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Ukraine’s Zelensky to NATO: People will die because of you

Ukraine’s Zelensky to NATO: People will die because of you

In an impassioned speech, Ukrainian President Zelensky is bitterly disappointed that NATO refuses to enact and enforce a “no fly” zone over Ukraine. NATO has not done so.

Zelensky says NATO is confused and weak. I’m not sure I disagree.

He concludes with “All of the people who die, start from today, will die because of you.”

Should we enforce a “no fly” zone over Ukraine? It would be foolhardy at this point.

Any such enforcement would require an attack on the Russian Air Force to clear the space, and would be counterattacked by Russia. It would be a direct entry into the war, essentially World War III.

Any such efforts should have taken place before the attack. The Biden Administration had time before the invasion to make moves, and it didn’t.

It could have made Ukraine a NATO partner, it could have had multiple countries move troops in. In my opinion, the best move would have been to plan asymmetric warfare with Stingers and Javelins. If they had, the Russians would not be so cozy as they are now.

But a “no fly” zone at this point? No.

But yet we have the Ukrainian president and his people in need. Watch this impassioned speech.

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  1. Joe

    Hidenbiden, the weak,spineless,incompetent,illigitimate,puppet,fool, pretending,leader is the cause of all of this.The world knows this puppet,is in cahoots with china,russia,and iran, and is a danger to Amrtica and all allies. We must remove this unstable,mentally,unfit traitor before he destroys America and the world.

    • Tommie