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Leaked Cable: Is the US Military Operating in Gaza?

Leaked Cable: Is the US Military Operating in Gaza?

The legacy media has turned a blind eye to the disaster of the Gaza aid pier and the new revelation that the US military seems to have used it for operating in Gaza. What started on social media as allegations has compelled an official denial from the Pentagon amidst the appearance of a leaked cable.

Constructed as an emergency project by the US military off the Gaza coast with the official narrative that it is meant to help deliver humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians, the aid pier worth $320 million broke apart last month, just two weeks after its construction. The Biden administration promised a repair that took over a week. But it remained operational for only a day before the United Nations’ World Food Program (WFP) announced the suspension of its food distribution via the pier over safety concerns.

The pro-establishment media spared the Biden administration any criticism over its shaky construction of the pier and failure in protecting the aid as reports of aid convoys looted by Palestinians made news. More so, the Pentagon has gone on the defensive in a damage-control response to social media posts that claim the presence of the US military on the ground in Gaza.

On June 8, independent journalist Ken Klippenstein published a diplomatic cable leaked to him that seems to admit the presence of the US military in Gaza. Klippenstein posted an image of the official correspondence, dated June 3, from the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem to the Secretary of State. The cable calls the social media posts of US military presence in Gaza a “growing narrative of disinformation.” However, Klippenstein noted in his post:

But the same cable refers to American air defense and counter-drone weapons “positioned on land”, raising two questions: Is it the land in Gaza? And if so, why isn’t this “boots on the ground”?

Klippenstein also posted the cable to his X account, pointing to the fact that the pier was paid for and positioned by the Pentagon.

Klippenstein also wondered about the inability of the State Department to notice the apparent contradiction in the diplomatic cable that at once acknowledges and denies the US military presence in Gaza. He wrote: What is even worse is that the State Department authors don’t even seem to notice the contradiction, that while Washington says that there are no boots on the ground, the soldiers (or Marines) operating the air defense and counter-drone equipment are “on land.”

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who exposed the Obama administration’s illegal spying on Americans in 2013, reposted Klippenstein’s diplomatic cable leak with a critical comment over mainstream media’s policy of silencing reporters, leading sources of information to confide in independent journalists.

The function of the Gaza aid pier again drew controversy this week as the Pentagon on Monday denied that Israeli forces used the pier in its recent ground operation in Gaza that resulted in the rescue of four hostages taken by Hamas on October 7 last year. Pentagon Press Secretary Major General Pat Ryder was cited by Turkish news site Yeni Şafak saying:

“We’ve acknowledged that there was some type of helicopter activity nearby, but that was completely separate and not associated with the JLOTS operation. I can tell you that there was no US military involvement in this rescue operation, nor were there any US forces on the ground.”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has lately opposed the function of the Gaza aid pier, expressing concerns that the aid delivered via the pier will end up in the hands of Hamas while the pier’s function itself could put American servicemen at risk of attacks. On Monday, Senator Cruz posted a sound bite from his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz” to his X account, announcing that he is going to force a vote under the War Powers Act to terminate the Gaza pier.

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  1. frank Stetson

    Illegitimate journalist Demsey, aka Khan, aka The Dumpster, claims “legacy media” missed this story. Does he know that FOX is legacy? Or that’s it’s not a story? Every paper has covered the pier within the last two days. BUSTED.

    As far the military entering GAZA or the other nonsense, he’s right. The news channels don’t carry the fake news that we find in The Dumpster.

    Does Joe pay this guy? This stuff is really getting worse.

    • Doug

      The comment board at the PBPost sure has deteriorated. I look at the single drooling grunt by acknowledged not-see-boy Stunted Frank and I chuckle at the vast chasm between the nattering of Frank and solid reporting of Ernest.

      Dempsey provides a detailed overview and new information for assessing the issue at hand. Third Reich revivalist Stunted Frank offers absolutely no substance, whether factual or logical.

      I love how the jackbooted not-see-schlub draws himself up to his full 5 feet tall and proclaims that an issue has been reported on by every major newspaper but at the same time it’s not a story?


      No wonder Friedrich AKA Frank was ejected from his madrassa and reinstated in fifth grade five times in five years and finally dropped out, still in fifth grade.

  2. frank stetson

    Doug is back from the dark…. Well, Mr. Doug, I think this one was aimed at me, hard to tell given your tedious name calling using made-up terms to couch your invectives. But on the facts:

    1. You say: “proclaims that an issue has been reported on by every major newspaper but at the same time it’s not a story?’ IF you read the sentence, I said ” Every paper has covered the pier within the last two days.” This is accurate, you are not, you are wrong. The pier has been covered, just not this crap that you embrace fully based on not much in the way of facts.

    2. As far as the military whatever associating Dempsey is alluding to, it appears to be fake news, or not proven at this time. Dempsey concludes it must be true because allegations flew in the blogosphere and the DoD responded that they were not true. That’s like what I am saying MUST be true because Doug is responding. Works for me :>)

    As far as I know, it might have happened. It’s just that Dempsey has not the evidence to prove it, yet concludes it must be true anyway. After all, Snowden commented from Russia…….

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