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What you Need to Know About the UN's Attack on Israel

What you Need to Know About the UN's Attack on Israel

Who is the conflict between?

The United Nation’s recent resolution against Israel has called for the immediate suspension of Israeli settlements in disputed territory. Many would like you to believe this territory is disputed by Israel and a state known as Palestine, but the most under-reported fact regarding this conflict is how Palestine has never existed. 

In fact, the historically disputed territory is constituted by Syria’s Golan Heights, the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Srip, and the Jordanian-occupied West Bank. Regardless of this truth, the narrative of Israelis stealing lands from the “Palestinians” continues to flood our media. The massive propaganda campaign launched by pro-Palestine groups would be impossible without the funding of Arab states and historical enemies of Israel.

Why did the conflict start?

 The 1947 UN resolution 181 called for the creation of a Jewish State – which included none of the disputed territory – and an Arab state to share the location of modern day Israel. All Arab states voting turned down the deal, rejecting the notion of any Jewish held land in the region. The tension continued.

In 1967, with Israel still not controlling any disputed lands, the Arab world united to – as the popular rally call of the time said – drive every Jew into the sea. Led by Egypt’s Nasser, the neighbors of Israel had once again decided any Israel is unacceptable. Regardless of the united effort, Israel not only survived but took over land vital to protect itself from another genocidal attempt in the future. Oddly enough, this land is what is considered the disputed territory.

The United Nations believes the Arab world won’t come to the negotiation table because of settlements built on the disputed territory, but with the Arab states refusing to acknowledge the existence of any Jewish state since 1947 – before Israel had the land – the UN hypothesis is rather weak and childishly optimistic.

Has Israel given up any of the disputed territory?

Israel relinquished all control of the Gaza Str
ip in 2005. To remind Israel not to make the mistake again, “Palestinians” have launched more than 15,200 rockets and mortars from Gaza.

As it has been proven since 1947, the idea of a Jewish homeland will never be acceptable to the Arab world. By insisting Israel puts itself in more danger to appease a fictional group that is symbolic of Arab anti-Semitism, the United Nations has chosen against the powers of civility and tolerance in this world. We can only hope a change in American leadership can right the disastrous course Obama’s cowardly allowance of the resolution has set Israel on.

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