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Note to CNN, WaPost, NYTimes – If You Don't Knock it Off, Trump Will Destroy You

Note to CNN, WaPost, NYTimes – If You Don't Knock it Off, Trump Will Destroy You

Its a matter of credibility.

The Soviet Union’s prime media outlet, Pravda, found out that even with all of their guaranteed readership and power, they were no match for the subversive truth brought by Radio Free Europe and Voice of America.

Now Trump is the subversive truth. You, CNN, WaPost and NYTimes, are taking the Democratic party line at all costs, blatantly, obviously and incredibly.

The Liberal media suffered several severe blows during the election, predicting a Hillary Clinton victory over Trump, citing poll after poll showing her with a solid lead.

Since then the term “fake news” has become fashionable to describe untrue stories often made up by smaller news outlets trying to get traffic to their sites.

But it seems now a weekly occurence that a mainstream outlet publishes something so obviously fake or blatantly biased that their reader/listeners have to take the whole operation with a grain of salt. These “newspapers of record” will soon be painted thoroughly with the “fake news” brush.

And justifiably so. If you look at the New York Times and the Washington Post, you frequently see unjustified attacks on Donald Trump, articles with catchy headlines unsupported even by the article text. For example, the NY Times just published an article entitled “Even Top Aides Are Troubled by Trump’s Rocky Weekend.” However, the recognizable names in the article do not appear to be troubled in the least, and the one supporter cited claiming to be “troubled” is someone I’ve never heard of, and clearly not a Trump insider

In the Washington Post, as I read it today, there are six commentary pieces, four of them are anti-Trump. WaPost recently used a fake academic site to attempt to bolster its Russia case. The bias is palpable on a day to day basis.  

CNN infamously published and unverified “dossier” which was later proven fraudulent. No rookie journalist would make that mistake, why would CNN?

Journalism within the mainstream news outlets seems to have gotten so sloppy and biased that its credibility deserves to be challenged. Journalistic principles require balanced reporting, and we are just not seeing it.

Enter Donald Trump.

In this battle of propaganda forces (propoganda in the scientific sense, the battle for belief and credibilit), and Trump has over dozen of years of intense personal experience with his ‘Apprentice’ series, a top rated show for its entire tenure. Seasoned by 18 months in a campaign, trained by media experts, his direct press experience is formidable. 

Trump has learned to bypass the lens of interpretation by the mainstream media, through his twitter account and the brashness of his staff. And he is tireless, not afraid to double down until the news cycle shifts and he has the last word. It’s efffective. And now he has the credibility of the Presidency.

President Trump is living up to his promises. He has signed executive orders and he has appointed people who have the spoken desire and history of action to do exactly what Trump has promised (much to the dismay of the Environmental Protection Agency, whose new leader recently filed a lawsuit against it). If Trump keeps it up and, for example, does indeed build a wall paid for by Mexico (an executive order he has just signed), Trump will have a great deal more credibility than the Washington Post or New York Times.

Trump has begun to win. Trump is already establishng trust and credibity through integrity in his actions. When opinions differ, people will begin to comment on how the media got it wrong

These major news outlets cannot afford to be doubted or questioned, their integrity is all they have. Without it, people will look to other sources for their information, and unlike Pravda, they have no guaranteed audience. They will die.

My message?

Recapture your journalistic integrity. Or perish, in reputation and audience, by becoming the American ‘Pravda.’

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