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Massive Voter Fraud in Broward County, FL

Massive Voter Fraud in Broward County, FL

Broward County is the largest swing county in the Sunshine State, and many voters are complaining that they haven’t received the absentee ballots they requested. Here’s why:

According to an affidavit released by former Secretary of Elections Department employee Chelsey Marie Smith, there is a secret room where Broward County officials fill out blank absentee ballots. 

Chelsey took a temporary job at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) in Lauderhill, FL, where she regularly worked 8am-9pm doing clerical work. On October 31st, she was asked to deliver a large stack of absentee ballots to the “Pitney-Bowes Room.” After several minutes of knocking on the locked door, a rushed employee rudely snatched the ballots from her hands. 

The second time she was asked to deliver blank ballots to the Pitney-Bowes room, Chelsey was allowed to step inside. According to her account, Chelsey clearly saw SOE employees filling in blank absentee ballots. “Each [employee] had a stack of blank ballots to the right of them (about an inch high) and a stack of completed ballots to their left…I witnessed this activity for over a minute,” writes Chelsey. 

SEO employee Mary Hall asked Chelsey to leave the room. The following day, she was fired with no explanation. “I was initially frightened to report this activity to anyone at the SEO for fear of retaliation,” writes Chelsey. 

Florida State Attorney investigators are now actively reviewing the case, and the Trump campaign team is preparing to sue.

Meanwhile, Supervisor of Elections for Broward County Dr. Brenda C. Snipes claims the staff were simply “replicating damaged ballots.” 

How stupid does she think we are? Nobody in their right mind would do this, especially after the “hanging chad” incident of the 2000 election.

Dr. Snipes is already facing a lawsuit for intentionally misprinting absentee ballots, and even if her ridiculous claim was true, she is still guilty of opening ballots without official monitors present.  

“Team Hillary is so worried about Trump winning Florida they’re starting their fraud ops 4 days before the election,” tweeted Jack Posobiec, Special Projects Director for Citizens for Trump. 

Author’s Note: Kudos to Chelsey Smith for stepping up and reporting this disgraceful behavior. She may have lost her job, but she has provided an invaluable service to her county, state, and country. 

Editor’s note: Message to you? Go to the polls to vote

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