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Canadian Man Imprisoned for Saying “Islam is Evil”

Canadian Man Imprisoned for Saying “Islam is Evil”

Despite the rally around free speech after the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year, it seems that some Western countries are not practicing what they preach.

Eric Brazau was recently arrested and denied bail in Canada for a crime related to Islam. No, this was not a terror plot to blow up civilians, or a call to support the Jihadists of the Middle East. What did Brazau do to deserve this arrest? He stated he hated Islam and was charged with committing a hate crime for doing so.

Brazau was previously arrested in 2014 for distributing anti-Islam flyers. As if this complete joke of an arrest was not event, when put in front of a judge, Brazau was told, “you had a ticket to ride, not a pass to harass.”

Brazau was given a sentence of 18 months in prison, along with an additional 2 years of probation upon his release. During this 2 year probation period, the judge also ordered a weapons ban, since in the judge’s words, “words are weapons, too.

Since when do Western countries deny their citizens the right to freedom of speech? How can countries denounce the crimes committed against free speech in acts of terror like Charlie Hebdo, but then inflict these harsh sentences on someone who practices free speech themselves? All Western countries, not just America, must come together in a fight to protect one of our most valuable rights as individuals, our freedom of speech.

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  1. John Trudeau

    Unfortunately Canada has slipped to the point where Christians pay the taxes and Muslim’s reap the benefits. Free speech is gone and Canadians finance their own incarceration. But fear not the PM is working hard for all Canadians.

    • Dolores

      Read the quaran t is the only cult manual on how too kill humans.. even m ohammed the pedophile killed 600 men too impress his ,9 year old victim of pedophile.. it’s the only manual that says you can rape your dead wife,cannibalize your wife or female child if hungry,. And if you can’t convert a infidel, then you must enslave or kill. Women and children are property. Too be sold,killed,slaves, and always used for brutal sex. As young as ,8 years old have been butchered by animalistic sex till they died. Ever wonder. Even here in the USA,300,000 CHILDREN ,ADULTS DISAPPEAR EVERY YEAR. LESS THAN 10% ARE EVER LOCATED. PRIVATE PLANES, BOATS LEAVE EVERY HOUR, WITHOUT PASSENGER LIST.

  2. J E C

    How many times does it have to be said that (ISLAM IS EVIL) and demostrated by MOHAMMED that is true. He forced peoples to convert to Islam or die by beheadings throught Africa and Spain

  3. DC