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GOP Senator Slams Biden Ambassador to Israel Pick as Iran Sympathizer

GOP Senator Slams Biden Ambassador to Israel Pick as Iran Sympathizer

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) railed against Jacob Lew, Joe Biden’s nominee for the United States’ ambassador to Israel, calling Lew an “Iran sympathizer.”

When Cotton was recently asked, given the current situation in Israel, should the Senate expedite Lew’s nomination, his reply was an unabashed no.

“Absolutely not. Jack Lew is an Iran sympathizer who has no business being our ambassador. It’s bad for the United States. It’s bad for Israel to have an Iran sympathizer as our ambassador to that country. He helped Iran evade American sanctions, and he lied to Congress about it. He defended the Obama administration’s refusal to use our veto … in the final days of the Obama administration to protect Israel from anti-Semitic resolutions,” Cotton said.

“I know Democrats are saying that we need to confirm Jack Lew quickly to show our support for Israel. I would say it’s the exact opposite. We need to defeat Jack Lew’s nomination to show that we have a new approach to Iran,” he added.

Lew testified about Iran in the wake of a nuclear deal with the US before Congress in 2015. The following year, the Obama administration chose not to back the veto of a resolution before the UN that dealt with settlements.

In the wake of Israel’s deadly conflict with the Palestinian militant group Hamas, several Democrats have expressed concerns over the US’s lack of an ambassador to Israel and have pushed for a quick confirmation of Lew, who was nominated by President Biden last month.

Lew, who served as secretary of the Treasury Department under former President Obama, came under fire in 2016 over the Obama administration’s $400 million cash payment to Iran. Obama announced the payment in January 2016 as the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement over a disagreement related to an arms deal with Iran signed before the 1979 Iranian Revolution and subsequent fall of the shah.

The Wall Street Journal at the time reported the payment was made in Swiss francs and other currencies, with the cash put onto pallets on an unmarked cargo plane and flown to Iran.

Fighting in Israel and Gaza has claimed more than 3,600 lives — mostly civilians — from both sides, with thousands more injured since Hamas’s multipronged surprise attack on Oct. 7. The State Department on Saturday raised confirmed American casualties to 27.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Jack Lew is a Jew, Orthodox no less.

    He handled the Iran money transfer under Obama which the world court would have demanded anyway.

    Tom Cotton has served his country admirably and has a brilliant education, career, and military too. I respect that even if I disagree with policy, I will listen with respect

    He should walk that back. He’s flat out wrong. The Israeli Times noted all and had nothing negative to say even after Cotton’s ill prepared comments.

    • Joe lucas

      Jews are all about handling money

      • Frank stetson

        Because you can’t?

        Look up National Brotherhood Week by Tom Leher. It suits Lucas to a t. Leher was saying this in the 50’s but the Lucus’s of the world still haven’t figured it out

        Demeaning an entire religion to make one look bigger, brighter, and better fails twice when one obviously isn’t. .

        Jews are proud on their fiscal acumen and making money from schmeckles like you.

        • Joe lucas

          You know why Moses and the Israelites wandered in the wilderness 40 years? One of them lost a dollar. Know how the Grand Canyon got dug? A new dropped a quarter down a gopher hole

          • Joe lucas

            Meant to say new. Lol.

        • nic bargo


      • Tom

        Part of the reason that Jewish folks handle money well is that the Old Testament talks more about finances than any other topic. So when they handle money well they are practicing their faith. What’s wrong with that? Maybe you should get a few Jewish friends who handle money well and learn what they know! When I was young I had the privilege of working for a few Jewish business owners and I learned a lot from them about work ethic, how to handle money, as well as how money and finances work. I learned more from them than I did on those topics in college. I chose learning from them over backhanded insults about them. You would profit if you did the same!

      • Sam Houston

        Only beause history tells us that was the only thing they were allowed to do all the way back to Biblical times. Check you histroy instead of being oblivious to it. If you’ve handled money that long you learn a lot.

    • Tom

      Frank, I will listen to you on this one. I do not know much about Mr. Lew. I do agree with you on Mr. Cotton though sometimes I think he is a bit too far right for my taste. Can you cite an article and provide a URL to that article in the Israeli Times that I can read and get edumacated?

      My feeling is that if the Israeli’s think he’s fine, them I see know reason why I should not be of the same opinion.

      By the way, I wrote a response to you in Larry’s GOP Stupidity article. I hope you will comment.

      • frank stetson

        My feelings exactly on Cotton, perhaps not agreeing a bit more around gender issues :>)

        Patience is a virtue Tom — I told you in my afternoon break…… gotta make hay while the sun shines,

        Speaking about Jews, money, greed, and hating your better fellow man like Lucas, once I lived down a mile driveway complete with ford after a heavy rain if I hadn’t cleaned the tube. I only had three acres in the middle of 300 which was tenant farmed by one hard-working smart farmer. I mean this guy could put in a seed crop knee deep in summer and harvest 24 hours before the killing frost. The farmer at the end of my lane was a nice guy, but a dirty and lazy farmer that might bring his corn in in January. One time the good farmer was cutting late, sunset, and one of the relatives got lazy, inattentive, and had his head taken clean off. My end-of-lane farmer in telling the story, concluded: “greedy bastard.” That’s our Joe Lucas. Not the greedy bastard, but the envious lazy farmer…….

        See you on the other side!

        • Tom

          Yes, Joe definitely needs to evolve!

          • Joe lucas

            Jews are good people. Satisfied? I hadn’t said anything bad about them. I really don’t know anyone personally who has anything against them. I’ve never hung out with kkk members. But some people see racism in everything

          • frank stetson

            Yeah, but did you play the Tom Lehrer song, National Brotherhood Week. You would probably like this guy if you have not heard him. Pretty up to day for being half a century ago. Think “be prepared” is right up your alley. Or maybe the one of porn, can’t remember — but the line “When correctly viewed, everything is lewd!” sticks to this day. Youtube it or PBS has one concert, Oslo, I think that you can see a whole set live. Well, as live as you can get for a dead guy…….

            good night all…….

  2. Joe lucas

    What the fuck are you talking about? None of that shit made since