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14 million AFghan Women will be enslaved by Sharia, Where are the feminists?

14 million AFghan Women will be enslaved by Sharia, Where are the feminists?

Afghanistan has never been a bastion of liberal thought. But for a while there we were hopeful, women were going to schools, their dress code (apart from Covid requirements) did not require a face covering, and a certain tolerance for women’s rights was growing.

All of that is done now.

The Taliban will quickly implement Sharia law, and 14 million women will descend into servitude, be required to cover themselves completely, they will not be allowed to go out of the house without a male member of the household with them. They will likely not be able to drive, they will not be able to hold public office, they will be bought and traded as chattel by the men. If they are foolish enough to be raped, it will be their fault. They will be outcasts, and they could be stoned. That is the reality of Sharia law, even in 2021.

Note that Sharia law does not affect the men very much. They still can go about their business freely and do what they like. That is one of the reasons the Afghanis gave up so easily to the Taliban. They have little to lose.

But where are the feminists on this? Where is the outrage?

This sets back women’s rights in the world by decades, the Biden Administration has allowed a society of emerging freedoms for women to be enslaved once again.

This is over 14 MILLION women.

I don’t see protests in the streets in America. I don’t see prominent politicians pleading for support of these women.

I don’t see the liberal media chastising the Biden Administration for giving up so easily. They barely cover the pleadings of Afghan women asking the western world for help. Many of them, especially those who speak out, will be killed. Sharia law is intolerant of dissidence of any kind.

No particular champion for these women has emerged. Aside from a luke warm sound bite by Nancy Pelosi before the event, there is nothing, no political support at all.

I’m not saying I have a solution, or that we should have left troops in Afghanistan. That is not the point.

But 14 million women are about to be permanently forced into, in my opinion, the worst possible life.

I’m just surprised that America’s feminists don’t care.

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  1. Joseph S. Bruder

    You are correct – you don’t have a solution, because there isn’t one. If we couldn’t change the country in 20 years, they will have to catch up to the rest of the world on their own. It’s a shame that those women are in that position, but there is a whole generation that has gotten a more-or-less Western education. They probably have more power than they think, maybe they’ll figure out a way to come out on top.

    That hasn’t stopped your website from issuing around 10 hit pieces on Biden, for doing the best he could with a bad situation after Trump surrendered to the Taliban.

    • Anonymous

      Your an ass!Trump didn’t do this, the favorite thing to do is blame Trump for everything. Since when do they do what Trump wanted anyway?!? How many times did they say I won’t do that or I won’t support that because Trump did. Biden is the president he didn’t have to go along with what ever Trump supposedly did, it’s just a convenient excuse to use for his F up.

      • Joseph S. Bruder

        People didn’t support Trump because he almost always picked a position that was morally wrong and went against the best interests of the country, usually to benefit himself.

        But the fact remains, it was Trump who negotiated a surrender with the Taliban, stopped ALL immigration from Afghanistan, set a May 1st date for complete US withdrawal, and by the time he left office in January (kicking and screaming) did nothing to get US citizens or Aghanis out except pull out most of the soldiers. That is the mess that Biden had to clean up.

  2. Ben

    Where are the feminists ?
    Safely here in America and not being killed in Afghanistan.

    • Ron

      Wait till the Muslims out populate us in this country! They will do the same as they are doing in Afghanistan! Odumbo got that started with letting how many million into this country! They multiple like rats, rabbits and mosquito’s and will have the voting power to use our system to implement their inhumane culture to their benefit! Our country is stupid for letting this even have a foothold over here!

  3. Sam

    Democrat progressives arranged this…
    And liberal women all align with democrats…
    I love it!!!!

    • Mike

      Sam, Hardly. This was arranged by a fool named Trump who negotiated with our enemies without having the rightful Afghan government present. Had the rightful government been present-they likely would still be governing. But a deal was easier to reach with the taliban without interference from the government so that is the path the trump/pompeo regime took. Time to open your eyes and realize the mess that trump left for his successor…

    • Ben

      Arranged what? An unjust and bungled war 20 years ago?
      But you are correct, liberal women align with democrats. There is a good reason for that. You didn’t make the point you may have thought you did with that statement.

  4. Robert L. Kahlcke

    This is not our problem, we must deal with The Democrat Communist Party in America.

  5. Lo

    What happened to MEtoo?, Ghislaine Maxwell?, ending Human Trafficking?, & my all-time favorite ending the War on Drugs??? Yep, that’s right, once they dive deep enough they find out it all comes back to the richest men in our Country, Dr.’s, Lawyers, Politicians,…..MEN in general & the sickest of the sick. Has Sexual Harassment ended in the workplace? No, they offer the young lady a nice little severance package, if that to go along her merry way and equip her with a paragraph on why she left her last job!!

  6. frank stetson

    There’s over a dozen countries, including Trump’s beloved Saudi Arabia, that embrace Sharia Law, but only now does Mr. Gilbertson notice.

    Where was he when Trump was doing the Sword Dance, a men’s only dance, celebrating Saudi’s traditions like Sharia Laws? Probably looking to force rape and incest victims to have babies.