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Whose side is Biden on?

Whose side is Biden on?

Since the Madman of Moscow started lining up his troops on the border of Ukraine, President Biden has been doing a lot of protesting … a lot of strong talk … a lot of threats.  But he has also been giving Russian President Putin a lot of leeway … a lot of opportunities … and a lot of back-handed encouragement.

We can recall when Biden promised that the minute a Russian boot touched ground in Ukraine, Putin would be slapped with sanctions that would crush the Russian economy.  He assured the world that the pre-invasion threats of sanctions were designed to deter Putin from moving ahead with his invasion.  Vice President Harris echoed that sentiment in a major speech in Europe – telling the world that sanctions are the best deterrent.

That was then.  This is now.  While in Brussels to meet with the leaders of NATO, Biden flipped.  Sanctions are not effective as a deterrence.  Isn’t that what a lot of experts were telling him when he was making those empty threats?   So, Biden knew his threats were not serious – and even worse, Putin knew they were not serious.  

So, sanctions do not work.  Have not worked in the past.  Will not work in the future.  But even at that, Biden never imposed all the Draconian sanctions that he could have – and he still has not.

If sanctions cannot work – especially in the short-term – what next?  Maybe threats of military intervention on the part of NATO.  If Putin can intimidate with threats of nuclear war, it seems that Biden and NATO should threaten a military response – and the United States has a much larger and more powerful military than Putin.

Biden not only took a military response off the table, he used scores of occasions to assure Putin that neither the United States nor NATO would get involved in a shooting war with Russia under any circumstances. 

Hmmmm.   Let’s consider the Biden strategy.  He knows – and Putin knows – that sanctions will not be effective in preventing in deterring the Moscow Madman from invading Ukraine.  It will not deter him from escalating the war on Ukraine.  I it will not dissuade him from committing horrific war crimes on the people of Ukraine.  AND … Biden also promises Putin not to use the most powerful military on earth to stop Putin – the only other option that might have caused Putin to reconsider his diabolical plans..  That looks a lot like a diplomatic green light to me.

Biden did not even leave that option on the table as a negotiating point.  No.  No.  No.  Biden literally put out the welcome mat across Ukraine.  And at the time Biden did that, no one believed that the Ukrainian military and people would be so effective in blunting the Russian invasion.  Biden not only 

The next option was to provide the weaponry to increase the Ukrainian chances of winning the war.  The major pressure came from those NATO nations just west of the Ukrainian border.  Biden acquiesced, but not with any enthusiasm.  He was slow walking the delivery of weaponry – and outright vetoed the sending of the all-important jet fighters.  They would have challenged Putin in the only arena in which he was winning – and killing.  The skies.

What Biden did not tell the American public at the onset was that those sanctions that would not stop Putin would still impact on the world economy – creating more inflation, supply-chain issues and food shortages.  Suffering such consequences might have been worth it if the sanctions were effective in stopping Putin.  But instead, we got failed sanctions that has more impact on the good folks in the world than on Putin.

Biden’s most recent announcements following the NATO summit had to do with those fleeing Ukraine.  He would allow 100,000 to come to America – a fraction of those he is letting slip in at the southern border.  He would send $1 billion dollars to NATO countries that are accepting millions of refugees.  A good move, but it does nothing for the war effort.  In fact, it arguably serves Putin’s interests in getting a lot of the population re-located outside of Ukraine – part of Putin’s move-them-or-kill-them policy.

Recently, it is being reported that Biden is pressuring Ukraine President Zelenskyy to concede to Putin on two critical issues – future admission to NATO and official cede the Donbass Region to Putin.  If those reports are true, Biden is literally lobbying to give Putin a major victory.  And if such an unholy deal is consummated, you can bet the sanctions will be removed and the war crime issue will be dropped.  There will be no ongoing punishment of Putin.

Biden was quick to act in one arena in which Democrats excel – throwing money at the problem.  But he was very careful not to do anything that would provoke Putin – like making sure Ukraine wins the war.

Now all this comes on the heels of Biden’s surrender in Afghanistan – strengthening the free world’s enemies and weakening good old U.S.A.  He is now about to enter a new – and worse – Iranian deal that will strengthen the strength of America’s enemies. It is a deal in which the chief negotiator is … Putin.  Biden reversed Trump’s opposition to the Nord Stream Pipeline from Russia to Germany, but Biden reversed the policy and approved the certification.

As we start to see the ”Biden Doctrine” taking shape, it seems reasonable to ask:  Whose side is he on?”

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. R. Hamilton

    All leftists or big government or world government types are on the side of EVIL, not that there isn’t at least a grain of evil in everyone, you, me, and all the rest. Decent people try to control evil WITHIN themselves, but the power-hungry want to expand it all under their dominion, imagining that they’ll control it rather than it controlling them. They’re not the devil, hard as they try; they’re just more fools destined for the flames; and if that were all there was to it, good riddance. But they take SO many others down with them…

  2. john

    biden dont support the ukrain, i think hes covering up hunter bidens coruption in the ukrain, records destroyed and people people involved killed !