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Bill Clinton Delivers Anti-Trump Tirade

Bill Clinton Delivers Anti-Trump Tirade

Former President Bill Clinton fully expected to become the nation’s first “First Gentlemen” this November. In the wake of his wife’s loss, however, he blames FBI Director James Comey and “angry white men” for Trump’s victory. 

“He doesn’t know much,” said Clinton when asked about Trump’s intelligence. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.” 

This surprising vitriol came out last week during a spontaneous interview with a local newspaper at a New York bookstore. 

“James Comey cost her the election,” he continued, citing the FBI Director’s decision to reopen the email investigation less than two weeks before Election Day.  

Clinton also stated that he believed Russia to be behind the series of devastating attacks that embarrassed Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and the entire DNC. “You would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on,” he said. 

Trump was quick to tweet a response,  “Bill Clinton stated that I called him after the election. Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations). He “doesn’t know much”  and “especially how to get people, even with an unlimited budget, out to vote in the vital swing states ( and more). They focused on wrong states”

According to Newsmax reports, Hillary wants to keep her campaign intact for a 2020 run. However Bill does not think this is a good idea, and some of her closest advisers think she is depressed and delusional in that respect.


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