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What is the impact of Hunter Biden’s conviction?

What is the impact of Hunter Biden’s conviction?

President Biden’s son, Hunter, has now been convicted on three felony counts related to his purchase of a gun while a drug addict — and lying on federal application forms.  The full impact will not be known until sentencing.

As with Trump’s recent convictions, the notoriety and sensation of the case exceeds any real impacts on the political process.  It is not likely to change the minds of many voters.  First of all, Hunter is not the President – and there is no connection to be made to his dad.

However, … there is one aspect of the case that reverberates through the political sphere.  In using Hunter’s infamous laptop as hard evidence, the prosecution repudiated all those false claims that it was a Russian dirty trick designed to hurt Papa Biden in the 2020 campaign.  Particularly damaging was information on the laptop suggesting Joe Biden was “the big guy” getting a cut of the money from Hunter’s schemes.

What makes the laptop particularly significant is how the Democrat political establishment … the left-wing media … and the tech giants … successfully conspired to advance the false narrative and censor the truth.  This included a letter signed by 51 top American intelligence officials endorsing the concocted lie.  The letter was orchestrated by the now-Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

That is one of the legal issues that is yet to be fully investigated and addressed by the courts.  Now that the laptop has been officially authenticated – including the information it contains – there remains the prospect of future indictments.  Have to wait and see.

In the meantime, Joe and Jill Biden have professed undying love for their son. They say they are proud of how he has “turned his life around” from his earlier days. Their expression of parental affection is appropriate and understandable.

One aspect of the case is unprecedented, however.  This is a case in which the father of the  felon has the power to pardon the son – or commute any sentence.  President Biden has said he would not do that. If Biden loses the election, it is highly likely that he would break that promise since it would no longer have political ramifications. 

Outgoing Presidents have been known to use the power to pardon to take care of political allies – and occasionally to clean up personal family situations.  You may recall that on his way out of office, President Clinton granted his brother Roger a pardon from his drug-related conviction.  President Lincoln pardoned Emilie Todd Helm, his wife’s half-sister and wife of Confederate General Benjamin Helm.

Hunter almost dodged felony charges with an earlier “sweetheart” get-out-of-jail-free deal that would have essentially set aside both the gun charges and an unrelated tax evasion case – which is up for trial in September.  It was such a corrupt deal that the presiding judge refused to accept it.

While many point to the Hunter case as clear evidence that the Biden Department of Justice operates without political bias, it should be noted that the Biden Department of Justice had initially offered Hunter the unprecedented sweetheart deal.  That left the DOJ with no choice but to indict Hunter in the two cases separately.

But … then there is Hunter’s tax evasion case.  That could have a more political impact.  While the gun case was a simple illegal act by Hunter, the tax evasion case will likely get into where and how he got all that money – on which he failed to pay taxes.  In addition, to the laptop references, there is significant evidence that Papa Joe was more involved in Hunter’s business dealings than he admits, 

He was certainly lying when he said he never discussed Hunter’s business dealings.  There are all those meetings and phone calls with business partners.  Hosting them at the White House.  Even golf outings. Some of the money was delivered to the President’s home in Delaware.  Biden was periodically getting money from Hunter.

How many of the various leads will be followed in the tax evasion trial is uncertain.  Many predict that prosecutors will stay very close to the most essential facts – not wanting to unload a Pandora’s box of suspicions and evidence involving the President at the close of the campaign. But the potential of any number of threads unraveling the other issues is there. 

Personally, I think there are a lot more unresolved issues involving the Biden family finances and business dealings on the road ahead than in the rearview mirror – including failing to file as a foreign agent, influence peddling, abuse of power, bribery and more.  Again, we will have to wait and see.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    “If Biden loses the election, it is highly likely that he would break that promise since it would no longer have political ramifications.”

    Gee, and you blame the left for persecution of Trump….. Freakin Biden doesn’t even say it, he has done NOTHING to indicate he will act against his own words, and you condemn him before the crime, the very crime, that Trump has done for FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND FIENDS.

    That’s not right.

    Wonder where all the guys wearing Biden’s costumes in support of him were hiding?

    • Harold blankenship

      If I were retard joe and lost the election I would pardon Hunter. Or even if I won ( successfully stole). Why not? The democrats are crooks.

  2. Harry

    No big deal, the whole thing is a pimple on a pigs azz compared to the crimes the whole Biden family have got away with.

    • Frank stetso

      Did the Biden family get away with it because they are brilliant crimes lords or because Trump and his army are so stupid?

      Or, maybe it’s not the family, but just an instance, like many Americans.

      But the good news is now we have precedent to chase down, indict, and convict all the other fake gun form fillers out there. Let’s take em all down! And all those hush money felons, let’s use the Trump precedent to bring em all down. Fanni Willis made her bones on rico extensions, someone can do same for gun form fraud and hush money to cover crimes. I love justice!

  3. Tom

    This article is a bit of a yawn-fest and gets a Stop The Spin STS rating of 2. Here is why:

    1) The article says, “President Biden has said he would not do that. If Biden loses the election, it is highly likely that he would break that promise since it would no longer have political ramifications. ” FALSE! There could very well be ramifications for the DNC, and, FOX, Larry, and the GOP will do all they can to stir the pot in 2028! Larry chomps at the bit to write about Biden deviating from his word while rarely doing the same for Trump. Does anyone really believe that Larry and the GOP would let this one pass without a bunch of whoopla!!???

    2) Larry discusses presidential pardons and gives examples from Clinton and Lincoln – oh how sweetly balanced. But Larry avoids talking about all of the criminal friends that Trump pardoned? Did Larry think we would miss this????

    Just for reader information, “An ABC News analysis of the 238 people who were pardoned or had their sentences commuted during the Trump administration found at least ten who have since faced legal scrutiny — either because they are under investigation, are charged with a crime, or are already convicted. Legal experts call this recurring theme unprecedented — but not entirely unexpected, given the former president’s unorthodox approach to the pardon process.

    3) Larry mentions the corrupt plea deal Hunter initially received from prosecutors, and I agree it was corrupt. It is just a shame that he cannot seem to balance this view of corruption with the time delays of Trump’s trials caused by Trump’s endless frivoless motions and appeals, the corruptness of the SCOTUS stalling the immunity decision, nor does he mention corrupt Judge Cannon in FL who is constantly ignoring the law to push out Trumps document trial. Hey Larry, write an article about this corruption!!!

    4) Larry again chomps at his bit to get to September and the Hunter tax evasion case hoping that this will implicate Joe involved in some sort of criminal scheme that Jim Jordan and the GOP have been investigating for 3 years and still cannot get their own committee to agree that there is corruption enough to go to the DOJ!!! The only question I have is does Larry stroke himself while he thinks about this?

    5) Larry hopes and prays that all kinds of dirt will come out about Joe and Hunter in the tax evasion case but this probably will not happen since the case is about tax evasion and most likely will be a records case just like Trump’s tax fraud case in his election interference and rigging trial that included Stormy Daniels payoffs and Mike Cohen tax gross-up receipt testimony. Larry’s zealousness blinds him to the reality that Joe Biden is irrelevant to Hunter not paying taxes on his income. My bet as an Independent voter is that anything dealing with Joe will be screened-out during pretrial negotiations.

    6) Personally, I think there are a lot more unresolved issues involving the Biden family finances and business dealings on the road ahead than in the rear view mirror – including failing to file as a foreign agent, influence peddling, abuse of power, bribery and more (none of which have anything to do with tax evasion). Again, we will have to wait and see. Again, like in #4 above, Jordan and the GOP subcommittee have come up with nothing in 3 years but they continue to waste our tax dollars on this. And Larry continues to get excited over the possibilities of his nothing burger turning into a Big Mac!!! LOL

    This Independent voter feels this article was 1) extremely boring; 2) full of wishful thinking; 3) unbalanced as are most of Larry’s screeds. What makes this Larry article most valuable is its value as a sleeping pill for Independents. Better luck next time ole Larry son!!!

    Apologies to Frank Stetson in advance if he feels I stole his “nothing burger” saying – sorry, but the saying suited this article.

    • frank Stetson

      Tom, always good. A few comments although general agreement.
      1) He may do it, would care less about the GOP, but you can’t convict him by saying “likely” like Horist. Horist is like Trump, always the hyperbole in order to attract attention. There is so much time, variables, in this. I expect home incarceration, if any, and the possibility for none exists. But before Horist can judge, perhaps appeal, sentence, election, whatever…… No way you can guess.

      2) Spot on. He freed his entire 2016 campaign management from prision, freed his FIL, and a lot of people that can give him money. It is shameless. But Horist loves these policies just like Trump.

      3) Nope, these charges are rarely brought UNLESS there is an underlying crime. Horist has his panties knotted over Trump being felonious because misdemeanor tied to another crime, this too is normally done in that matter, and the lessor crime when freestanding rarely charged. Horist is like Trump to miss the obvious by highlighting the oblivious. As in neither can see the forest for the trees. Thus the plea bargain. And then look how Biden stepped out of the way, as in made special effort, that resulting in the indictment. First, he kept the Trump prosecutor when he replaced the rest, as Presidents do, except this guy and Durham. Then Garland made him a special prosecutor to keep an arms-length relationship with DOJ. Compare that shit to Trump does and Horist applauds.

      4) Love the stroke…. Horist is a pretty woody guy after all. Just like his buddy Trump. The tax stuff is the tax stuff, and it’s worse than the gun stuff. But it will just churn through the system. Jordan and company are feckless and don’t matter, IMO.

      5) Spot on. He’s stroking again.

      6) Ya know, you got some people leveraging fake access for personal gain. You may catch some small fish, but the big guy, no way. Unless new evidence, at which point you fire Jordan and Comer for taking so long and being so stupid. And Gaetz and Greene because G’s should not be in Congress.

      “This Independent voter feels this article was 1) extremely boring; 2) full of wishful thinking; 3) unbalanced as are most of Larry’s screeds. What makes this Larry article most valuable is its value as a sleeping pill for Independents. Better luck next time ole Larry son!!!” Gotta love the independent part, you know he twitches every time…..then he says some crap adding, “just like Frank.” That’s just what Trump would do :>) Nothing burger??? Where’s the Horist-ing around terrible name puns? I know I am beating a dead Horist who’s full of Hoirst shit, but why the long face? He’s famous. Remember the movie Hoirstfeathers?

      • t

        Yes all good points Frank. Nice the way you numbered them and added to the discussion – something Larry rarely does. As you can see once again, he did not argue any of my points (except a small comment on #2). Instead he attempts to defame and attack personally. At least I add facts to my attacks and rebuttals.

        Yes I agree, especially on Gaetz. If I remember correctly he was having sex or inviting sex online with a 17 year old. Amazing how when the moral GOP majority dwindled, so did their memory of what Gaetz did!

        Yeah I do not know why he always tries to pull you into his attacks on me. I think Larry has a “secret Frank garden” where he goes to juice up and feel good! I have tried several times to tell him my comments are stand alone and do not involve you in any way. But he keeps going back to his “secret Frank garden”.

        I really meant what I said about the article. What few facts that were in this article we already knew months ago. The remainder was nothing more than Larry dreaming or wishful thinking. Fact is that Trump is losing more people than he is gaining. Not good for GOP. If he could not win in 2020 when he had all of his base and some Indies, I do not see how he will win when shedding people over comments like “I don’t care about the voters, I just want their vote.” and “Milwaukee is a horrible city.” “I got Roe overturned.” and all of his revenge antics in speeches along with blatherskiting about sharks, electric batteries on boats, and many other things that Americans do not care about.

        I hope he does get some jail time just like you and I would. Mara-largo will not be any form of punishment severe enough to reign him in and keep him from doing deceptive practices in the future. I do not see the felony convictions being overturned – and this makes him unfit for office since he will have restrictions. As an Independent, I want to see him treated as any other criminal. And I want his remaining trials to begin so we can clear the slate on Trump and know what all he did to us and our democracy.

        • frank Stetson

          Nope, no jail time. Home arrest if anything. I feel we should respect the office of the President and putting him in jail is just one more reality show of the freak show variety to diminish the Office of the President. Like Nixon, just make him go away, that’s punishment enough. IMO

  4. larry Horist

    Tom …. Yawnfest and boring. Now there is a prime example of projection. Once again you join Frank in spending a response on attacking me — pretending you know what I think — my motivations. In that, you have embraced Frank’s mythical Horist that you use as a straw man prop. you agree with me that there is more to come from Biden business dealing …. and that the plea deal was corrupt. but you cannot help yourself in casting you comets as an attack on me and my writing.

    With regard to your number 2, the subject was pardoning of family members you old fool. If you are going to attack, try to do better with your comprehension skills. You question of me stoking myself really puts you in the gutter of childish discord. I expected better of you. But I have noticed you coming down from your balcony to wallow in the gutter a lot more lately.

    And the usual doff of the cap to your balcony buddy. I keep forgetting if you are Statler or Waldorf. Doesn’t matter. Just two fungible old geezers grumbling in unison. I suspect you do not realize that I get a lot of good laughs out of your frustrated old man response — whether I answer them or not.

    Hmmm. I just realize that my commentaries are like the laser beam on the wall — and you and Frank are the cats that pounce instinctively and humorously. You just cannot help yourselves. So … keep it up. Your contribution to serious political discourse may be limited, but the entertainment value is priceless.

    • Tom

      Larry, stop your constant whining! It was a boring article, sorry if that hurts your tender feelings! It was not one of your better articles and whether we agree or not does not matter in my opinion. I am telling it straight. And your gradeschool whining about attacking you is getting old and is quite inaccurate. I am countering your extreme right narrative by presenting the other side that you do not say yet you do know. Like not comparing Biden’s respect of the court system to Trump’s constant bashing of the court system. Amazing how you let out the most significant facts!!! So I continue on to give your readers the other side that you conveniently omit.

      My agreement with you on some issues is not your license to believe that I should write as lop sided a piece as yours. Buck up and take the criticism and improve.

      Yes I knew it was about pardoning family members. Trump did the same with his family of criminals – they were as devoted to him. Trump views several of those morons as criminals. HAhahaha, the stroking comment got under your thick skin! LOL Good!!!

      Larry, my efforts are to make you a better writer tomorrow than you are today!

      I did not grumble at all, this is just more of your wishful thinking. My writings and counter points are independent as my voter registration and have nothing to do with anyone else. This is your imagination. But I am glad you get a laugh or two out of it. Admit it, the reference to your article as an Independent voter sleeping pill was a good one!!! LOL

      Face it Larry, you value my contribution to serious political discourse!! And I hope that my critiques and rating system will result in the improvement of your grade school writing skills! I am actually quite thrilled that my comments entertain you. I like knowing this. But honestly you are quite easy to entertain! I love when you call me old man since you are at least ten years older than me!

      Once again, I hope the readers noted that your whole rant said little to nothing about my counterpoints. It was just Larry bitching again!!! LOL

      Larry, do you think you can write an article about the dishonesty of Trump? 🙂

      • larry Horist

        Tom … Your are consumed with arrogance. Your writing bleeds is for all to see. You declare that I “value (your) contribution to serious political discourse.” Actually, what I see in your writings is an old guy hoping to maintain some semblance of acceptance and relevancy in your life. Your ego seems to need the acceptance of others. That is why you talk so much describing yourself with so much self praise. You say you see your mission is to improve my “grade school writing skill.” In that spirit, my commentaries are to make you a more intelligent person. I am not having much success, however. BTW… if you are ten years younger than me, you are still and old man…LOL I have often written criticism of Trump. Have you ever written anything approvingly about Trump of any of his policies?

        • Tom

          LOL I have plenty of relevance and acceptance in my life. Good try, but nobody is buying what you just said. But please continue!!!

          Yes, you have had a positive effect on me in that I do much more research these days to discover all of your spin. And I certainly do learn more from the research! Thanks ole Larry son!!!

          Your past criticisms of Trump have been tacit and usually countered by a backhanded compliment of Trump to mellow the criticism. Please include in your response the title of an article where you sharply criticized Trump without mellowing the criticism with backhanded compliments.

          Yes your aging little mind dear old man does not remember when I wrote that I give much credit to Trump and his release of news. An financial / stock market analysis I read of over 12,000 Trump news releases showed that Trump always released good news when the market was down, and bad news when the market was up – and in so doing he kept it relatively stable withing acceptable boundaries. Do you not remember me saying this Larry? Sorry I did not save this article, I think you would have enjoyed it. I cannot find it now. Bummer.

          Hey Larry, with regards to my initial Stop The Spin review, you did not really debate or add dialogue to any of my points. All you did was criticize me personally, just as you did now. Do you think in the future you can debate and present evidence? Anyone reading your return comments to me will surmise you are a disgruntled old guy seeking notoriety. But I know you better. You are just a disgruntled old man ole Larry son!!! LOL

          Rock on ole Larry son! I still love ya!!!

          • frank stetson

            Horist pitched you a softball in that question. Strange since he has to know you have examples. EVEN STETSON has applauded the vaccine policy and the middle east deal. Probably some others, but Horist had to know you would hand it to him on that one. Well, maybe not, but that might just be age catching up to him make such a silly charge.

  5. Darren

    Have you ever tried to start a fire? You blow on the red Amber, then get smoke, the ignition and wha la!
    Biden family problems are still at the Red Amber.
    When it ignites, you will know it!

    It is wonderful that Hunter is getting help.
    Problem is, what kind of Parents allow this to go on! What kind of Parents are to Blind and Stupid to NOT
    notice this behavior?
    If anything can be said, its that Hunter is a Chip off the old Block of Stupidity that engulfs Old Joe!

    People put down ethnic people of different colors because they do not know how to raise a family.
    The poster parents are right in front of you!

    These people can not raise a son and they are in charge of a nation.
    And the people who voted for this Commander in Quieff are to stupid to even notice.

    • Tom

      Darren, you said, “Problem is, what kind of Parents allow this to go on! What kind of Parents are to Blind and Stupid to NOT
      notice this behavior?”

      Are you becoming a Dem and proposing that parents / society hover over your children even when they are 40 years old?

      What is interesting is how Joe & Jill Biden handled Hunters trial versus how Trump family handled it. Jill and Joe were there every day. Hunter’s wife was there every day. That is family! Trump had his one son show up a couple of times. Trump had to call Johnson and demand support by congress showing up at the trial. Melania and Ivanka never showed up a single day. Trump basically went it alone. Now there is a poster child for poor husbandry and parenting!!! Oh, and yeah, lets not forget he is a poster child for how a former president should not act in court, not to mention how multiple reporters mentioned how much he stank from shitting in his pants. Trump can’t keep a simple set of books honestly, can’t get his wife and daughter to show for his trial – and this is the criminal you want to lead the nation!!!????

      • Darren

        Trump know where his Kids are.
        No Illegitimate children.
        No Cocaine in the white House.
        And Trump does not Shower with his Daughter like Biden did!
        Read his Daughters diary!

        • Tom

          Trump know where his Kids are. Yep! And they were not at his trial.

          No Illegitimate children. Maybe not but lots of adultery. So he may have gotten lucky on this one.!

          No Cocaine in the white House. Just cheeseburgers on the wall and staffers constantly leaving the WH employment. And he took the nuclear codes with him and shared them with several females!

          And Trump does not Shower with his Daughter like Biden did! Yeah, he just is on record as saying he would like to have sex with Ivanka! See **

          Read his Daughters diary! You mean the one where Ivanka said its ok to let people think of you in ways you do not deserve? She advocates dishonesty several times!

        • frank stetson

          Darren, beyond your level of moral depravity to read a stolen diary, the actual passage is: @ a young age, showers with my dad (probably not appropriate.). I do not know what age this was written but appears to be a “coming of age” passage. However, she’s talking about being “sexed up” at a very young age, not because of Dad, but because of herself and her friends. It’s easy to say this might be a reminiscence from the age of 9 or younger in which case, no big deal according to experts.

          OK — do you really think you have a dead-bang case of pedophilia and potential incest based on that. Because I don’t think you have any other facts here. No confirming, no contradicting, and no one alleging any wrongdoing to his daughter or any other underage person that I can find. Biden has one other accuser, but she’s consistently been tossed and now ran to Russia because a Republican told her Biden was gunning for her. That’s rich.

          Trump, on the other hand, is an adjudicated sexual abuser of the digital rape method. He got her alone…oh never mind, you know the story. He says they tell him it’s OK to grab em by the pussy. He’s a sex abuser who sexed off at the NYC wild clubs all through the 70’s when coke-fueled orgies were the rage, he sexed porn stars and playboy models and someone the doorman knows. He had extramarital affairs against each wife. He claimed about Invanka : “She’s actually always been very voluptuous, she’s tall, she’s almost six feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.” Later he confirmed Stern’s comment that Ivanka was a piece of ass. In another interview, when asked what Ivanka and Don share in common he said: ““Well, I was going to say sex, but I can’t relate that to her.” You betcha.

          That shit’s not in a diary, but coming from Trump’s mouth.

  6. Robert Richey

    The reason for the Bidens being there was not to support rather Hunter as much as to try and influence the jurors with their so-called superior being. Supporting and nurturing a bad seed like Hunter is about 50 years too late. Joe was busy fondling females in the dark corners of the Capitol Building. Who knows, maybe males too!

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