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Underage Victim Accuses Joe Biden of Sexual Assault

Underage Victim Accuses Joe Biden of Sexual Assault

There is a reason why people call Joe Biden “Creepy Joe”. A recent revelation from an underage victim on Ticktock publicly accused the President of a past sexual assault. Now, not only has a young girl shared the story of the awful incident, but a long time existing video of the event has resurfaced online. 

Maria Piacesi, niece of Republican Senator Steve Daines, recently revealed that the current President of the United States Joe Biden had disgustingly pinched her nipple during a swearing in ceremony back on January 3rd of 2015. The event was caught on video, and many who have been looking into Joe for a long time have been waiting for something to come out in the public sphere about the creepy gesture. She wasn’t the only one either, and all it takes is for any individual to do some digging to find a plethora of videos where Joe Biden inappropriately touches not only women around him, but children. And these incidents are only what has been caught on video.

Maria Piacesi, now 14, was only 8 years old at the time that Joe Biden reached in to pinch her chest. In a conversation on her Tiktok page between her and a user named Johnathan Pasetti, Pasetti asked her if Biden had touched her inappropriately at the time. 

Maria responded, “Yes”, but then deleted the comment. When asked why she deleted her response, Maria said, “I have friends that would no longer be friends with me if they knew that.”

The conversation continued with Pasetti saying, “Those ‘friends’ are not true friends then. You were abused by a pervert and deserve justice, but only you can exact that justice by telling others.”

Maria then moved away from public comments to send Pasetti a direct message, saying that, “I would do something about it – to be honest – if I thought it would help, but it would only make more people angry and I’ve already had people calling me out saying I’m lying and this is BS, even though it is not. I just don’t think it would help anything right now.”

Pasetti responded to the direct message saying, “I understand your apprehension. The first thing, though, is not letting him get away with it because then he can do it to others. I just want you to know that there are millions of people who are on your side and they believe you. There is video evidence of what happened and I believe you. We all believe you.”

When the conversation was leaked online, Maria deleted her Tiktok account to protect her own privacy. Some say that the conversation was fabricated, but a simple search of friends or a look through the Google cache proves that she was in fact the original user. Not to mention, again, the video evidence. 

Even recently, Joe Biden has continued to say some very creepy things to young girls in public that seemed to have slipped under the public radar. 

In May of 2021, at an address he delivered at Joint Base Langley – Eustis before Memorial Day, he was caught telling an elementary school aged girl that, “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.”

Back at a May 2019 campaign event, Biden told a 10 year old girl, “I bet you’re as bright as you are good looking.”

Why all of this, and much more when it comes to Joe Biden being inappropriate with women and young girls, isn’t being talked about more doesn’t make any sense. Maybe looking at how Cuomo is being handled at the moment, we can hope to see the same in the future for Joe Biden.

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  1. Ben

    This is horrible!
    Just Carrying on a tradition of sexual assault established by the last President.

    • Joe S Bruder

      Yes, Biden really crossed the line by complimenting them with 1950’s style language… not like he ever does that: “Look, here’s the thing, it’s just a bunch of malarkey”…

    • Dan Tyree

      Or by slick willy

    • Bill

      Nothing will come of this.

    • The Redhawk


  2. Joe S Bruder

    You can look up that video if you care to… the little girl is a prop in a photo op, he’s got his arm draped loosely around her, is not looking at her or paying any attention to her whatsoever. Some people urge him forward for photos, and his hand brushes the front of her.. She backs away, maybe she’s uncomfortable (although a 6 year old is not usually that concious about sexual assault unless there’s a reason for it), or maybe she’s scared she’s going to get stepped on (more of a concern when you’re 3 feet tall in a group of tall people who are ignoring you). There was certainly no intent to molest by Biden, just a bunch of people pushed together…

    • VavyCorpsman42

      Thanks for clearing that up, Dr. Jill.

  3. fr

    This is really bad journalism, there is no actually reporting going on, just a cut n paste of some pretty low-stream media sources.

    Might be better if you spelled all the names correctly….

  4. Dave

    In todays world one can’t say or do anything that can’t be minipulated as a “possible sexual event”. So please don’t talk, touch or even look like you may be a pervert. This world has gone crazy and the internet is perpetuating these events as ” sexual” for finacial gain. If you can’t find any good in people, stay out of the internet. THANK YOU

  5. frank stetson

    This piece is weak, shoddy, bot-journalism. I bet you didn’t even vet the sources. Just blind cut n paste unsupported gossip.

    Your headline: “UNDERAGE VICTIM ACCUSES JOE BIDEN OF SEXUAL ASSAULT” is backed up by a deleted social media account supported by a guy whose name you seem to misspell. I am betting you have never talked to him.

    Your lead-in sentence states: “There is a reason why people call Joe Biden “Creepy Joe” If they pay you for this, they should get a refund. You really give no reason for President Biden to be called that. Who are the “people” you refer to? QAnon uses that name a lot, are those the “people” that you source?

    As further proof, you reference a deleted tiktok post from a deleted account supported by a person whose name you misspell, who seems to have no body of work, very difficult to find, just these cryptic quotes posted on about half a dozen right-wing disinformation services that copy each other and you blithely accept as your truth, your facts, your proof. They call him “Citizen Journalist” aka “gossiper.” He may not even be a person. Did you even check the veracity of your source, much less the information? Google has a hard time finding him. Another conspiracy? There are a half dozen right wing internet sources all running the same posts. If you used Newsblock, here’s the story, and I quote:


    Quality reporting and even better editing. Whose nipple got pinched? his? hers? Johnathan’s, Jonathan’s? Detailing the rest of Mr. Machine’s travesty of journalism, hallmark of fake news spin:

    “A recent revelation from an underage victim on Ticktock” for a person who deleted their account so it is now unsaid.
    “all it takes is for any individual to do some digging to find a plethora of videos where Joe Biden inappropriately touches,” yet Mr. Machine did not reference any, much less a plethora, not a list, not a “for example:”
    “And these incidents are only what has been caught on video.” One of my favorite gossip-journalism trash spins. Let me come back with: “Mr Machine, is your drug problem getting better? Are you still beating your wife? I mean I’ve only heard one story, but it’s from a Citizen Journalist who knows. No track record, no body of work that I can find, I can’t spell his name, that’s the only incident I heard, there must be many more, a plethora no doubt. Anyone can find them so it must be true.

    Then you get into the heavy facts, your proof is Biden’s pattern of pedophilia for which he’s never been investigated, never charged like the famous quote you nicely abridged: “I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.” is your block buster quote which looks pretty bad until you add the preface: “I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed.” Sure it’s a little creepy, but it’s Grandpa Joe and that’s what Joe does. And he does less every day, he learns, he listens to the new PC guidelines, he adapts. Not quite pedophilia proof positive, is it? But maybe if you pile on it will look more positive… So, you hit another old Bidenism: “I bet you’re as bright as you are good looking.” In this case the girl was so offended that she then told Mr. Biden that her favorite subject is journalism, he led her to the back of the room (oh no, here it comes, the smoking gun) to meet members of the media as a nice gesture. Not exactly a slam dunk for your pedophilia court case, should not even been printed except by people trying to make a quick buck without working hard. Just cut n paste shit, throw against wall, see if any sticks, wait, repeat.

    Sigh. If you’re gonna do a hit job, do the job, not yellow journalism like this. You’re better than this. Do the work.

    • NavyCorpsman42

      Dr. Jill, is that you?

  6. Veteran

    This will go nowhere.

  7. frank stetson

    Mr. Machine must work so hard at his craft to come up with such groundbreaking news. Following his lead, I took five minutes to cut n paste this: BREAKING NEWS: VICTIM ACCUSES EX PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP OF SEXUAL ASSAULT

    There is a reason why people call Donald J. Trump “Groper in Chief”. A recent revelation from his ex-wife victim in court and on Wiki publicly accuses the twice-impeached ex-President of a past sexual assault. Now, not only has an old women shared the story of the awful incident, but a long-time existing court case narrative of the event has resurfaced online.

    Ivana Trump, daughter of Communist Miloš Zelníček, who regularly fed the Státní bezpečnost (StB) intelligence service information on Trump, recently revealed that the landslide defeated-by-popular-vote and trounced-by-the-electoral-college-vote President of the United States Donald “John” Trump had disgustingly beaten and raped her in a fit of hairline induced rage in 1989. She said that Trump brutally abused her, tearing her designer clothes off, pulling out her perfectly quaffed hair, just after his painful “scalp reduction” by her doctor. “Then he jams his penis inside her for the first time in more than 16 months” said Citizen Journalist Harry Hurt III who saw the actual deposition on his buddies laptop in his Mom’s basement.

    The event was caught by court deposition, and many who have been looking into Don John for a long time have been waiting for something to come out in the public sphere about the creepy sex abuse. She wasn’t the only one either, and all it takes is for any individual to do some digging to find a plethora of videos, audio copies, news stories, court depositions, personal accounts and urban graffiti where Donald Trump inappropriately sexually abuses not only women around him, but children, even his own daughter. And these incidents are only what has been caught on video, audio, news, court papers and personal account. Creepy Don as many people call him once said about Michael Epstein: “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy.” “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” As does the Don.

    Later, in 1993 Ivana wrote: “….one occasion during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage.” “As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.” We don’t know how much money exchanged hands before this quote was issued, but one guy I know, Bob, said “boatloads.”

    Trump did not deny the rape through his lawyer, matter of fact, quite the opposite. His since-convicted lawyer Michael Cohen said he was innocent because: “you cannot rape your spouse, ” which doesn’t say Trump didn’t do it. Trump told Newsday: “obviously false” although no one knows if he was talking about Ivana or Michael who Trump later called a “rat” and said “Your heads will spin when you see the lies.”

    See: ezpz to spin this crap. Imagine if I took ten minutes….. Like I said, Mr. Machine, if you’re gonna do a hit piece, do the work, don’t cut corners and print trash like this, even if you can find it in the blogosphere copied and copied over and copied again. Add some value, do some actual reporting.

    • Dan Tyree

      I’m so proud of our twice impeached president. That happened because that he led America the right way. Does anyone call bill Clinton the former rapist in chief? And now you idiots have president stink finger. Tara Reade didn’t lie. Retard joe is a pervert. And yes, Trump talked about grabbing pussy. The interesting thing is that the women didn’t raise hell about it. They probably hoped to become another trophy wife. You idiots whining about Trump act like school boys that wouldn’t know what to do with pussy

  8. frank stetson

    Over two dozen allegations against impeachment record holder Donald John Trump and you say they are all lying skanks. You dredge up a 30 year old complaint who works as a sexual abuse consoler because of treatment from father and ex husband not Joe. Your convicted of lying under oath sex complaint superstar, working for Biden for nine months, constantly praising him, even for his work on fighting sexual abuse, basically because of his creepy touches and such which she says made her life a living hell……for less than nine months….

    She is not alone, there are a few creepy Joe reports like this. None of them rise to the level of abuse meted out by Donald J Trump who has been accused of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, groping, and non-consensual kissing, by at least 25 women over the years. Donald John Trump has admitted some of this on tape and as much as Trumpers like to call it “locker room trash talk,” “women who like it,” “women looking for money,” Bidenites have never excused Joe like that.

    I did not know Bill Clinton was impeached for sexual abuse or rape. Sounds like Dan’s unreality of repeated revisionist history to plaster his beloved groper in chief’s tattered history. Unlike Mr. Trump’s over two dozen accusers for rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, groping, and non-consensual kissing, Bill Clinton has been accused by less than ten individuals for sexual assault and misconduct.

    You can even group the gropers sexual escapes by category: the beauty pageant horrors, the groper girls, the marriage rape, the spankin porn star payoff, and they run up to about 2016, not exactly creepiness from three decades ago like Joe. He is unindicted individual 1 in the case that convicted Michael Cohen for hush money payments to two porn stars about sex and spanking sessions. Joe have never been an unindicted individual.

    Trump says they all lie and he’s gonna sue, but, of course, he backed down. He has explained much by saying: “I’ve known Jeff (Epstein) for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

    Dan, as you well know, Joe Biden isn’t even in the same sexual ballpark as either of these two fellows, but if you are letting Donald J. Trump off the hook because of Bill Clinton, then Joe must be excused totally based on your fractured logic of comparison.

    I say hang em all. Find the facts, take em to court, and throw the book at them. From creepy to groping to even raping your wife, it’s all wrong, it’s all against the law. But, in the scheme of things, you ain’t never hanging Joe on this and you can’t let Don off the hook because Bill did some too. That’s a false equivalency.

    • Dan Tyree

      Good points. But there’s still a street in Beckley WV named after Robert kkk Byrd. I know I’m changing it up somewhat, but going around recruiting high school students to the klan is worse than grabbing pussy. And senator Robert sheets is still the darling of the commiecrats But I do admire his fiddle playing and try to copy his style. And retard joe has a history of inappropriate behavior even around teen age girls

  9. FRANK stetson

    Changing it up? You just took a hard turn into left field with one thing having nothing to do south the other with the hope that somehow the forgiveness for Byrd’s racism by Democrats, which is blatantly untrue, would somehow forgive Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct.

    You know better Dan; you don’t get forgiving just because you prove someone else did something wrong too. Especially when the crimes are night and day different.

    Bad enough you rolled out the Presidential sex abuse comparisons but at least they were same topic.

    • Dan Tyree

      Untrue that senator sheets was forgiven? Bullshit. They made him the senate majority leader and practically took him out of his coffin, rolled him over and kissed his ass during his funeral. The Clintons couldn’t say enough good things about him. And retard joe has praised him to high Heaven. But confederate statues must go. The hypocrisy of the commiecrats are sickening. And yes, I’ll get back to sexual topics but it’s like speaking to the dead. All of the “me too “ movement “ and woke crap is only smoke and mirrors. And then they have the nerve to drag a lying cock tease with a baby girl voice to destroy a good man like justice Kavanaha. Another attempt at a high tech lynching. There’s allegations about a hell of a lot more liberals than republicans but I’ll not try to dig them up and cast my perils before swine I’m not blameless either. I recall copping a few feels as a teenager. And they were girls. At least I’m not queer.

  10. frank stetson

    Well, it’s nice to dialog Dan, but you need to read further I think. And start supporting your stuff. For example: “There’s allegations about a hell of a lot more liberals than republicans” Yet another piece of bs you can’t back up.

    “Untrue that senator sheets was forgiven?” WTF are you talking about? I said “YOU don’t get forgiving just because you prove someone else did something wrong too.” IOW, it’s a false equivalency to toss Byrd up as a way or forgiving Trump’s pussy groping. I wasn’t forgiving Byrd, I was wondering about your fucked up logic using lame comparisons as a means of diversion. They are both potential crimes. One does not ever excuse the other. In both cases, they admitted it, Trump and Byrd. In one case, Trump asked no forgiveness. In the other case, one renounced the klan. Biden, however, in his case for this little girl, has zip to apologize for. She took down the statement, and Mr. Machine is copy/pasting verbatim from a guy who probably does not even exist.

    But yet you sally forth with now Biden and the Clintons praising Byrd, so I guess Biden did it? I’m getting confused in your circle jerk of

    But, for the record, of course, President Biden and the Clintons, and even Obama did have some nice things to say in his eulogy, didn’t you expect bad things? Who the f would go to a eulogy and same bad things? But, again, for the record, Clinton said: “”There are no perfect people, there are certainly no perfect politicians.” Well, Bill could be looking in the mirror, but it was not exactly letting Byrd off the hook, and that’s at a eulogy for criminy sakes. Then he got closer: “He was a country boy. He was trying to get elected. And maybe he did something he shouldn’t have,” He then said Byrd spent a lifetime trying to make up for that past. Both Obama and Biden took it on too, they did not let Byrd off the hook, even after Byrd renounced the KKK starting in the 70’s.

    Trump never apologizes. He still thinks Epstein, Mattis, Rudy, Powell, and all the other indicted, convicted, criminals he hung out with are swell. He admitted groping and never apologized.

    For the record, Byrd’s record on race is mixed. He renounced the klan starting in the 1970’s. I think he voted for MLK day. He voted against Marshall, thought he was a communist, and Thomas, thought he was divisive, but believed Hill. Many democrats did. NAACP gave him high ratings as points in time. Hell, John Lewis calls him a “true statesman”

    Sorry, but you seem to have your facts wrong and seeming are stuck in the past pre 70’s. Guess that’s why you still think there are communists in the Democratic Party.

    • Dan Tyree

      What a rant. Wow!!!! You people on the left are hung up over pussy grabbing. And the hypocrisy is alive and well among you idiots. Trump might have grabbed pussy but our country was much better off on his watch. And I swear by Almighty God, whom the left has respect for, that our country is in greater peril with that fucking retard in charge, in name only. I really don’t give a shit what Clinton our kkk Byrd done. And no one else cares. It’s all about Trump. I didn’t vote for him in our primary. I voted for Ted Cruz. But I was damned determined to vote for whomever got the nomination in the republicans. I sure as hell would never support killery. I once was a democrat but when I realized that they no longer represented me I walked away and never looked back But our country is going to hell in a hand basket and no one will call retard joe out. As for Robert Byrd, he was a good senator from the time before his party became commie. Yes, I use that word a lot because I’ve studied the communist manifesto and the resemblance to the democrat agenda is scary as hell. I don’t believe that the average democrat walks around with a commie party card or display the hammer and sickle flag but Hitler’s youth didn’t know what they were getting into.

  11. frank stetson

    “Trump might have grabbed pussy but our country was much better off on his watch.” So as long as you got yours, it’s OK that he groped his? Is that how the law works? What do I get if I give you a car; your wife?

    And because I think all pussy gropers should face the law, I am a hypocrite? Or is that the ole “well, your guy did something bad, so you are a hypocrite? Because I said: “I say hang em all. Find the facts, take em to court, and throw the book at them. From creepy to groping to even raping your wife, it’s all wrong, it’s all against the law.” And therefore I call you out for the old fake hypocrite defense. BUSTED.

    And now you don’t care about Clinton and Byrd even though they were your support, not mine.

    Skip being defensive, it’s OK that you don’t have a leg to stand on, just keep barking at the moon. Or get some facts, let’s debate. Because I’m your huckleberry. Bring it on. But bring on the good stuff. Not this weak tea.