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Backlash After Planned Parenthood Videos, “Steam Cooked” Baby Remains Discoveries

Backlash After Planned Parenthood Videos, “Steam Cooked” Baby Remains Discoveries

After the release of undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood actively sold aborted babies and their body parts, many states have taken action against the organization. The Center for Medical Progress, the anti-abortion organization behind the Planned Parenthood videos, posed as potential buyers for the aborted baby remains, and filmed as members of Planned Parenthood discuss details of the sales.

In one video, the Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melissa Farrell, bragging about her branch’s track record of aborted baby remains sales, and its talent in delivering fully intact babies.

In response to this video, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine launched an investigation into the practices of Planned Parenthood, only to find even more disturbing revelations. DeWine recently notified the Ohio Department of health that three local Planned Parenthood facilities in Cincinnati, Columbus and Bedford Heights, were involved with companies who “cook” aborted baby remains before dumping them in a landfill. These companies steam cook aborted baby remains in order to allegedly kill bacteria before dumping the remains in landfills across the state lines.

Similar cases have also sprung up in other states, including South Carolina and Kansas, where facilities were also found to be steam cooking these remains before dumping them in a landfill. Most of these cases ended with only a fine to Planned Parenthood and an order to reevaluate their disposal methods.

In Texas, these undercover videos have also sparked action against Planned Parenthood. Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently decided to eliminate state taxpayers’ funding of the Planned Parenthood facilities and in October, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission ended Medicaid participation for Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in the state of Texas. Those who use Medicaid services will be informed of other alternatives outside of Planned Parenthood who can provide the same services, but in a safer and more ethical manner.

It is surprising that more states have not jumped on board to help put an end to the practices of selling and cruelly disposing of aborted baby remains. The videos clearly show Planned Parenthood officials discussing how they are breaking the law by profiting from aborted baby remains, so when will the law handle these officials in a just manner?

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