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U.K.’s Pakistani Problem: Cousins Marrying Cousins

U.K.’s Pakistani Problem: Cousins Marrying Cousins

I’m a believer in cultural superiority. I don’t believe that just because a culture is different, it automatically qualifies as equal with no footnotes added whatsoever. Call it racism, it’s not, and what about this:

As a Jew, I find Hasidic Judaism’s divorce laws…granting most all practical rights to the man and none to the woman…totally barbaric. I find America’s secular laws relating to divorce far superior to the Hasids, and I feel no shame or guilt in criticizing “my people” for it. I also believe it’s wrong for the Iranian government to hang homosexuals from lampposts, and I consider my culture superior to theirs for us not doing so. (Plus, I believe the Jewish food culture stinks compared to that of the Italians’.)

If you can’t accept that cultural superiority is a real thing, stop reading right now and don’t get yourself aggravated by going any further.

That being said, and because you obviously agree with me about cultural superiority since you’re still reading this (or you ignored my advice above), it goes to follow that the emigration of people from certain cultures will either better or worsen the culture of the new host country. An MIT engineering graduate moving to Uganda can help design and build water wells, thus helping the society as a whole and uplifting that culture. A Ugandan cab driver moving to Boston can’t help society by teaching Red Sox fans how to slaughter a goat in a one-bedroom apartment without getting blood on the walls. (If you can’t see the difference here, you should really stop reading now.)

So let’s go to the U.K. and take a look at why some concerns about Muslim communities in modern Western societies isn’t Islamophobia, but common sense:

Did you know that many Pakistani Muslims marry their first cousins, and it’s perfectly legal? I assume you know that first cousins marrying poses enormous genetical damage risk to their offspring, correct? So why do Pakistanis do it, despite the evidence, and why does the U.K. allow it?

First and foremost, Pakistanis marry their first cousins because they believe that no one can love them any better than “someone in the family.” (Okay, so they don’t get any points for self-esteem.) One of the other reasons for cousins marrying is arranged marriages. It’s easier to finally get the kid out of the house by calling your sister and asking:

”Hey! What is your daughter Rashida doing today? My son Abdul wants to get married! I’m pretty sure they already have the hots for each other, because remember that time we gave them a bath together when they were five!?”

The younger generation are often forced into these marriages by way of blackmail, coercion, family honor, and a feeling of debt to the family. The U.K. even has a Forced Marriages Unit (yes, there is such a thing), and half of their average 2,000  cases involve Pakistanis.

Finally, Pakistani Muslims marry their first cousins because Islam says it’s okay to do so, and while other religious denominations may not specifically forbid first cousin marriage in their original holy texts, most if not all have made it a part of their doctrines not to do so, since science has advanced and the facts are loud and clear.

And with the facts loud and clear, a 25% minimum chance of having a genetically damaged child when cousin marries cousin, consider these facts and figures for the last time serious studies were done in the U.K.:

In Bradford, England, 75% of Pakistani Muslims marry a first cousin. In Birmingham, it’s 50%. (That’s a lot of kissing cousins right there, but they’re not just kissing.)

33% of all genetic diseases in England result from Pakistani first cousin marriages, while Pakistanis only account for 1.5% of the total population. Pakistani first cousin children suffer from learning disabilities three times as often as other groups.

It’s not uncommon for first cousins who, after having a genetically disabled child, their first child, have more children, even though the evidence is right there in the very beginning that each of the parents carries a damaging recessive gene. It’s therefore also not uncommon to see families where two out of four, three out of six, of the children are genetically damaged.

These Muslims just trust in God that their kids will be okay. In fact, you even have intelligent Pakistanis, seriously educated people, who because of their own successes in first cousin marriages (kids who appear to be healthy now), totally deny any medical/scientific danger at all. Their culture takes precedence over common sense. And before you book your next 5-star vacation to Islamabad, consider that if these horrors ongoing on in the developed world of the U.K., can you imagine what the hell is going on in Pakistan!?

The costs to the U.K.’s national health service and other social services is astronomical for all this, but what about these poor, suffering, doomed kids?

A small minority in the Pakistani Muslim community, including some religious leaders, highly discourage the practice of first cousin marriage, and at the very least, strongly recommend pre-pregnancy genetic testing. However, genetic testing only reveals half of the potential abnormalities, and most Pakistanis ignore any alarming test results anyway, because it’s all in God’s hands.

I was amazed to learn than even in parts of the U.S., first cousin marriages are still allowed without restriction, and allowed in some others with required prenuptial DNA testing. However…

We don’t have a predominant culture of first cousin marriage in modern day America, and we certainly don’t encourage it. Those jokes about Appalachia are just jokes now, but maybe I should look into it further!  And maybe we should also look into large Pakistani Muslim communities here in the U.S. to see who’s marrying who.

Unfortunately, like the U.K., it’s politically incorrect to do so, because that’s just Islamophobia, and all cultures are totally equal, correct?

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  1. Jeffrey Grant

    Thank you for pointing out distinctions with a monumental difference. Over time these failed genetic practices will weigh upon all other healthy members of a society and thus reflect selfish behavior on the part of procreating first cousins.

  2. Thomas

    now wonder that the majority of the MuSLIMEs are wired to believe the crap about the religion of whirled peas….

  3. John w folsom

    May Allah watch! Why do the Muslims hate All Jews?

  4. william couch

    I hope that “ALL” of their offspring are “Mongoloid”!!

    • Stanley Steamer

      After reading this, I did a YouTube search and found an incredible documentary about the subject, albeit an older one.

      Compared to these kids, the Downs Syndrome kids are healthy. You wouldn’t believe these genetic defects.

  5. Richard D Bowman

    So, will Britain change or enforce laws to prohibit marriage of first cousins? I think the government should and offer plane tickets back to Pakistan or jail time for anyone that won’t comply with those laws.

    • Dwayne Oxford

      They are running Britain now.

  6. Frank S.

    Having spent almost 4 years in Afghanistan as a contractor, I could literally see the results of inter-family marriages in Kabul. The majority of Afghans are very illiterate. Many grow up in the rural mountains of Afghanistan, some rarely, if ever, venturing more than a couple of valleys away from their place of birth. It is in these rural valleys where it is all-too-common to marry cousins. Some of the deformed off-spring do somehow make it to Kabul, and those are the ones I saw. It’s a huge cultural problem that is totally ignored. Yet the Left will tell me this culture is just as good and valid as my American culture. Yeah, right!

  7. Dwayne Oxford

    Was USAF ’70-’76. Military industrial complex had the Shah installed then, were selling them $billions of equipment. They sent their boys here to learn operation/maintenance. Was teenager then, wondered why they were so child like. Soon learned. Sure liked the 20-25 lb bags of pistachios they brought and shared. We’d eat till we were sick. 1st we’d ever had.

  8. Doug

    Oh well we have Congress women who marry their own brothers and have sex with their fathers !

  9. Marilyn

    Years ago I read that Germany was having the exact same problem and it was putting a huge strain on their hospitals and economy. Never heard anything about it again.

    I once lived in Iran and you NEVER saw handicapped children there. Either they were kept hidden OR they were killed at birth as a local told me.