of the press conference and the special counsel report that preceded it, Berkovitz said the effects on the small universe of persuadable voters could be grave.

“If you were on the fence, that pushed you off the fence,” he predicted.

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  1. rick

    Biden is doing his job perfectly. His job is to stumble and mumble around and act senile. Meanwhile, those really pulling the strings (Satan and his crew) in the background, flooding our country with illegal migrants, spraying our sky’s with chemtrails witch is causing weather disasters, creating new viruses, and new deadly vaccines and other deadly prescription drugs, poisoning our food, messing with supply chains, shutting down small farms, destroying our economy and our money just to name a few. And, all the while much of the masses look at all of these things and think, it is happening because we have a senile old man running things.

    • Dan tyree

      The democrats are influenced by demons.


    Let’s review the bidding: we have two of the oldest guys ever running for President, one is a retard, one is brilliant, they are three years apart and both way too old. Frankly, both of these guys are one bubble off center, due to age. There is a difference though.

    One on side we have a guy who has gaffed his entire life, mostly harmless, sometimes just not funny, and often corrected immediately. He has been accused of being sexually abusive creepy, of the hands on shoulders variety, one lady wants to sue but can’t find funding or a lawyer and no one will help her with either. He has been exonerated on classified documents although the Republican special consol added for color commentary as reference for his next job that the guy can’t remember shit but is a grandfatherly, a nice guy, not that has anything to do with documents. And this guy’s got a son who is a total loser, supposedly on his second chance, good luck, but not a crime for the first guy. Yet he’s been accused of taking money from the Ukrainians for favors, from the Chinese for gosh knows what, and has bank info showing he got paid for a truck loan from people in his family who did take money from China. No indictments. No impeachments.

    Do I really need to list the other guy? Oh well…..

    One on the other we have a guy who has gaffed to grift his entire life, mostly for money, a lot a real estate, causing some harm, mostly not funny, and never corrected, unless in court. In deposition, he claims he can’t remember he said he has the best memory. He mistakes a picture of the woman he raped for his ex-wife. He forgets where he is often. He sweats, a lot. He wants to be dictator, for a day. He wants to invite Putin to “do whatever he will,” to any NATO nation not meeting their obligations. That’s right, he wants to have Putin as his leg-breaker muscle. This guy has been held liable by a jury of his peers for sexual abuse, of a digital rape basis, and will pay 83M soon for the defamation over said topic. He was accused by many, a good number on the recent court tesitmony, under risk of perjury, of sexual abuse of a simliar kind many times. No counter from this guy, in court. He also is being tried for hush money to a porn star to shut her up for the sex before an election, his lawyer went to jail already, he was President, so they waited. He has truckloads of top secret documents that he refused to give up so he’s been indicted on that. And he’s got a son in law with zero investment experience who got $2B from the murdering Saudi Prince to invest in Israel. He’s been accused, and indicted for lots of election fraud and rigging, for lots of business no, no’s —- four indictments already. He is guilty of his business cheating on taxes and asset valuations, —- he is guilty and the judge is determining how much of the 130M penalty will be assessed and how much of his NY business will shut down. He already had to shut down his university for fraud, and his Foundation for his grifting from it. Currently he has four active indictments, 91 criminal charges, a bunch of other cases, and two impeachments. No one has called him grandfatherly or a nice guy.

    Yeah, let’s target the harmless gaff guy because he’s grandfatherly. Personally, I got a lot of wisdom and great life advice from my grandparents, and the fact they could not remember my birthday didn’t stop me from taking advice.

    • Rick

      Trump is also part of the demonic crew. He pushed the fast track poison dart, and still to this day is saying it is a good thing, and that and that he thinks people should take it as people are dropping dead by the hundreds of thousands all over the world. For a while, I was taken in by him, but I trust him no more. He works for the NWO as they all do.

  3. Mike f

    It amazes me-all these people who are talking about doddering old Joe are people who do not work directly with him and are typically conservative oriented. However then we have trump, and many (many) of the people who worked with him directly during his failed presidency tell the world he is dumber than shit, cannot be trusted to do the right thing and likewise is slipping from his already precarious relationship with reality. Do trumpettes pay any attention to these comments from people who actually worked with the idiot? And yet you say there is a problem with biden’s mental acuity? Hmm…