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WSJ: A Voter Revolt Grows in California Against Gavin Newsom

WSJ: A Voter Revolt Grows in California Against Gavin Newsom

According to a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, California Governor Gavin Newsom and the Democratic legislature are actively trying to block key anti-tax and anti-crime initiatives from appearing on the November ballot. This political maneuvering has sparked a growing voter revolt across the state, reflecting deep-seated frustrations with current governance and policies.

At the heart of this unrest is the contentious Prop. 47, a 2014 initiative that reclassified certain drug possessions and thefts under $950 as misdemeanors. While initially praised for reducing incarceration rates and saving state funds, it has been heavily criticized for its unintended consequences. Organized crime has thrived under the law’s lenient penalties, leading to a surge in retail theft, vagrancy, and open-air drug use. Law enforcement officials argue that Prop. 47 hampers their ability to use jail time as leverage to encourage drug treatment for addicts.

In response, a new citizen initiative aims to tighten penalties for these crimes. This initiative, which has garnered enough signatures to qualify for the November ballot, proposes stricter measures such as charging individuals with a felony on their third theft offense and combining the value of stolen goods for felony charges. Additionally, it targets fentanyl possession with firearms and proposes homicide charges for dealers whose clients overdose.

However, the Democratic leadership in Sacramento is countering with a suite of bills designed to placate public outcry over rising crime rates without making significant reforms. These measures include restraining orders against thieves and harsher penalties for large-scale thefts. Critics argue that these proposals are superficial and primarily aimed at undermining the citizen initiative by including provisions that would nullify the legislation if the initiative passes.

Simultaneously, Gov. Newsom is embroiled in a legal battle to prevent the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act from reaching voters. This initiative seeks to tighten restrictions on tax increases, requiring voter approval for taxes imposed by the legislature and aligning service charges with actual costs. With California facing a $45 billion deficit, this initiative threatens to limit the state’s ability to manage budget shortfalls through new taxes.

The Public Policy Institute of California’s recent survey underscores the depth of voter dissatisfaction. An overwhelming 71% of likely voters feel overtaxed, the highest percentage in over two decades. Furthermore, 56% would prefer lower taxes even if it means reduced services, and Gov. Newsom’s disapproval ratings have reached a new peak.

The crux of this voter revolt lies in a fundamental disconnect between the state government and its citizens, caused by Gavin Newsom’s lost touch with reality. Californians are exasperated by high taxes and the lack of competence by his administration. And yet, Gavin Newsom is being talked about as a possible substitute for Biden in Presidential elections. I guess that just shows that Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was correct: the guy who is tallest and has the nicest hair almost always wins.

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  1. Frank stetson

    Forget it Jake, it’s chinatown.

    Forget it Daniel, it’s california.

  2. Harold blankenship

    The people in California had a chance to get rid of Newsome. But the residents there are stupid.

    • Jefz

      Apparently the same mentality, as those who elected Biden and his destructive crew into office. Our nation is paying the penalty for an extremely ignorant constituency which is multiplying rapidly.

    • Ron C

      I feel the same way, and I live in California, so I can attest to your statement, the citizens have thrown their state into the trash!

  3. Darren

    Contempt breeds Stupidity!
    Most in California breed Stupidity!

  4. Ron C

    The Californians have opened the flood gates to the barbarians, the only thing left is the raping and murdering, nothing but South America’s worst is flooding across the borders!

    • Archie

      Lock and load

  5. jboo7

    There is a way out of this sh.. – GET RID OF NEWSOM!


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