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Corrupt DOJ Informs Hillary about FBI's Investigation Progress

Corrupt DOJ Informs Hillary about FBI's Investigation Progress

The Justice Department’s claims of impartiality are downright laughable in the face of a new WikiLeaks email. 

The email, released this Wednesday, proves that a top DOJ official shared information about the legal case concerning Hillary’s use of a private email server with the Hillary Clinton campaign team. In other words, the Justice Department was informing the object of an FBI investigation about the progress of that investigation. 

This is obstruction of justice. 

The email in question – sent from Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik to Clinton campaign manager John Podesta in May 2015 – informed Podesta that the government planned to delay posting Hillary’s private emails until 2016. In the message, sent from a non-government email account, he also warned Podesta of an imminent House hearing in which a DOJ official would likely face questions regarding Hillary’s emails.  

A second email suggests that the State Department was leaking information to the Clinton campaign before the initial story about the secret email account hit the news. According to the email, the Clinton team advised the State Department on how to word its official statements to The New York Times as it prepared to expose the story to the public.

Such backdoor connections should no longer come as a surprise when Hillary Clinton is involved. The question that must be addressed now is whether the Obama Administration can be considered an honest broker in the ongoing investigations against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. 

“The public’s lack of confidence in the Justice Department’s ability to handle investigations related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s impartially ought to be of grave concern for its leadership,” wrote Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) in a letter to DOJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz. “The entire matter is in desperate need of independent, objective, non-partisan oversight.” 

Grassley’s letter implored the IG to take a closer look at whether Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her minions had crossed the line.

Lynch is still under fire for her decision to clear Hillary of criminal wrongdoing and her suspicious meeting with Bill Clinton on her private jet on June 27th, 2016. 

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department this week in an effort to learn more about the meeting. “This Administration has gone out of its way to hide information from the American public – information that is extremely troubling,” said ACJL Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow. 

The rendezvous occurred just a few days before the close of the investigation, and it is widely believed that whatever happened on that airplane influenced Lynch’s decision to let Hillary off the hook. 

“She [Lynch] has no business having any involvement in an FBI investigation of this magnitude,” argues Sekulow. 

President Obama and the Justice Department are now at odds with FBI Director Comey over his decision to reopen the investigation. AG Lynch has the final say on such matters, and Kadzik serves as the Department’s liaison with Congress – making his email to Podesta even more suspicious. 

Kadzik’s long history with Podesta and the Clintons “is incompatible with the ability of Congress to have any confidence in his ability to be fair and impartial in advising on decisions about how to respond to Congressional oversight inquiries related to these matters,” argues Grassley. 

Meanwhile, State Department spokesman John Kirby insists that the State Department is not coordinating with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Editor’s note: I’ve been in many third world countries, and have seeen this over and over again. I would always come back and think how proud I was to live in America where justice would not be corrupted.  This is very sad.

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