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Voters Support Election Integrity as Dominion Refuses Subpoena and DOJ Makes Threats

Voters Support Election Integrity as Dominion Refuses Subpoena and DOJ Makes Threats

The 2020 election is far from over as audit investigations continue to move forward and new questions arise. According to a new bipartisan survey from Rasmussen Reports, a mind bending 90% of American voters are concerned with cheating in the election process, with 74% of American voters supporting having voter ID requirements. The poll found that 61% of American voters actually agree with a statement from Donald Trump that said, “Election reform must happen in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona where voters have lost confidence in their electoral process.” With numbers this high across the entire United States, from Republicans and Democrats alike, it is obvious that the narrative being shown from the network television and mainstream online news media is not supported by the people. Americans want the audits to happen, despite misleading actions from the courts, demonizing rhetoric from certain parts of our government, illegal action of the refusal of evidence from various counties, and the doublespeak of the companies who claim to own the intellectual property of the election process. We must continue to stand up for the truth of the matter, and continue to search for what that actually is no matter how long it takes or how hard it becomes. 

This comes as the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a warning to all states not to pursue their own election audits anywhere or face the potential of violating Federal law. They claim that, under the Civil Rights Act, all voting equipment and records are to be kept by local officials for 22 months after any given election. They claim that to give this information to any auditing team is a violation of this 22 month time frame. While stepping back to think about it at all, it is obvious that this makes no sense and is a blatant misinterpretation of the law itself. 

About the fear mongering announcement from the DOJ, Arizona Representative Mark Finchem, who is now running for Arizona Secretary of State, said, “There’s this little thing called the Constitution. Article 1, section IV, the times, places and manner of holding an election for senators and representatives… it is the legislature that has responsibility for nominating and naming the electors for President. I would advise Merrick Garland and his team of thugs that now occupy the Department of Justice: Tread very lightly.”

Finchem continued, speaking to the Attorney General with the DOJ Merrick Garland that, “You’re going to walk into a very surprising reception if you try to do anything in this state that interferes with legislative authority in handling our elections. Hard stop.” 

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers took it a step further, warning Garland that he could find himself in prison if he came to Arizona and tried to take action against the process there. 

In Arizona, Dominion and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have continually refused to comply with a subpoena from the Arizona State Senate, breaking the law. The order calls for ballot envelopes, images, user names, passwords and security keys for election machines, voter records, routers, router images and splunk logs. Despite the subpoena, none of this has been provided. 

CEO John Poulos of Dominion voting systems says that Dominion is not a public entity and as a private company, “has no obligation to make its records available for public inspection.” This is despite the fact that his company is overseeing a public election, and no matter if public or private should still be held accountable by the laws of our nation. No human, organization or business company is above the laws set in place to protect the people. Here, the company is being helped to ignore a State Senate subpoena. How does this happen in America? 

Dominion and the Board of Supervisors were called to appear at a hearing at the Arizona State Capitol on August 2nd, in which they chose not to even show up to.  

Arizona State Senate Majority Leader Whip Sonny Borrelli has sent a formal request to the Arizona State Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate the refusal to comply with the subpoena and the lack of appearing from Dominion and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Borrelli stated that, “The supervisors are acting as if they are above the law, and it is an insult to the citizens of our state. Enough is enough.”

Borrelli continued to say that, “The level of disrespect and contempt from the Supervisors toward Senate leadership and Arizona voters is appalling. I respectfully announce that the Attorney General investigate this clear violation of the law. Arizonans expect no less.” 

Election audits continue to spread throughout the nation, as other state and county officials continue to increase investigation efforts. In Wisconsin, a special council has been appointed granting additional authority to powers seeking to look into what happened in their election. Both the State Assembly and the State Senate have initiated investigations in Wisconsin. 

Officials continue to refuse to comply with requested audits in Pennsylvania for the moment. A forensic audit of the 2020 election has begun, despite counties’ denial of cooperation. The Senate is planning on issuing subpoenas if refusals continue in the state. 

Speaker of the Georgia House David Ralston has requested an independent forensic probe into the 2020 election in Fulton County. Issues have recently surfaced, written about in previous articles, with both the 2020 election and the previous audit that took place in the area. 

Robb Pitts, the Chairman of Fulton County Board of Commissioners, wants to expand the investigation efforts beyond Fulton County, saying that, “While Fulton County is the largest county and therefore under the most scrutiny, it is also my understanding that other Counties had issues in their elections and finding ballots not included in the initial tabulation. If you are requesting that Fulton County be the subject of such an investigation, then I believe it would only be fair that all counties with issues be subject to investigation.”

Vernon Jones, now running for Governor of Georgia, agrees that all of Georgia’s counties should undergo forensic investigation for the 2020 election. He says, “I am glad to see that Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston and others are finally calling for an investigation into the fraud being uncovered over in Fulton County. But, as I have been screaming from the rooftops for months, we need a forensic audit of all 159 counties in Georgia.”

Finally, with Dominion refusing to share voting data and equipment with the public due to security claims and talk of intellectual property ownership, it is important to note yet another leak that has come out. Ron Watkins leaked several documents shared to him by an alleged Dominion worker whistleblower that potentially reveal that Dominion does have remote access to their equipment during elections. Along with documents, a video has been released to The Gateway Pundit showing that Dominion CEO lied about his technological capability in a former testimony. 

Watkins says, “What I put out is maybe 1%… What I put out is highly focused because it caught the CEO of Dominion in perjury. He said there’s no way these machines can be connected in his Michigan testimony. Well they can be… Technically they can be connected by the administration BIOS.”

Watkins continued, “Something else that concerned me. The fact is the USB’s are enabled on the server. And the checkbox for USB boot is enabled also… That means if you put an operating system on a USB and then you plug it into the machine and turn it on, it’s possible to boot the operating system from the USB and not use the one from the hard drive. So technically you can have two operating systems on one system.”

The validity of the leak is uncertain, but the revelation here to have the capability to access data in real time along with the documents on how to accomplish this potentially show that not only was a lie being told, but that Dominion itself is continuing to hide its own capabilities with the public. Along with the refusal to comply with subpoenas, as well as previous evidence and investigations in the past, everyone should have many questions as to why this is so. 

Investigations into the 2020 election may be slow and difficult, they may face intense backlash and defenses from those who do not wish to see them happen at all, but for the people of this nation these election audits must continue to keep on moving forward. From the looks of things right now, it seems as if that’s exactly what they will be doing across the nation.

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  1. Joe S Bruder

    The fact that Dominion is suing multiple entities has nothing to do with voter fraud, as your headlines imply. They were accused of vote rigging and manipulation – their business is to make machines to count votes, period. False accusations (and no evidence has been presented to the contrary) cost them a lot of business and money, and they have a right to sue to clear their name and recoup their losses. They are not “overseeing” elections, they are counting the votes. Local, state, and federal groups oversee the votes. Dominion is a private company – they don’t have to open their doors to auditors, just to satisfy Trumpists, who want to attack the company in order to further the Big Lie. There are outside companies that do audits of their machines, and customers can (and do) execute their own auditing process as well.

    You make it sound like everyone is on board with the Big Lie – but many (if not most) of your quotes pertained to things like Trump trying to influence SOS’s, Republican gerrymandering, last minute changes in polling locations or removals of polling sites from black-dominated areas, preventing people from mail-in voting during a pandemic, removing voters from the rolls right before the election, making voter registration more difficult for the poor and elderly, limiting polling or registration hours to prevent working people from getting access… There are two distinctly different kinds of fraud being attacked in your quotes – one is the systemic fraud that has kept Republicans in power even as they have become a minority of voters, and for which there is a LOT of evidence; and the other is the vague “Democrats stole the election by rigging the vote totals (or multiple voting, or bringing in undocumented immigrants, or whatever) for which there is literally ZERO evidence.

    For you to combine all those quotes and statistics into a general statement of “90% of people are concerned with cheating” is nothing short of support for the Big Lie itself. I don’t care if some survey came out with those results – it’s a manipulation of the question to get the desired answer so that the spin machines can take it and run.

    • Anonymous

      You are a dumb person. Cllaim to know everything and probably don’t know much oif nothing.

      • Alan Scher

        But he didn’t hide his name like you did.

  2. frank stetson

    Dominion just sued NewsMax and One America News and ex-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne for defamation asking for over a billion. That’s added to:

    OANN and anchors Chanel Rion, Christina Bobb in federal court
    Pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell looking for $1.3 billion in damages.
    Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani for being a big fat liar
    MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for using Dominion to sell pillows.
    Fox News for falsely blaming Dominion” for President Donald Trump’s loss.

    Think the bottom line of all these suits is currently $5B; hard to research harm because Dominion is privately held. It is estimated that Dominion’s bottom line runs about $40M in revenue per year. A real guess would be a company’s market value could possibly be over $500M, but that’s a weak guess based on revenue only. Considering they will be able to show loss, and given it’s post election so you know sales would be falling anyway, $1B per slander could be reasonable considering if people believe this trash, Dominion’s value will be lower than Cuomo’s….

    What fun, especially the pillow guy who has taken to basically begging for bucks on the airwaves saying he will be down $65M in sales based on retailers not liking his lies. Rudy’s ticket has been pulled in NY and DC because of his election lies. Sydney Powell is already running scared. Recent court visit had her team lamenting about how no reasonable person could believe her totally unfounded voter fraud claims were actually true. They’re just opinions, feelings, emotions… Now that’s a defense… I mean who would ever believe that and then mount recounts, legal cases, and protests. Just couldn’t happen. Sarcasm alert. FOX has gagged their talking heads over this situation, has even lowered their Trump coverage. Newsmax who went all-Trump all the time initially got a bump as Fox backed off, now they are on financial thin ice, this hurt, as viewership fell 50% since the beginning of 2021.

    It’s all good except for the potential assault on free speech. That’s bad for all of us. Unfortunately, when media outlets don’t police their own, stuff happens. And then there’s an arms race where many media sources race for the bottom in the quest for ratings. Point is they have a obligation to print the truth, to discover, determine and point out lies. You just can’t print it without looking to see if it’s the truth. Think about that Mr. Machine, the next time you cut and paste trash talk without validation, verification, and source checking. It’s a bad sign going in when you misspell your source’s name for example…….

  3. ray

    I remember that there was a Dominion technician who, after performing some procedure on one of those Dominion units, made a statement that went something like this, “Trump will not win this election, because I made sure of it.” That is a damning statement for any technician to make. One thing for sure, If Dominion had nothing to hide, then why the roadblock? Before they are allowed to file any billion dollar lawsuits, it should first be established that they are indeed innocent of any wrongdoing. Voting integrity will be affected nationwide if this issue isn’t corrected.

  4. frank stetson

    Yeah, that’s how it works Ray. When you can’t prove it, lie about it, and when they sue for the lie’s defamation and monetary loss, make them establish that they are indeed innocent of any wrongdoing about the lie you can’t prove. Yeah, that’s fair play.

    You had your chances, over 60 of them, in court; you lost over 60 times. I would say that’s pretty good establishment of innocence. How many court cases do you need before you got no proof.

    Bring your technician on. It’s a lie, you are a liar. If you had said tech, said tech would be front page news. This misinformation whether stated by you, or re-printed by this website, helps destroy our democracy, with is based in the rule of law, not the rule of rumor that you think is sufficient for your needs. What are your needs? Retake the Presidency? Destroy Democracy? Both? Because it sure ain’t justice. You had over 60 chances at that, you lost every time, over 60 times. In over a half a dozen states.

    Meanwhile, it’s time for the truly aggrieved, truly harmed, to have there day in court and, one again, you will be able to trot out your evidence, bring on your technician, come on, at least give us a name.

    Otherwise, either tell the truth or stand down. You lost. You lost the Presidency, You lost the Senate, You never had the House, you lost all three branches of the Federal Government. You can call it a fraud and expect those harmed by your lies to accept your lies and not fight back.

  5. frank stetson

    Geez, must have hit a nerve :>) I got more typo’s in that last one than Dan has racist, homophobic, xenophobic remarks in his posts.

    which; not with is based in the rule.
    their day and once again; not to have there day and one again
    you can’t; not can call it a fraud

    Can I blame my smartphone? Commies?