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Biden Infrastructure Plan will “Collectivize” the Nation

Biden Infrastructure Plan will “Collectivize” the Nation

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan is “designed to collectivize the United States, to regiment us, to unionize us, and to make us controllable and tractable as an economy,” argues Republican political strategist Dick Morris. 

“The metaphor that comes to mind is when Stalin insisted that all the farmers go to collective farms,” he continues. “You cannot get those funds unless you unionize…You have to have a union for your company to qualify. That’s going to force the entire construction industry and huge numbers of other industries into unionization.” 

President Biden claims his infrastructure plan will create ‘millions of good-paying union jobs.’ But it also includes dramatic tax hikes on corporations and high earners (read more here). 

Though it does include much-needed repairs to bridges, roads, and water systems, the plan also calls for a dramatic retrofitting of public facilities and power grids not unlike the changes outlined in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) Green New Deal.

“The Administration’s non-infrastructure ‘infrastructure bill’ looks like another Trojan horse for far-left demands,” tweeted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “If you want to do an infrastructure bill, let’s do an infrastructure bill. Before the pandemic, we had the best economy in 50 years. We should not raise taxes under the guise of an infrastructure bill and send our economy in the wrong direction.”

President Biden is prepared to move forward with the proposal without support from the GOP, confirmed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, though he had hoped to attract bipartisan support. 

“How could the President expect to have bipartisanship when his proposal is a repeal of one of our signature issues in 2017, where we cut the tax rate and made the United States finally more competitive when it comes to the way we treat job creators?” asks Senator Roger Wicker (R-MI). 

Without support from Republicans, Democratic lawmakers are expected to use the same budget process they used when approving the latest COVID-19 package (a bill that passed with zero Republican votes). Democrats may also decide to tack on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which would make it easier for American workers to unionize.

The PRO Act, which cleared the House in early March with little support from Republicans, would be “the greatest disaster we’ve ever had,” says Morris. “Everybody has to be on a corporate payroll. If you are a consultant or a contractor or a freelancer, you have to close up shop and become an employee of your client or the people you contract with…It sounds like Germany where everybody basically works for a few large companies and there are only one or two large unions that represent everybody.”

Author’s Note: Biden’s infrastructure plan is too costly and includes all sorts of progressive policies that will harm America greatly. A bill the fifth of this size that actually focuses on infrastructure would attract Republican support.


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  1. Anonymous Will we ever survive FATHER BIDEN as he wants to dictate to his little children as to what and how we do things. As a BAC (Born Again Christian), I can find no words to describe FATHER BIDEN nor the other members of the Socialist Demoratic Party.

  2. Aline


  3. Ben

    Just a couple of notes Alice.
    1) for the last 4 years we heard that “Infrastructure Week” was right around the corner. If McConnell wanted a bipartisan infrastructure bill, he should have passed one during the last 8 years he had control of the Senate.
    The wealth gap rivals the riding 20’s. From the heyday of the middle class in the 50’s when unions were strong, the gap between the haves and the have nots has grown in proportion with shrinking union membership.
    Why does this website keep acting surprised when a bill written by Democratic lawmakers is loaded with liberal goodies? I mean, we weren’t surprised that republicans cut taxes that added 2 trillion dollars to the deficit that y’all claimed to care so much about.

    And lastly, “How could the President expect to have bipartisanship when his proposal is a repeal of one of our signature issues in 2017, where we cut the tax rate”.. that’s rich considering that the entire premise of republicans over the last 8 years has been repealing ObamaCare.
    Tell ya what, I’m sure Democratic lawmakers would love some Republican ideas from their i gastric fire plan, why not submit them and truly make this a bipartisan issue?