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Inciting Violence is Okay If You’re a Democrat

Inciting Violence is Okay If You’re a Democrat

US Rep. Democrat Maxine Waters of California is facing fierce criticism after inciting violence by encouraging protestors gathered in Minneapolis to ‘get more confrontational’ if Derek Chauvin was not convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd.  

“We got to stay on the street, get more active, more confrontational,” she said during an interview with Unicorn Riot. 

The jury found Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter. But there’s no telling what may have happened had the jury acquitted him.

Like former President Donald Trump, Waters has a reputation for brash and provocative comments. 

In 2017, she described the Trump Administration as a “bunch of scumbags.” In 2018 when the Trump Administration implemented its zero-tolerance policy for illegal border crossings, she encouraged Americans to surround Trump officials in public and “harass them.” 

“We need civility in this country, but the idea that you’re asking people to go forward, that becomes very dangerous and it becomes a risk inside our country as well,” said Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) at the time.

Earlier this month, Waters told Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to “respect the chair and shut your mouth,” when he exceeded his allotted time frame during a conversation with Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

Last weekend, Waters paid a visit to protestors gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department over the killing of Daunte Wright. “We cannot be still,” she said. “We cannot be satisfied, until we get justice.” 

Critics have compared Waters’ encouragement to protesters this week to Trump’s speech on January 6th. That is when he told supporters to “fight like hell.” Democrats then blamed Trump for inciting a riot, the most popular social media site in the country banned him, and the House impeached him. 

“Why is Maxine Waters traveling to a different state trying to incite a riot? What good can come from this?” tweeted Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO). 

Author’s Note: In yet another example of hypocrisy, Democrats seem to have no problem inciting riots and violence. At the same time, they blast Republicans for imaginary acts of inciting violence. 


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  1. Shirley J

    If your Democrat anything goes. They are losers. Hateful people and don t give a shit about America and it s people. or black life s. they only use back people. to do harm to America.

  2. Linc

    Waters is just another wind bag wagging her fat piehole. It doesn’t say much for Calf. Voters who keep putting her in office.

  3. Anonymous

    Get mad max out. She’s worthless.

  4. KatahdinView

    This woman is if you want to call her that should be remover from office now.

  5. Cg

    Just a piece of crap 💩!

  6. Ben

    Wow! I had no idea republicans were such delicate snowflakes. “Auntie Maxine said mean things, I feel threatened”.
    As great trump supporters from all over our great Nation have repeatedly said,”F your feelings”.

    Until there is equal justice for everyone, our citizens must remain in the streets and make sure the establishment is uncomfortable enough to make changes in our system.

    A call for confrontation is not a call for violence, I can confront the status quo verbally, via protests, or blogs. Unlike “fight like hell”, Maxine’s calls are for action. Only the right wing outrage machine would clutch their pearls so tightly to think that it was a call to violence.
    It is interesting how quickly the bash a police officer over the head w a fire extinguisher and spray bear repellent crowd is so suddenly worried about violence. Talk about hypocrisy.

  7. Kate

    Maxine Waters is a disgusting, intolerant, hypocrite. She blasted Pres. Trump for the exact same thing she is doing. I guess she thinks she is above the law. She needs to be removed from Office for trying to incite violence. Pelosi needs to step up and condemn Waters rhetoric. Why is Pelosi allowing Waters to do this but Trump was impeached for the same thing. Democrats think they are privileged. But they are actually just condescending asses. Because of Waters threats, the jurors need to be asked if they thought their life was in danger if they didn’t vote to convict. If they answer yes, than Waters needs to be charged with Jury tampering, obstruction of justice, and threatening the lives of jurors.

    • Anonymous

      You got a better chance of finding slo Joe ‘s brain

    • Ben

      Kate, the jury was sequestered when the comments were made. Don’t let facts stand in the way of a good rant. There was no call for violence, only a call to confront institutional racism and injustice.

      • Kate

        The jury was not sequestered during the trial. The judge told them not to watch tv or read anything about the trial. Hence the judges remarks about Waters opening up the door for an appeal.

  8. TitTat

    Waters is a hypocrite, plain and simple. And this kind of behavior really really should land her in jail. The fact that it doesn’t is lamentable for our entire nation.

  9. Mass

    Mad Max is the perfect example of a home-grown bigot, racist, trouble-maker, hypocrite, crook, and, most of all, a POS!
    She hopped on a plane to Milwaukee purposely to interject herself into a volatile crowd. Her purpose was not to attempt to calm the crowd down and wait for the verdict; instead she whipped them up She got police protection when she landed there, inciting the crowd to become ‘’more confrontational”. After she stirred them up, she conveniently flew back home.
    Home is a multi-million mansion in a predominantly white neighborhood (I mention this only for two reasons: her district is black and she doesn’t reside in it [why?], an obvious racist, she has chosen to live in a white neighborhood. BTW, where did her money come from? When asked, she resorted to the worn out race answer. In recent years she has been voted as the most crooked member of Congress. Yet her hold on her Congressional seat stays strong!

  10. Liam

    M&M is a SCUMBAG ~ Surround her house and all chant “TRAITOR”

  11. Joseph S. Bruder

    You seem to confuse support for a movement with encouraging rioting. While the country took a step forward by convicting the murderer Derek Chauvin, in the past week 3 more Blacks were killed by police. A 13-year old “man” (as Tucker Carlson called him) was shot in the chest with his hands in the air. Another Black man was “mistakenly” shot with a gun instead of a taser (one is orange plastic and weighs 6 ounces, the other shiny black metal and weighs about a pound). And a 15-year old Black girl fighting against grown women in the street, who called the police for help, was shot 4 times by a policemen within 10 seconds of him arriving. Blacks, whether in Congress or on the street, have every right to urge support for their cause, and I wouldn’t begrudge any white people who support their cause either. It’s not the same as urging supporters to attack our foundations of Democracy, or to go into mostly BLM protests and turn them into riots.

    Ex-President Trump spent 6 months whipping his white racist extremists into a frenzy, urging them to attack the Capitol and interrupt the business of the Senate, hoping for the ability to turn it into emergency rule. And yet, he’s not in jail. And, what, about 50 or so members of the House and Senate are STILL claiming, without any proof whatsoever, that the election was stolen and Trump really won. They are trying to claim that the Jan 6th rioters were “peaceful family men” even though several policemen were killed and around 50 injured. The crown of Democracy, our peaceful transfer of power, now has the Trump stink on it. What’s even worse, is that it was just a blatant grab for money by Trump, and his supporters were betrayed by Trump’s lies. But don’t worry, Trump and many of his followers will go to prison for their insurrection. The FBI already has about 500 of them, probably some who used to follow your website. These days “conservative” is generally synonymous with “racist”, whether it’s attacking BLM, demonizing Democrats that support the rights of minorities, or Republicans that make excuses for the right-wing racist extremists.