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Phone Data of Woman Left Pregnant by Hunter Biden Deleted

Phone Data of Woman Left Pregnant by Hunter Biden Deleted

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden recently became a convicted felon for illegally buying and possessing a gun in Delaware in 2018 while he was still doing drugs but lied on the gun purchase form to get the weapon. The ruling has left pro-Biden media struggling to defend the senile president’s claims to responsible parenting.

With the documented evidence against Hunter Biden, it was an open-and-shut case against the junior Biden who has a long history of drug abuse as well as women abuse. Of the latter, the woman the leftist mainstream media would not invite for interviews has recently revealed what happened to her phones the night she found out she was pregnant with Hunter’s child.

Lunden Roberts is a former stripper who was left pregnant by Hunter Biden, which led to the birth of their daughter Navy Joan Roberts in 2018. Hunter Biden initially denied that he was the baby’s father but after a paternity lawsuit Arkansas Circuit Court in 2019, he had to take a DNA test and was proven to be the father. He was held liable for child support.

In a recent interview with independent journalist Megyn Kelly, Roberts revealed that her cell phones started acting up the very night she found out she was pregnant. She told that both her phones crashed at the same time, in front of her and her friends, and their screens appeared as if they were in meltdown. When she got a new phone the next day, a lot of data from her previous phones was gone. Kelly asked Roberts whether she thought there were government forces trying to protect Hunter Biden and were at work in wiping her phones. Roberts responded:

“You always wonder that because hearing all these conspiracies about things and how they happen and especially with politics. So you always wonder that and that’s always been in the back of my mind was somebody’s trying to protect him and how far would they go to do that?”

Lunden Roberts also seemingly came out as a pro-life woman as she told Kelly she cannot imagine a world without her daughter in it and hoped that other women in such a predicament can also make a choice like hers – having the baby instead of going for abortion.

The Bidens have not personally seen Navy Joan Roberts, who is five now. The child is not invited to any events and neither her grandfather, Joe Biden, nor her father, Hunter Biden, has seen her in person. Joe Biden continues to say that he is proud of the man Hunter Biden has become, even after Hunter’s conviction on three felony charges in the federal gun purchase case. The leftist media, meanwhile, have continued to depict Hunter Biden as a victim of drug addiction and Joe Biden as a loving father without calling them out for lack of responsibility and grace.

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  1. frank Stetson

    As a failed journalist, Dempsey has now created “women abuse.” I like it, has a Pakistani third-word sound to it. Think I might order up a chesseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger, no coke, pepsi to go with it.

    This is a non story dredged up like tabloid news because Hunter getting 15 minutes again.

    But, as is his way, he crosses the decency line a number of times. The first, and even right-wing hacks are questioning this argument, is that Joe Biden is a bad single-father because he did not control his son when his son was in his late 40’s. Basically Dempsey believes this about 100,000,000 Americans EACH YEAR given we have 50 million addicts who have two parents each. Or are they all just parents and Joe is the only parent of an addict that has this issue? All of us must see the fallacy of that misplaced logic. Dempsey’s hate is fogging his brain.

    “Biden who has a long history of drug abuse,” which is about 5 years…..

    As far as the phones. Could be. Could be that pigs might fly too. Ask yourself, what’s the motive, what’s the gain. She got new phones, now that’s a reason to infect her old ones. Aha! It’s Verizon that done it matey.

    As to the rest, the getting together, etc. Asked and answered. Let it go or report it correctly. You are way off base.

    Hunter is a cad. He abused drugs, they abused him, and together they abused friends, family, and acquaintances. He was in and out of rehab the whole time. Now he’s on his second chance, asks only for our compassion is his second chance. He’s made about five years which is amazing since odds are, he will fail. So bugger off Dempsey or be American and honor Hunter’s second chance, the way he has stepped up to take responsibility for his actions. Now, Dempsey, go write the same story about your felon-in-chief, his abuse of women as adjudicated in court, and his lovechild that he does not support, has never seen, but paid the doorman hush money to keep quiet about. Fred was a berry berry bad Father I guess.

    • Archie

      Just more evidence of no moral character in the retard joe family

    • Harry

      Stupid Fk. Another Joe Biden move using the power of Government to protect his own. Fk you and your buddy Biden!!

  2. Tom

    I am not a Hunter Biden fan. This story is old and moldy. My recollection is that this custody and support issue were resolved equitably years ago. I think its tragic that Navy has never met her grandparents. I hope and pray that this situation will get resolved soon. Hunter does not realize the tragedy he is creating for himself. Statistics show that grandparents rarely get involved with grandchildren in these kinds of situations until the parent becomes involved.

    Family law cannot force Hunter to accept his daughter or even to visit her. They can only ensure that he supports the child since the DNA test fingered him as the father. I think a great sentence for his felony gun violations would be to give him a choice of 10-15 years in jail OR take Navy to visit her Biden grandparents once a month (including holidays as credit) for 15 years, or until the daughter is at least of age 15 and no longer wants to see the Bidens once a month. I think a sentence like this is just and would hep the whole Biden family rally around Hunter in a way that would be good for Navy and family unity.

    I admit that I do not understand what drives the Bidens to forsake their relationship with Navy and to deny her. Joe claims to be for all Americans and here is one American that he can definitely improve the life of. Sad. This is a tragedy all around!

  3. frank Stetson

    Tom, The mother just seems fine with the situation. Although she is getting a good settlement so she seems to be very careful. Joe explained that nothing was going to happen during court proceedings. That sounds prudent to me. Hunter has not met in person either, but they zoom a lot, the mom says he’s over the top on time mandated and has zoomed in before surgery even. Joe, no, she says, not even a call.

    Post the court proceedings which I gather are over, can you really, really blame Joe for not bringing his world into this little kid’s life while he is President and the Magarats are doxing, nuisance alarming, and swatting all over the place. Does she need a huge protest on her front lawn? I won’t blame Biden for not introducing her and her Mom to that world. I mean look at this —- Hunter gets a gun charge conviction and Mom gets 15 minutes of fame to pitch whatever she’s pitching at the moment. What’s next, Jorden going to call her to the House for an investigation into Biden child rearing. Oh, that’s why she seeks the limelight, it’s her new book due in August. She treads a careful line so far; Hunter’s payoff was pretty good. So, really, she’s not throwing stones —- the press and low-life hypocrites like THE DUMPTER are. Think about it: Dumpster is gung ho to force rape mothers to term and then force them into slavery to care for their baby of rape. And he’s OK with that because where’s rapist Dad, where’s rapist Dad’s Dad? But a Dad who pays off big time, spends at least virtual time with kid, but he Dad does not weigh in yet —- oh the horror of that all. Sure, all the rape moms and rape kids are seeing their Dads and Grandads on a regular basis. NOT. But that don’t upset these hypocrites the way Joe does. Joe has one kid not visited, you guys have created thousands of rape babies not visited by Dad’s or grandads.

    Dino Sajudin, a former doorman at a Manhattan building managed by the Trump Organization, called NYPost in 2015 and said he had overheard other employees claiming that Mr. Trump had fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman who previously worked for him. Wonder if Trump is visiting…… I mean he paid the doorman, wonder what Mom got,

    • Harold blankenship

      It doesn’t matter. If it’s true about Trump at least he ain’t queer. And if true he is supporting the kid. The Marxist democrats would have already been on it. So good luck throwing stuff against the wall and see what sticks

  4. Sheila

    Joe Biden has two living children, Hunter and Ashley and a niece, all of whom have been in rehab treatment several times for sexual and drug addictions. Ashley’s diary tells a tale that could make a reader weep for her. Of the three she appears to be the only one who has tried to keep a low profile in an effort to redirect her life. Joe Biden loves only two things himself and money. In short they are his gods. At present he is essentially senile and rather pitiful but remember his children, family and now his country in general have suffered and continue to suffer greatly because of his horrible set of values. That he is perceived as harmless and even likable is in my view bizarre.


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