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ICE Arrests Nearly 700 Illegal Immigrants During Mississippi Raid

ICE Arrests Nearly 700 Illegal Immigrants During Mississippi Raid

ICE agents on Wednesday arrested 680 illegal workers during a raid on seven food processing plants in Mississippi.

The operation, which has been described as the ‘largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in our nation’s history,’ occurred on the same day President Trump visited El Paso, TX to speak with residents following a mass shooting whose perpetrator has been linked to an online rant about the “Hispanic invasion.” 

“It was a sad situation inside,” said Domingo Candelaria, a legal employee at Koch Foods Inc.

Koch Foods is one of the nation’s largest poultry producers, employing roughly 13,000 people in Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee.

“This will affect the economy,” argues Maria Isabel Ayala, a local babysitter. “Without them here, how will you get your chicken?”

During the raid, ICE agents demanded identification papers from all employees and searched through their personal items. Those deemed illegal had their wrists tied with plastic bands and were forced onto buses to be transported to a military facility where they will be processed for immigration violations.

Those who tried to flee were caught by agents that had formed a perimeter around the factories.

“While we are a nation of immigrants, more than that, first and foremost, we are a nation of laws,” said US Attorney Mike Hurst. “They have to come here legally or they shouldn’t come here at all.”

All foreign nationals arrested Wednesday will be interviewed to record any mitigating humanitarian situations, added the agency. “Based on these interviews, and consideration of their criminality and prior immigration history, ICE is determining on a case-by-case basis based on the totality of the circumstances which individuals will be detained and which persons may be released from custody at present.”

Raids of this scale (which were common under GW Bush) are designed not only to root out illegal workers and send them home, but also to punish the employers who knowingly hire them.

“To those who use illegal aliens for competitive advantage or to make a quick buck, we have something to say to you: If we find that you have violated federal criminal law, we’re coming after you,” said Hurst.

In July, the former owner of a meatpacking plant in Tennessee was sentenced to 18 months in prison based on the results of an ICE raid conducted in 2018.

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  1. Calvin Condos

    I have no sympathy for them, they broke the law they must pay the price for doing so. They are no better than I am.

    • Bruce E Devido

      That is true, but the employers must be held accountable also !

  2. Ollie Octopus

    Poor illegals. No free stuff. Do it the right way, then come back legally. It is not fair to those who comply with the law.

  3. Marie

    This is good. Keep it up and maybe we will get rid of all the illegals and get that wall built to keep them out!

  4. Ed

    Good job ICE. There should be a lot of places checked for illegals.

  5. Donl Longo

    Great job ICE, Now HEAVY FINES AND Prison time for HIRING THEM.

  6. Connie

    If they have to have papers to prove they are legal, then why on earth is it so hard for the employers to figure out they should not be hired? Fines should increase exponentially on a second offense and shut down completely on the 2rd offense. Then maybe they will be more interested in the laws.

    • Bruce Devido

      Yes the Koch brothers should do some time in prison for their HYPOCRASY !!

      • Joe

        Different Koch,s

  7. Phil

    Lady ask without them how are we going to get our chicken lol well i guess the owners will have to pay people that are here legally or that was born here lol

  8. Robert Bertorello

    Good riddance . Why are the liberals so stupid what is their problem we are only following the laws that are on the books we’re not making up any new laws . Everybody should have a shot to come to this country but should do it legally . If you’re not a citizen of this country then you have no Rights as a US citizen to protect you . California is the worst let’s hit San Francisco Oakland Sacramento and Los Angeles next .

  9. TexRancher

    Surprise, surprise, surprise! These ILLEGAL ALIENS have known from the start that the day will come when we have a REAL AMERICAN for President who will enforce the laws! The best thing for them to do now is to pack up and leave while you still have your ill gotten goods. Deportation will get you gone without!
    This is a good start and needed to be expanded for the protection of this country and its people! Also needs to be gone are the muslim members of Congress who have committed felonies! There are two very prominent ones who should be on their way out right now! Those who took their oath of office on the koran certainly cannot be trusted because of what it preaches directly conflicts with our Constitution so their oath is worthless!


    the raid is long over-due. we need welfare over-haul NOW. THE LAZY BUMS that spend a lifetime on the dole are killing our country . CUT THE WELFARE OFF WHEN THE RECIEPENT WILL NOT TAKE A JOB.. the fact that jobs go wanting because the welfare bums make more money on the dole needs to stop. we the working taxpayers can not afford to feed and house the worthless.FOR THE COMMUNISTS,”NO WORKEE- NO EATEE” IS A VERY GOOD PHRAZE TO LIVE BY..

    • Ray Berggren

      Bruce you are completely ignorant. Wages account for 2% or less of the cost of most food at the grocery store.

      That means to give a 50% raise costs us 1% or less. Triple their wages and benefits package and your 69 cent unit cost becomes 73 cents.

      Hiring illegals helps no one and hurts everyone.

  11. Bruce E Devido

    Well , Trumptards, get ready for the price of your basic necessities to go up.. Now that the cheap labor is being deported, minimum wage will have to be paid and all legitimate taxes too. Do you think the corporations are going to make less in profits when they can push the loss onto the consumers ?? HELLO INFLATION !!

    • Terry

      Well, Brucie ole boy. Why don’t you take all the illegals in and support them if your so keen on keeping them here illegally and letting them have real Americans jobs.

    • K weaver


    • Knock Knock

      Inflation is a strong indicator that the economy is improving. We want our workers to be able to demand a higher wage and thereby live better. We don’t want to support a system that captures everyone in poverty prison particularly by having undocumented immigrants take the jobs, not pay taxes, and contribute to the poverty state.

    • nexus

      Yeah, guess what, prog-tard? MOST real, LAW-abiding Americans wouldn’t care a BIT if we have to pay a few more CENTS for goods, (and that’s ALL it would cost us) to deport every single illegal in this country.

  12. julian Sanchez

    .” …perpetrator has been linked to an online rant about the “Hispanic invasion.” In truth it is a “Hispanic invasion.”, better known as illegal invasion! Pollical Leaders condone this behavior, Americans are tried of these people entering this country with out going trough the process! ICE is doing a great job! Democraps want open borders, that’s unacceptable!