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In France, Violent Protests Over Gas Tax Increase

In France, Violent Protests Over Gas Tax Increase

More than 80,000 French citizens took to the streets Saturday in what is the second weekend of “yellow vest” protests against tax increases on diesel and petrol.

The protestors, wearing the high-visibility vests that all drivers in France are required to keep in their cars, clashed with law enforcement and demanded President Macron’s resignation.

Over 244,000 people took part in protests throughout France last weekend and roughly 81,000 participated this weekend.

At least two people have been killed and more than 600 injured.

Scores of people have been arrested, including a man who demanded an audience with Macron while holding a grenade.

The gas tax increase, which is set to go into effect January 1st, would increase the cost of 1 gallon of diesel fuel by about 25 cents. Diesel is the most commonly used fuel in French cars, and prices have already risen by more than 20% over the past year.

The tax increases are designed to discourage people from purchasing vehicles that contribute to climate change, but working-class families who drive old cars insist the tax increase is too much.

In the meantime, Macron’s approval rating has dropped to about 20%.

Editor’s note:  The problem with socialist policies and massive welfare programs is that people get addicited to them to the point where you cannot pull them back without major withdrawal symptoms. It remains to be seen whether Macron will survive this.

Combined with the instability caused by massive Muslim immigration (complete with terrorist cells), France may face existential crises.

The question is whether the U.S. will suffer similar upheavals as it pulls back from Obamacare and  other welfare programs.

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  1. Mark swafford

    No matter what history shows or common sense screamed by clear thinking people, globalist with a lust for power will not listen whether it’s the global warming (tax) fraud or Obama care socialism. Dimwits giving up freedom for security will eventually have neither.

    • Mike mckenna

      Napoleons complex……Mixed with socialism
      Power and control centralized and the people revolt….. time to form a tea party and back to common sense

  2. Philip Simon

    The problems in France did not start with big Gov’t taxes, it is the voters and the candidates that run for office and their way of life, spoiled rotten, Don’t blame King Louie and “Let them eat cake” Queen Marie Antoinette, for the crisis in France, they are long gone.

  3. Philip Simon

    Rioting does not solve anything, stop buying, do not spend, do not invest, just march.

  4. Richard

    It’s a shame only the progressives/Marxists organize protests here in America. It seems to me the conservative base is too ambivalent to protest stupid policies that infringe more and more on our liberties.

    • Paul Wambeke

      Progressive Marxism / a ploy/ just as liberalism is / the end result is always a form of fascism ..Singularity of power /there using the Global warming schisms this time /very narrative of the form of empowerment used by the Nazis… green /blame game / race division/ sexual division /they even went so far as to use sexual gender identification…. I’m waiting for the new ism/ maybe Mars will be the new basis ford some new form of future taxation ….” our last hope to colonize ” a dying planet…

    • Sharon

      Too many of the people in the conservative base have day jobs/work fulltime. No time for protesting.

  5. Mike mckenna

    A tea party shouldbe formed in France.
    Tax without representation……
    Socialism at its Best….no new taxes to the people who pay for dumb leaders.
    I don’t think the president can survive!
    We got rid of Omamacare !
    Thank God for Donald Trump

  6. Thaddeus McKeown

    The Leftest President Of France Should Stop Raisintg Taxes He’s Government Will Fall Into The Same Trap That The King Of France Did In 1789 A Free People will Only Take So Much Think About It

  7. Dee

    This is exactly what president Trump is fighting against our corrupt liberal dem party of corruption…socialism, continual taxation of the people via big govt and fake hoaxes like climate cycling/change, which has gone on since the beginning of time independent of anything man does. liberal socialists ruin everything they touch, it has never worked anywhere it was ever tried-learn from history!

  8. Hanave

    Interestingly, the French must have forgotten their own history as related to Guillotines+so-called Leaders.

  9. Dave Slowik

    So as it happens in France this will eventually happen in the U.S., when man made climate change believers get their way. I am willing to bet that better than 1/2 of these believers will be changing their minds when they are paying $10.00 or more for a gallon of gas so they can get to work! Funny thing why do governments have to fill their pockets with fossil fuel taxes and claim they are concerned about climate change. Why not just ration or limit fossil fuel purchases per house hold! This would have the same effect without ripping off the working middle class. When governments tax its citizens for using fossil fuels, this tells me this is nothing more than another way of taking peoples money period!!!!!

  10. Thomas

    We’ve already tried price fixing and gas hoarding (shortages) they don’t work free market pricing and low taxes to maintain roads are the only solutions that will work over the long run.