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Government Involved in Child Sex Trafficking Using Tax Money

Government Involved in Child Sex Trafficking Using Tax Money

The open-border policy of the Democrats has long been suspected as a means of cross-border child trafficking, mainly from Mexico and South American countries to the United States.

Now there’s new video evidence confirming the federal government’s role in child sex trafficking and child labor.

On Tuesday (November 29), Project Veritas posted a video to Twitter showing a whistleblower working with the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) exposing the horrors that minors suffer after being placed by the HHS with a “sponsor” in America.

Tara Lee Rodas, the whistleblower who volunteered to work with HHS to place unaccompanied minors brought into the US via illegal border crossings with hosts – also called “sponsors” – living in America.

What she experienced is beyond heartbreaking.

As seen in the Project Veritas video, Rodas tells that children are literally placed to live with criminals who typically are not US citizens or permanent residents. They are simply adult illegal migrants living here and they can force the foster child into anything once he/she is at their mercy.

“The sponsor can hold up an ‘Order of Deportation’ to a child and say, ‘This is your Order of Deportation. If you do not do what I say, when I say, I’m going to call ICE on you myself.’”

Rodas, who worked with the HHS in California with the processing of unaccompanied migrant children, told Project Veritas that HSS doesn’t seem to care about the child safety and is dismissive of concerns raised over the safety of children placed with strangers.

Based on her information, Project Veritas visited various addresses and interviewed people for potentially uncovering child trafficking. They spoke to a minor girl placed with a woman who was not her real aunt but called herself such. The girl revealed that her “aunt” pimped her to men:

“She was pimping me and I didn’t like that. She would pimp me to men.”

In another video, posted on November 30 to Twitter, Project Veritas interviewed a 20-year-old guy named Frander in Florida, who admitted that he never lived with his sponsor and that he worked illegally and was forced to get a fake social security card to be able to get work.

In another case, a 15-year-old migrant girl in Texas, who was illegally brought to the country, told that she works long hours in a restaurant to pay the money she owes the cartels that brought her to the U.S. She had to drop out of school to be able to work and make money.

Project Veritas continues to work with volunteers like Rodas who step forward to expose the ongoing criminal abuse of migrant minors that are exploited in different ways by immigration cartels in complicity with the federal authorities.

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  1. Bubba Love

    It’s not only our border, the globalist Deep State left is involved up to their eyeballs in the same sordid thing in Ukraine. Biden’s fascist globalist democrat government and their state media lap dogs have been handing us a ton of lies and deception about Ukraine. They aren’t telling us that Ukraine is corrupt to the core and is one of the top three nations in the world in child trafficking and pedophilia. Ukraine has also been laundering money for the globalist Deep State elites. Don’t forget FTX. The democrat that did the FTX crime has not been arrested. NATO and Ukraine were planning for Ukraine to join NATO in violation of the 2014 Minsk 2 agreement that Ukraine signed. Our tax money funded Fauci’s Gain Of Function Bio-Labs built there by Obama and Joe Biden. And where is our Constitution defending military? Playing their Woke Games.

  2. Fortunate

    such bad Commanders & chief we have teaching their staff’s bad habits, destroying public Trust need to be stripped of their titles , powers, causing destruction through out communities, must be held liable & accountable , American citizens who have been done wrong to are not punching bags for those who have done wrong to them, nor has anyone been given the authority to neglect their jobs in City & State government past present or future, No American citizen is or should be abused-in any way due to higher ups passing the buck Accountability, & Liability has to take place, there should be no deep State in City & State government. Do not follow Devil or Satan worshipers. The Ten Commandments ” thou Shall Not Steal ” Elections, money, laws, Justice etc.

  3. mary webb

    How long are we supposed to put up with this corrupt government.

  4. Wes

    The news media, Democrats, Republicans, The Stupid View or anyone else can talk bad about Trump. A daily thing. Some people are waking up to this anti American agenda, and yes, threat to Democracy by these Liars. Biden, Harris, Bjorkas, and others claim the border is secure. Secure enough so they can slave labor, sex traffic, drug traffic, and smuggle. Then some people say, the border has always been bad. But, what have they done to fix it. Opened and made it worse. Trump at least had the wall improved, supplies are rusting that were supposed to go up. Biden administration does not want to use the building materials. Does not want more border agents, or other things that would help. More concerned with parents sticking up for their children at school board meetings. Called them and others domestic terrorists. Anything to take the subject off of their globalist, communist, and socialist, UnAmerican agenda. Biden has little courage to even denounce China’s attack on its citizens. Not surprising since Hunter is a player for China. So is Dr. Fauci, WHO.