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Will Smith Just Destroyed Himself as a Role Model

Will Smith Just Destroyed Himself as a Role Model

Until today I was a huge Will Smith fan.  I saw every movie he ever made plus the TV series Fresh Prince of Bel Aire in reruns for years. I liked his personality and thought he was an excellent role model for young people. His rap music was one of the few that didn’t seem to have a message of hate, bigotry or misogyny.  His movies have grossed over $9 Billion and for good reason. We really liked him.

By now you have likely learned that last night at the Oscars, Will Smith walked up on the stage and slapped Chris Rock for telling a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett.

I had just assumed that his stage personality was the same as his real one.

I guess I was wrong.

Maybe Will’s success has gone to his head. Maybe he has been to so many award shows that he doesn’t appreciate how many actors would give their right arm to be where he is.

Maybe it is true that Jada Pinkett has a condition that she is sad about. Is this such a tragedy? Did it stop her from making the latest Matrix movie? Is Smith comparing her condition to someone dying of cancer?

But for Smith to walk up on stage on a live show in front of a live audience and slug a fellow actor, someone who told a joke and meant no harm on a subject that Will and Jada themselves have publicized, known to everyone in the freaking world, is a sign of a mean, spoiled primadonna.

This brand of comedy happens all the time, and has been around for at least the last 60 years.  Jada has been in the limelight ofr most of her life, does he think she is immune? More importantly, does he think she cannot stand up for herself?

Did Will Smith believe that Chris Rock was disrespecting his wife? Apparently so. But a great many people would kill to be insulted by Chris Rock, a great comic and talented actor, with no ill bones in his body (again, my perception).

I resent the ego, the pettiness, the selfish idea that the rules do not apply to Will Smith, that he can step over the bounds and attack someone and get away with it, just because he is Will Smith.  This is not a message we want for our young people.

He did get away with it. And he came away with his first Oscar.

But I’m not a fan anymore, and I’m sure others feel this way. He has destroyed himself as a role model.  This was not a “mistake” or an “accident” he willfully walked on stage and attacked.  In my book, there is no second chance. Chris Rock declined to file charges, so there will not be jail time for Will. But I’m imagining the Oscars folks are pretty steamed that their show has been subject to such a seedy event.

I know we don’t cover this kind of topic on PBP very often, but when someone who is idolized by so many turns out to be petty punk (yeah, the punch didn’t even  knock Chris Rock down), then it is worse for America.

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  1. Perry

    Will Smith did go too far but Rock should not have disrespected his wife I don’t watch the oscars but I read the news story

    • Joe Gilbertson

      This is normal in the comic world, disrespect is exactly the point. As far as celebrity roasts are concerned that joke was VERY mild. Look up celebrity roast sometime, you will be appalled at what they get away with.

      • Jeanette

        Will smith did the right thing that was not the time or place to make fun of someone I am proud of him

      • Doug


    • Kendall

      Will Smith has ALWAYS gone “too far” and walked away from any blame, shame, or investigations. I USED to love watching his movies but after what happened last night, NO MORE. If he and his wife had already gone public with her illness, then what possessed him to act like a spoiled, ENTITLED brat? Comedians make fun of people all of the time, period. I’ve never heard of someone doing what he did last night in front of an audience, much less on LIVE TV! But that’s the way Hollywood or Hollyweird has become here as of late. I was under the impression that they WERE friends at one point, but I guess not now. Perhaps the Award shows won’t have him back even in the audience in the future unless they want another spectacle like last night. The shocked look on the other’s faces said EVERYTHING…

    • Micala

      GOOD FOR WILL SMITH!! I would have sucker punched Rock for being such an ARROGANT POS!
      Chis Rock is a demeaning SOB who grabs people’s sadness and makes jokes about it! He has the mentality of a 10 year old on S’mores! Next time I guarantee Rock will think twice before using someone’s sadness to make himself look funny! NOT FUNNY ROCK! 👎🏿👎🏿

      As for Will defending his wife’s being laughed at because of Rock’s careless and ignorant comment: it is nice to see that NOT ALL HOLLYWEIRDS ARE CALLOUS AND UNFEELING ABOUT THEIR MATES!! Some still aren’t afraid to defend their honor/respectability!! Smith looks more like a Shining Knight for slapping idiot Rock in the face! Maybe that slap knocked some actual sense back into Rock’s head so next time he can use his own “sadness” and “afflictions” to entertain the oh so “surface and materialistic” crowd!!


      Come on now Folks! If you thought Rock had the right to tear at someone else’s sadness, then both God and I suggest you go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, because someone or something is slowly sucking the goodness out of your Soul, making your actions hurtful and unthinking! Just because Rock is a HOLLYWEIRD celebrity does NOT give him license to belittle or joke about others…ever! Will made that abundantly clear last night at the Oscar’s and we applaud his actions!

      • Russell

        Freedom of speech. It’s a Constitutional RIGHT of ALL Americans. Anyone who cries about it needs to check what country they live in, and maybe find somewhere else to go. Chris Rock has EVERY right to talk about ANYONE he wants, because they”re only words. Rock should sue the hell out if that POS Smith, and demand an apology for Smith’s crybaby behavior. I’ll NEVER watch another Smith movie again. Will Smith… you’re a f**king clown.

      • Steve

        Well said.

      • Doug

        Chris Rock needs to be taught a lesson about disrespecting women and wives I would of put his lights out punched him and would of said put your dukes up because IM FUCKING U UP PUNK ASS TALKING ABOUT MY WIFE BAM

    • Mad Celt

      Should have gone full rapper and brought out his nine and emptied the mag.

  2. bob

    Typical liberal sh!t , and to accept it then give Smith a standing ovation . If that would have happened at a Republican gig , Wow ,,,, the GESTOPO of the democratic party and all the FAKE opinion networks would be having a hey-day with it !!! All the liberals of the Hollywood elite are nothing but a bunch of Socialist asswipes !!!

    • John 3:16

      Bob they live in a fantasy land. I stopped watching a lot of these satanist because that is what they are. Pedo’s and much worse. Hollywood is evil. Even Disney has gotten evil which sucks it is time Americans stop spending money to support these evil people. It is too bad the way our world is turning out. As for me I am done with stupid. And that is all Hollywood is just a bunch of evil satanist’s. None of them are ever happy. If they change their ways and ask GOD for forgiveness maybe they can find true happiness in their lives until then they can wallow in their fantasy land.

  3. Lharr

    Gee, in a show of elitism and self absorbency, a self absorb elitist acted poorly? Stop watching this crap. These people should never be treated as role models.

  4. Donald King

    Just a publicity stunt to try to get more people to watch the Oscars charade. Viewership has been on the decline for some time as it, just like professional sports, drops in popularity mostly due to looney left wing political stunts and statements.

    • Micala

      The Oscars have LOST VIEWERS because the actions and attitudes are trite and boring! Unfortunately most Hollyweirds are so overblown about their own self worth that their performance on stage is NO LONGER ENTERTAINING NOR RELEVANT TO OUR LIVES! Americans ARE BORED BECAUSE THE CALIBER OF ACTORS/ACTRESSES IS NO LONGER INTERESTING!

      You can no longer sit and watch those people exclaim how wonderful they are 24/7! It is 100% POLITICAL and if you don’t kiss that IDOL’S BUTT, you will never be recognized by any HOLLYWEIRD CRITIC even if you are an exceptional performer!!

      Now you know why you do NOT SEE ANY INCREDIBLE AND TALENTED PERFORMERS ATTENDING THIS AFFAIR ANY MORE — even those actors/actresses know what they are worth and excel at their craft — unlike many who fill that hall!

      The Oscars are about Mediocrity, NOT excellence because of the radical Left’s interference and ideologies — BORING!

  5. James

    America Boycott Hollywood these Evil Doers don’t need our money.

    • Micala

      ABSO-friggin-LUTELY!! Do NOT support Hollyweirds because most of them are politically driven and no longer know their craft!

      PEOPLE, if you are older than 28, you should have absorbed some wisdom about the world and what it represents! If you haven’t, that’s on you! But HOLLYWOOD has lost its glow and has become so politically driven that people are no longer flocking to theaters or hitting their TVs for movies because the performers SUCK! What once was entertaining is now bizarre and not worth your time — thanks to the low caliber of performers now in these shows/series.

      WHY would anyone waste their time watching a show that gives awards for mediocre performances? The more people refusing to do this may encourage Hollywood to start producing better quality performers— or not! Maybe Hollywood is just stuck in second gear and can’t change a thing? Maybe Hollywood is destined to FAIL? None of the award shows are entertaining — too much politics and not enough TALENT! THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING ELSE ON TV BESIDES THE OSCARS, THE EMMYS, PEOPLE’S CHOICE, etc THAT’S ENTERTAINING! Anything??

      • ben

        When wasn’t Hollywood politically driven?

        When wasn’t heart politically driven?

        Tilts gently left but that’s just right has very few creative people or artists. Go figure. Not to worry, he will always have Charlton Heston and Clint Eastwood. Makes my day.

        • Jerry

          Boo hoo

  6. Russell

    Need a tissue?

    • Micala

      YES, we all should be crying and disappointed in the caliber of acting these days! If you aren’t then you are one of the many less intelligent humans walking around, expecting nothing and getting nothing! I think there needs to be a change in Hollywood where performers CAN perform decently, inspire and encourage people about their craft! It used to be that way. Now it is about Politics, not their craft!

      POLI = Many
      TICS = Insects
      Never a good thing for creativity, artistry, or the human race!!

    • frank stetson

      There’s something really worth crying about.

      If it wasn’t for Will Smith, Obama would have never been elected. Will made black people look presidential. Ha ha ha ha

  7. Patti Seitz

    Chris Rock isn’t funny attacking a woman because she’s bald. Does he think cancer is funny? He disrespects every cancer victim and he should be ashamed. He sucks. Will Smith was defending his wife! Good for him.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      He didn’t attack a poor suffering bald woman. He attacked a famous and successful actor, whose problems have been aired out in America for years, by her own choice, for her own benefit. She could keep her problem a secret and wear a wig, but that was not what she chose.

      Chris Rock’s style of insult comedy is popular and accepted these days. Will Smith could have spoken to Chris Rock earlier, since he was roasted in 2016 by Rock and should pretty much know what to expect.

      • Ben

        Whether warranted or not, he did the crime, should do the time. The Academy should rescind the award , why not? And then, Chris should pick on the kids in the Shriner’s Hospital charity ads. Now that’s some funny stuff .

  8. Richard Kennedy

    I am not a big Will Smith fan but I am impressed that a man in Hollywood today would still stand up for a woman he loves and publicly humiliate the transgressor. It gives hope to other men in society that there a still ‘red lines’ that you shouldn’t cross even in pathetic Hollywood.
    That Hollywood would chastise a man for standing up for his wife in such a way shows the hypocrisy of a group that have for decades tried to humiliate, threaten and verbally assault Conservatives of any type for just existing.
    It would have been more effective if Jada had gone up to the stage herself and slapped Chris Rock. But what if he had slapped her back ??? Left wing heads across the world would have exploded !!! Conservatives would have just sat back and applauded.
    It is just so satisfying to watch the left wing eat its own. They don’t even realize that it’s going on.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      I agree that a man should stand up for his woman, but frankly, its Hollywood rules, live by the sword die by the sword. Nobody else is in that privileged position to be able to walk onto that stage. And yes, Jada should have done it.

  9. StealthFighter

    According to Chris Rock’s Spokesman, Chris wasn’t aware that Jada had a “Condition”. I think that this could been handled a lot better. After all, Will laughed at the joke too!!!

    • Miles collins

      Chris let his alligator mouth override his hummingbird ass. Oh shit. Now Ben will call me a racist

  10. cmw

    Will can share his wife with his open marriage but apparently not a joke.

  11. Doug

    Chris Rock deserves worser than will gave to him

    • Doug

      Will SMITH is more of a role model for SLAPPING a big mouth for disrespectful to his wife the hell with Hollywood

    • Frank dtetson

      Worser? How Shakespearean. In the modern world, worse will suffice. However I think it’s wonderfuller 🙂 it’s on tape, police still can’t do anything? And why Chris rock wouldn’t put a civil suit in is beyond me. Somehow, I don’t think the Academy chastising him or punishing him in anyway will do anything unless they have the balls to strip his academy award from him. Time will tail.

      Too bad, I do like Will Smith and to my dying day I will believe that he is a main reason that people voted for Obama. We’ll just made Blacks more acceptable to whites as “normal.” versus some sort of urban creatures with their own language. That, and the moral of television which expedite the assimilation process. We all just have to act like Will Smith in the Fresh Prince..heh heh.

      • Larry kuhn

        If will Smith caused obozo to be elected he should be shipped to Kenya with the commie

  12. Lee

    I don’t believe this is the worse comment made about Will Smith’s wife! She puts herself out there in the limelight daily…they both do! That’s part of their business! I don’t believe Chris Rock meant the harm people are jumping to, in this instance. Even if he did, how about the saying “sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” We have become a society where everyone is so offended by something daily! It’s ridiculous!