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Democrats Present Jan 6 Video of “Violence” – Sorry, Not a Riot.

Democrats Present Jan 6 Video of “Violence” – Sorry, Not a Riot.

In the hearings yesterday on the January 6th protests, the Democrat-dominated committee presented a high production value video with footage of the protests intersperse with recordings of Donald Trump in the background.

Representative Bennie Thomas gave a dramatic introduction. The video itself was designed as an emotional piece, it kind of had a Nazi marching on the Jews feel to it. But the content was a nothing burger.

Lack of crowd control? Yes. Ask Travis Scott what happens when you don’t have proper crowd control.

People where they shouldn’t be? Yes.

Riots? No.

This was truly a dog and pony show. Anyone with a critical eye and any real world experience will look at this video and say it represents nothing except the incompetence of the Capitol Police.

But no, that’s not fair. Nancy Pelosi refused to allow additional support to the Capitol Police when she was warned the day before that protests might occur. With a decent number of officers and some added physical barriers (the Capitol is already set up for this), no one would have gotten into the building.

You can see the video in the link below if you like. But ignore the drama, watch the actual footage. Remember this is not incidental footage showing samples of a larger conflagration.  This is EVERYTHING they could come up with best investigative force on the planet gathering video data for two years.

Yes, there were clips of a few unruly people fighting with police, maybe a handful total. We saw a window being broken. We saw a crowd of many hundreds walk through a police barricade manned by five officers.   And yes, we saw a lot of angry swearing and emphatic declarations. And signs.

Funny, on the footage of people walking in the door of the Capitol, the door didn’t appear to have been forced. Some idiots broke the window right next to it, not really any reason for that since the door was already open.

They described ominously the Proud Boys marching on the Capitol. I just saw a bunch of guys walking.

Oh yes, and lots of shaky video where you can’t see anything but you are supposed to believe that violence is happening. If you observed closely one of them was just some guy falling down.

This is straight up, a propaganda piece. I should probably do through this scene by scene, it really is a masterful work of persuasion with no evidence.

If you are a security professional and have worked concerts, you would know that the real problem was that there were not sufficient preparations for crowd control. Crowds will push through a weak barrier, it is not a willful thing, it is the natural flow of an anonymous crowd. Police know better than to stay at an undermanned barrier, so they left.

How many fights would you normally see at a good-sized rock concert?  Certainly more than this. As mentioned before, think about the Travis Scott incident last November when a “crowd surge” left eight people dead. And that was a friendly crowd.

In short, crowds can be dangerous even with a happy audience and proper security. The Jan 6 protests were much tamer than the BLM/Antifa riots (ACTUAL riots) we have seen since then.

Was the crowd angry? Hell yes, and rightfully so. This was the first time in American history that a Presidential election was obviously and notoriously stolen. 

My conclusion? The Democrats had no right to expect the protests to be this mild.

And this was not a riot.

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  1. frank stetson

    “Nancy Pelosi refused to allow additional support to the Capitol Police when she was warned the day before that protests might occur.” is Joe’s fabricated lie based solely on his conjecture. Pelosi has no responsibilities for the Capitol Police. More important, she has no AUTHORITY over the Capitol Police. This is a lie that Joe uses as disinformation to deflect the actions of that day upon one of the targets of the insurrection as deflection from the issues these Trumplicants have caused.

    Joe says the proof is Nancy was informed the day before there would be a protest and she did not take action over someone she has no control over to protect the Capitol from Donald J Trump’s hoard.

    Donald J. Trump was President. He was Commander in Chief. Did Nancy have intelligence that Don did not? Donald J Trump unleashed the Kraken, he told them he would be there to support their actions, and then went home to watch it on TV. He watched the violence, he watched the Capitol Police be attacked, overwhelmed, and he did nothing. For hour upon hour upon hour as friends, associates, confidants, all begged him to call his dogs off, to stop the violence. He did nothing for hours.

    Joe’s stupid oranges n apples analogy: “How many fights would you normally see at a good-sized rock concert?” touting the 8 dead at the Travis Scott slam fest as proof positive is a red herring on the nth degree. JOE: how many Rock Concerts leave over 850 arrested, punishments of over 5 years incarceration, with 350 more to be arrested in the future for over 1,100 criminal acts in one Rock Concert? How many Rock Concerts leave millions in damages to National Artifacts?

    No Joe, I have been to many a million-man-madness Fourth of July Beach Boy concerts on the Mall below the Washington Monument and have yet to see anything like January 6th, 2021, the year the Turmplicants stormed the Capitol while Nero sat by his TV and chortled his admiration.

    And now you chortle yours.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Frank, once again. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. The second most powerful person in the country after the President. She has jurisdiction over anything she wants as it relates to Congress. In her position she is aware of anything that happens with regard to Congress or the Capitol Building and is in the loop for anything concerning them and is the ultimate authority. For you to say she didn’t know or had no authority is ridiculous.

      And you are correct you don’t arrest 850 people at a concert. And 850 people were not arrested at the protest, they were tracked to their homes by the FBI on orders from a biased administration. Guess that doesn’t happen at concerts.

      I’m willing to bet that your Beach Boy concerts had more violence, you were just too drunk to see them. There are always fights, why don’t you check the police logs.

      • Ben

        The capital mob was a cut and dried plan made up by democrats.

        • Ben

          Yes, because we control you. We change your votes, we pretend to be you while we do the heinous things you get incarcerated for. We tell you what to wear, what to eat, we rule you. We infiltrate you with antifa and blm. Especially blm because you can’t see them coming….

          Cut and dried, we own you and can make you do anything we want. Even though most extremists are Trumplicants, we own them too. Even though most extremist violence is perpetrated by the right, we made that happen. We forced them to be crazy homicidal assholes.

          How much did you pay for your tin foil hat?

          • Debbie

            You were pretty accurate til you got to the tin foil hat thing. You are just to dumb to even see what your party of America haters actually does.

          • Debbie

            You were pretty accurate til you got to the tin foil hat thing. You are just too brainwashed to even see what your party of America haters actually does. You wouldn’t know anything about election integrity because you drink the KoolAid that the MSM feeds you. Talk about being owned by someone! You are just too blind to see it. There have been actual arrests and admissions made by people who were harvesting ballots in my state but again, you won’t hear that on CNN or MSNBC. Take a moment and come up for air and out of your cave and you just might learn something……!

          • Ben

            Thank you Debbie for your comments.

            You really added some interesting facts to the conversation versus just kvetching about what a terrible person I am and how terrible Democrats are in general. We now are illuminated that you feel Democrats, and myself, are brainwashed, haters, dumb, blind, who can’t understand election integrity. But can you tell us how you feel :>)

            Of course, Republicans took their vast knowledge of election integrity to court and lost over 60 times. One lawyer disbarred, a bunch punished, sent for ethics re-training and remanded to the state bars for further actions. Republicans took their vast knowledge of election integrity to four states for recounts and lost every one. Millions of tax dollars spent for the recount and to replace the tampered machines compromised by the recount. Over $500M of taxpayer dollars lost in the failed recounts.

            Debbie: you can not overturn this election for the basic reason that more people voted for Joe Biden than Donald Trump. You lost. You lost big time. Then you tried the courts, you lost. Then you tried the recounts, you lost again.

            You say you have the evidence. Take it to court. This has nothing to do with what MSM pumps out there. IF you have the evidence, take it to court.

            Or just keep whining that the world is against you, boo hoo, you lost. Big time.

            And a real man, a real patriot, a real American would have conceded that point and conceded the election allowing the American experiment in Democracy to continue as it had —— until Donald J. Trump decided he didn’t want to leave the White House.

            And you schmucks believe The Big Lie as told by The Big Liar that led 850 people to break the law by storming the Capitol to keep Donald Trump in office with 350 more still to be caught. As they ransacked their way to their doom, Trump couldn’t even go with them as he promised and instead just watched them on TV, chortling, and doing nothing to stop the insurrection attempt.

            And yet you still believe, you probably still $$$$$ support this guy, and you last out at anyone who tells you different. Well Debbie, you lost and there is not enough fraud out there to ever change that. So, take your little bag of evidence and take it to court or just STFU and let’s move on.

        • Tom

          Yes the GOP is the Dem bitch! We all know that!

      • frank stetson

        Joe, once again, Pelosi has no authority over police, no responsibility. It’s not ridiculous, it’s organizational structure. Sure, she can call, the police are under the legislative branch, but she can not order anything.

        Trump is President, Commander in Chief, with authority over our armed forces and responsibility to defend the nation against all, foreign and domestic. He can authorize, he can call for military support that he controls. He has less authority over the Capitol Police, but rest assured, they will listen to the President more carefully than the Speaker of the House. Turnip, after send the crowd there, watching live on TV, he did nothing ahead of or during for hour upon hour upon hour.

        Again, you blame Pelosi over Trump? No authority over authority and responsibility? That’s is not right, IMO.

        Talk about slicing the onion…, they don’t arrest 850 people, with 350 more to go, after a rock concert either. An no, they did not arrest 1,200 people, or even 850, based on any Fourth of July concert on the mall.

        Over 3 days, 12,000 during May Day protests. They missed me that time :>) We had a dozen campers bunking in for that one. I still remember Dad that fateful morning: “Mary, Mary, there’s boys and girls sleeping together in the living room.” “Sir,” said one of the sleepers, we’re all boys here. The girls are upstairs…” Long hairs :>)

        1,700 at RNC in NYC in 2004, missed me again :>)

        But sorry, most others well below 850, much less 1,200.

        BUSTED, no. DOUBTFUL, very.

        Now we did lose a fellow to the lake at Aunt Minnie’s farm in Stumptown WV and Jerry Garcia never did turn up. Alcohol.

        • Joe Gilbertson

          So your argument is just to keep repeating your argument? This is not a matter of opinion.

          And I don’t understand your numbers, it appears you have been drinking again.

          • frank stetson

            Works for you.

            Those numbers are the only mass arrests at protests at numbers above the Trumplicant Insurrection of January 6th, 2021 intended to stop the steal and place your rightful King, Donald J. Trump, upon your fascist throne. I figured you knew that when you made your asinine comment about the scope of the violent attack led by Trumpers. Like a typical Rock Concert my sweet billydoots.

            Actually unlike my factual numbers, your entire argument is politically biased opinion of the fabricated kind that you can’t ascribe to a single primary source. You just fabricated that Nancy knew of the pending attack (and Trump did not having put his fingers up his ass), and somehow could then contact the Capitol Police where, without any authority, without being in the chain of command, could get them to do anything she wants.

            And therefore, the whole failure to protect the Capitol is Nancy’s fault.

            And as Don watched the thing unfold for four hours and did nothing, he might have said: “that’ll fix that bitch.” Because the President was powerless to do the thing that Nancy did not. Therefore, after Trump got the same intelligence that Nancy did, and Trump did nothing. And after Trump watched the thing unfold for four hours and did nothing, it was still Nancy’s fault.

            You have been so wrong on the entire 1/6 Trumper Led Insurrection of the US Capitol to overturn the election in favor of Donald J. Trump against the will of the people, from the very beginning. I find it hard to believe you think this is on the level of a normal Rock Concert. 850 arrests, 350 to go. That ain’t no rock show. So far, 16 charged for seditious conspiracy. That ain’t no rock show. Three have pleaded guilty, as in THEY DID IT, and will turn on their comrades. When in a Rock Show has someone pleaded guilty and turned on other concert goers? Just a normal rock show at the Capitol, eh Joe. What a joke. Over 140 injured police. That ain’t no normal rock show. How many Rock Shows have weapon stashes located outside the arena? How many concert goers have body armor? Bear spray? Hockey sticks? Bats? I have yet to see a gallows at a Rock Show. Or a KeK flag.

            “It’s time for fucking War if they steal this shit” said one of these bonehead. And that’s what they did Joe. What they wanted to do as they planned this from the very beginning to support Donald J. Trump as he told them to stand down and stand ready.

            Sounds like one of Joe’s faithful’s full of Joe.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            Your rants are getting worse, entirely unintelligible. Time for that 12 step program.

          • frank stetson

            Joe, unlike you, I do not drink and I certainly, unlike you, don’t need a program for drinking. The old “are you still beating your wife” jab is an old trick useful for a guy who can’t argue with facts and must resort to tricks to personally attack people.

      • Fran

        The whole 1/6 debacle was a Production orchestrated by the Witch Pelosi and her Cohorts. Trump asked for help and She turned Him down. Two Women were murdered by Police. There is a video that I think is produced by someone that has been arrested and out in jail by the Police. The Proud Boys were not even by the Capitol when it started and Trump was still speaking. Ray Epps, probably working w/the FBI had a MAGA hat and was telling everyone where to go, a direct path from Trumps speech. There were at least 3 Men, one on a scaffold wearing MAGA hats with the same exact megaphones. They were telling everyone what to do and they had Men cutting open the wire fences and knocking down or throwing aside metal barricades. It was mostly Antifa wearing MAGA hats, like John Sullivan who I actually saw the day of, wearing a MAGA hat yelling, we’re going in and taking it down. Those doors are locked from the inside, why did the Police let everyone enter. It was all a set up and a ploy to take Trump down. That’s a fact!!

        • Ben

          Got actual sources?

          Or just more of this bullshit…..

          Trump orchestrated this in case after his illegal pressure campaign on state election officials to overturn the vote and replace with Trump electors FAILED. Much of this pressure was live, on the ground State Capitol attacks by Trump’s favorite extremists, The Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. Then he simultaneously illegally pressured Pence to overturn the vote while inciting his mob to descend on the Capitol where his favorite extremists had already started the Capitol breach at multiple access points. Then he sat back and watch all the violence unfold, for hours, doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

          Because he was waiting for the opportunity to declare Martial Law via The Emergency Powers Acts where he would send in the military to the Capitol to exterminate as much of the evidence as they could. Trump would then figure his next move to continue to retain power.

          The man is a fascist rejecting the peaceful transfer of power through the use of coercion, force, even violence.

          And I present here the same level of sources that you have: crickets.

    • Micala

      Here’s the reason Nancy did NOT send more officers to support the Capitol Police: Pelosi had people “INSIDE” the Capitol bldg getting her Computers and files from her office so no one can trace anything from the Break In to her! Interesting that no News outlet brought up the subject of several MEN IN BLACK WITH MASKS AND BASEBALL CAPS ON TO COVER THEIR FACES AND HAIR go running upstairs to the offices and then right back down again with arms full of computers and files! These were PROFESSIONALS that moved in smoothly and left without a trace! These were FBI, CIA, or SECRET SERVICE PERSONNEL more than likely hired by Pelosi to grab her computers, etc.! These guys were pretty quick on the scene, so they were NOT observers but sent to accomplish a task — which they did! Pelosi hired them it is obvious!

      Then there were all the bus loads of BLM members and some Antifa guys running through the Capitol smashing things! Everyone knows that BLM members love to break in and destroy things (Portland, Oregon, etc) and Antifa is a synonym for “destruction”! The clincher was when we were watching a Black kid in dreds and a white blond girl jump up and high five each other while wearing Trump red white and blue supporter jackets! Both were sloppily dressed and unkempt — your average Trump supporter is neat and clean! Sorry, don’t buy those two and many others like them acting like kids at a party.! Nice try Pelosi, but your “bought and paid for FAKE TRUMPERS” didn’t fit the real Trumper look!

      Lastly, AGAIN FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME: this WASTE OF TIME JAN 6 BREAK IN INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE IS “NOT” to investigate what really went on, but to cover up the real instigator of the break in — Nancy Pelosi — to DJT! No Committee is going to find Pelosi guilty if SHE IS LEADING IT!

      So clever Pathetic Pelosi! But this time your actions caused an INNOCENT YOUNG EX-MILITARY WOMAN TO DIE AN UNNECESSARY DEATH — and that RESPONSIBILITY FALLS DIRECTLY ON PELOSI’S SHOULDERS! Hope Ashley Babbitt’s SPIRIT TERRIFIES OLE WITCHEE POO PELOSI EVERY MOMENT OF HER DAYS AND DANCES ON HER SOUL EVERY NIGHT! Nancy deserves all of that and much more for her arrogant and egotistical actions that always seem to hurt someone! She needs to be dressed down, reduced from her position as Speaker and then tossed out the door!


      • ben

        Nancy can’t send officers anywhere.


      • Fran

        I agree 100%!

    • Micala

      Put the REAL BLAME WHERE IT BELONGS: NANCY PELOSI ORCHESTRATED THE JAN 6 BREAK IN! She should be the one on trial —no one else! Biden is pathetic, but that duncehead couldn’t swat a fly much less try to orchestrate anything to pin on DJT!

      PELOSI “HATES” TRUMP AND IT IS THAT HATE THAT DROVE HER TO ORCHESTRATE THE JAN 6 BREAK IN! So now she’s leading the investigative Committee on the Break In SO SHE CAN GUIDE ANYONE GETTING CLOSE TO HER INVOLVEMENT AWAY FROM HER ACTIONS AND TO SOMEONE ELSE! She is in the perfect position to cover and protect her own BUTT!

      Wake up Americans — especially Democrats! Pelosi is making you all look extremely bad and killing your chances at re-election/election!! She is a LIAR AND MANIPULATOR AND THE WORST PERSON TO EVER BE A SPEAKER — she’s a NARCISSIST! If you don’t know what that is, look it up!! Very nasty self centered person who doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as their wants and desires are met, i.e., Death of Ashley Babbitt! Just ask Ashley’s family what they think about Pelosi and the Capitol Police! The rest of the World knows who Witchee Poo is! It’s time the Dems wake up to who is screwing their careers!

      • Ben

        Well, after starting the Ukrainian war and causing inflation, did Nancy do that before or after she burned down all the Food Processing plants?

        There’s BUSTED
        and then there’s

  2. john fudacz

    this is anther shit show ,did they ever prosicute any of those burned and destroyed citys over a thug like george floyed ? no they let them destroy peoples lives and livelyhoods,,and inocent people where killed and mained ,the democraps are just waisting taxpayer money again! liz chainey abd her bunch of bullshit bunch of thus should be hung for the damages done to this country and waisting taxpayer money on another a dam shit show !!!!

    • frank stetson

      I agree. Since they didn’t arrest anyone during the George Floyd protests, not a single soul, then everyone else from the 1/6 insurrection must be totally innocent. Even the ones who said they were guilty, guilty, guilty. They lied. Even the ones caught on film didn’t do it. Fake live film. John wants to hang Liz Cheney, that’s sweet. That’s real. That’s not a lie. Remember that young Trumplicants when you might differ with the Trumplicant mob that they will try to lynch you for your thoughts. Sweet.

      Nice John, may your karma be returned ten fold.

      • Theodore Sueck

        NO!!! Let it be fifty times on you for being a lousy impersonation of a human being. On that note, of course you really are not a real person, just a piece of dreck.

        • Ben

          Wow. Teddy ready for beddy-bye. Votes for the lynching versus calling the threat a threa. A bit grouchy that one. Yes, I should be condemned for showing you how many Trumplicants broke the law on 1.6.2021. Close to a dozen indicted for seditious conspiracy, three have pleaded guilty as in: “it happened, I did it” and now they are telling all about their co-conspirators. Sure, I’ll take the Karma for announcing that here.

    • Perry

      Hell no they didn’t

  3. Trebor Retsbew

    There seems to be a lot of actual BS in this article, which makes no sense, you either support the law or you do not that is a given. The proven fact is that anyone and everyone who went past the first barricade, violated a Federal Law and a DC law, and in the process attacking appointed law enforcement persons, that is another serious violation of the law committed, by those persons.
    Then there is the statement well the doors were open, and a few stupid breaking windows, when any educated person knows that when Congress is in a closed session, as they always are to certify an election of a President no visitors are allowed not only in the Capitol but beyond the barriers, and school child that has had a school trip to Washington and the Capitol can tell you that.
    With all the actual BS spread by trump supporters, the fact is that if this insurrection on Jan 6 was done by BLM or Antifa there would be a totally different response on this site. That seems to be the serious problem of those Trump supports supporting a serious violation of the Constitution, just to support the person who told a group of those persons to go there and do what they did, just because Trump refused to follow the laws of this USA, as written, but instead told huge lies which his supporters actually believed with no one iota of proof to bask those lies up, even the courts right up to the SCOTUS said Trump was lying all the time.

    • Larry kuhn

      I wonder why nobody was prosecuted for the Floyd riots. Or stoped with deadly force. I guess it’s because the poor negros have been mistreated They can thank the democrats for their troubles

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You are correct, if this was BLM/Antifa the police would have been drawn back and they would have occupied the Capitol for days or weeks. It would have been CHAZ on a national level. Nobody would have been arrested, in fact CNN would be interviewing everyone as heroes.

      And I’m guessing you have never read the Constitution.

      • Ben

        Bad guess. Asshole comment.

    • Patricia Turner

      well if the cops hadn’t waived them to come inside, I bet they wouldn’t have come inside. it wasn’t until undercover fbi & antifa started riling them up to get them excited that anything got broken. they would have stayed outside and remained calm. so stop listening to the left who have been proved over and over to lie like dogs….no…dogs don’t lie….lie like Satan’s demons walking to and fro on this earth.

      • frank stetson

        Patricia: I think you are probably a devotee of The Big Liar who firmly believes The Big Lie, another fabrication without proof, without merit. Remember, if it wasn’t for The Big Lie, there would be no Trumplicant Capitol Insurrection on January 6th, 2021, designed to “Stop the Steal,” by stopping Congress from certifying the election so it could be turned back to the States and back to Donald J. Trump, The Big Liar. Or the possible alternative plan for Trump to declare martial law via The Insurrection Act, retain power, and use the military to destroy all evidence, his Trumplicant supporters at the Capitol. No wonder he just watched on TV and did nothing; he might have been waiting for everyone to call him to save the day; he might have been waiting to pull the trigger and remove as much evidence as possible. Not to hard, the really bad guys all had quasi-uniforms on. Like ducks in a row.

        There were no antifa indentified at the Trumplicant 1/6 Capitol Insurrection.
        The FBI did not “get them excited.” There is no proof of this.
        The left is not “Satan’s demons walking …on this earth.” Nor are you.

        You have no proof. But of course if you believe The Big Lie, it is not a difficult river for you to cross to accept even more lies. The Big Lie has been proven false in over 60 court cases, a half-dozen State recounts, some of which were conducted by Trumplicant shills.

        Joe says it’s just like a normal rock concert. I have not been to a rock concert where people have brought weapons, much less used them. I have not been to a rock concert where the people leading the attack did not come for the show. The concert Joe uses as an example had people crushing others, not attacking police, not destroying the pavilion, and not looking for the rock stars to lynch so they could “stop the show.” Joe is really reaching in his attempt for rationalization. Joe, it was a planned attack to overthrow the election. It is on tape, you can see them start well before the rally goers are turned loose on the Capitol by Trump. You can see them simultaneously breach at multiple access points. You can believe your own eyes over Trump propaganda that it’s a nothing burger, just some rally goers gone wild on a spontaneous gesture. It was anything but spontaneous.

        A number of Trumplicants have already pleaded guilty to seditious conspiracy. Around 16 have been charged. None of them are FBU or Antifa. The people who did it said that they did it. They said it’s sedition. They said it’s conspiratorial. Trumplicants said this, Democrats just agree.

        Obviously you are looking at the video’s and snaps since you didn’t blame BLM :>(

        On the video’s you can see the Trumplicant seditious conspirators meeting the night before the attack. You can read their manifesto’s on the net. You can see them breach the Capitol at a number of entrance points.

        The Trumplicant Seditious Conspirators did not go to the rally, they rallied at the Capitol and began the breach before the Trumplicant sheeples began their march on the Capitol. They were the tip of the spear, the sheeples became the shaft supporting them, many unknowing as to what they were part of.

        There was a least one “visitor” tour, held in a Capitol not allowing tours, held by Trumplicant Congresspeople on 1.5.2021; hopefully this was not just casing the place, hopefully it was just one case of possible collusion by Congressional representatives. Rep. Barry Loudermilk, (R-Ga.) led a tour the day before the attack. He first said that’s a lie, now he says it was just a constituent family, where this one is going, we can only hope it was just a family.

  4. Ben

    Did you even look?

    I can’t believe you think blm fared better than a bunch of lily white Trumplicants….That’s right, it’s that Black democrat thing again. We discriminate so quid pro quo we don’t incriminate so we can indoctrinate them to nominate us with voter fraud at the polls. Don’t let those illegal aliens rape impregnate your Texas teen on your way out the door….

    Zero arrests, no convictions, no death, yeah, right, sure.

    I would tell you the numbers but why even bother. You are blinded by the orange light.

    • frank stetson

      For the George Floyd protests:

      Over 14,000 arrested
      Over 14 killed
      Over $1B in property damages

      Like the January 6th Capitol Insurrection led by Trumpers, the Floyd protests had many misdemeanor’s and lesser charges. Often, lower charges like breaking curfew was just let go. There are a number of convictions, I can not find a total estimate, but penalties include times out to five years.

      Saying the blm, antifa, and other Floyd protestors got off the hook, is a Trumplicant lie.

      • James

        The ghetto trash got away with most of the rioting.

        • Ben

          Over 14,000 arrested. Convictions go out to five years for one gent. Think he was more tighty whitey than ghetto, since that seems to really matter to you.

          • JAmes

            I really don’t care. Boy. The truth is that more looters should have been shot and/or prosecuted

          • Ben

            14 people died, “Boy.” And how many more did you want shot for looting some stuff? Let me guess, all of them get shot for stealing some stuff. But the Capitol guys —- just a normal rock concert type melee where no one should have been shot as they took a crap in the halls of the Capitol of The United States.

            Arrest them all, use the full force of the law. No problem whether I feel it’s a righteous protest or the January 6th Trumplicant Riot to Seize the Capitol and overturn the will of the people, “Boy.”

  5. Ben

    And please, be clear, did you want them shot because they were looting? because they were “ghetto trash?” Or because they were “ghetto trash” because they were looting?

    And you feel the seditious conspirators of 1/6 are patriots because they damaged the Capitol, injured over 140 officers, caused the shooting death of their own compatriot, and are white supremacists. Key difference seems to be pretty clear: black or white one might say.

    • James

      The ghetto trash were fire bombing and endangering the public. Boy. Innocent people were harmed. Boy

  6. Ben

    James the racist said: “The ghetto trash were (sic) fire bombing and endangering the public. Boy. Innocent people were harmed. Boy”

    You must realize that when you call someone “boy,” that you run the risk of really looking like a racist? I tried to give you a subtle hint by throwing it back at you, but it’s pretty obvious you like to walk the racist path.

    You say ghetto trash. In Minneapolis, over 190 structures were damaged by over 130 fires being set. There were two deaths. One fire was set with a Molotov cocktail, the rest were set in other methods, not firebombs. Only one firebomb, the police station, and he got four years in Federal Prison, arson being a federal crime. His buddy got 3 years. I am not sure, but since they knew George, I am guessing they were black. The third wheel got 27 months. Over $12M in damage penalties for these guys. About 17 people has been arrested and indicted. So far, 13 have pleaded guilty. Half of those charged what you racially term “ghetto trash” were of the Caucasian race with unclear ideologies. One was a Trumplicant white supremacist Boogaloo. He drove up from Texas, started the fire, and then started pumping rounds into the building that still had other protestors, black, inside. Just another Trumpist trying to start a civil race war. His posts:

    “I set fire to that precinct with the Black community,” “My mom would call the FBI if she knew,” “I’ve burned police stations with Black Panthers in Minneapolis,” “The BLM protesters in Minneapolis loved me.” Sweet guy with James-like attitudes.

    When the Mn. protests started, and were still peaceful: “A masked, umbrella-wielding man accused of helping incite riots and looting in the aftermath of George Floyd’s police-involved death has been identified as a member of a white supremacist group that aimed to stir racial tensions amid largely peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, according to police.”

    Not going to detail the rest but sure sounds like a mixed-race affair; many $$$$ in restitution penalties and years in jail. So, ghetto trash — you are half-assed on that, as expected. And yes, this mixed-race bunch of criminals did endanger innocent citizens. But unlike the Trumplicant led 1.6.2021 Capitol Insurrection to retain Don Trump as President, the Floyd riots were replete with Trumplicant white supremacists causing some violence, riots, etc. with the expressed desire to start a race war.

    And fyi, in Mn., the reason more were not arrested (could have been over 150 people given the number of fires) was that eyewitnesses were hard to find and these criminals were not stupid enough to be filmed, or stupider yet, post themselves on the internet, as they did the deed. Much less get a renown documentarian to follow their exploits as embedded experts in filmographies. Teachable moment although not sure if stupid racists like you can heed given you screwed the pooch so well, so far.
    Even a stupid racist like yourself could of looked this one up so as not to look as dumb as a bowl of soup.

    • James

      I posted “boy” because of your lack of thinking like an adult. You let yourself be led by idiots I don’t know or care what your race is. By the way, many white people are ghetto trash

      • Ben

        Good try. Not. You know better.