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Trump Wins Over 'Black Men for Bernie' Founder

Trump Wins Over 'Black Men for Bernie' Founder

After seeing how “rigged” the Democratic Party is, ‘Black Men for Bernie’ founder Bruce Carter now opposes Hillary Clinton and is now going to use his group to campaign for Donald Trump.

The leak of the internal DNC emails just proved that the party unfairly diminished Sanders campaign, while lying to the public. Not to mention, Clinton falsely labeled her former opponent’s supporters with the sexist term “Bernie Bros.”

The Black Men for Bernie group is fed up with the Democratic establishment for not fulfilling their promise to deliver meaningful results for minority communities for years.  

Carter condemns the Democratic Party for “Political slavery.” Carter was particularly outraged to learn from the Washington Post that the Democratic Party only spends less than 2% of its campaign resources with minority-owned companies.  

He then started to question why they deserve to get 90% of the black vote.  

Since Clinton has shown Carter that lying is just her forte, he doesn’t believe her claims that Trump is “racist.”

“We know that Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton and the rich donors of the Clinton Foundation,” said Carter to Breitbart News. “We know that Bill and Hillary did major damage to our communities the last time they were in the White House. We know they will lie about their opponents by unfairly labeling them sexists and racists and radicals.”

Carter is now urging members for his community to vote Republican. “Bernie inspired us to disrupt the status quo because it only works for the elites and not regular people who are struggling,” said Carter to Breitbart News. “If black communities vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in November, nothing will change because Democrats will continue to believe they don’t have to do anything to earn our votes.”

The Black Men for Bernie organization has a loyal following. Thousands would attend the daily protests outside of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia and Carter has millions of views on his online videos promoting the group’s message.   

They believe it’s time for a change.  

“Donald Trump is a business man and a real estate mogul who could provide knowledge and resources to transform urban communities through the development of minority-owned businesses,” said Carter to Breitbart News. “With this tour, we’re going to show Mr. Trump and Republicans that the black and minority communities are ready to work with anyone willing to work with us to build opportunities in businesses, employment, and housing. We don’t want welfare, we need opportunity.”

Unfortunately, Clinton continues to falsely tie Trump to the KKK and white supremacists, so demystifying this narrative won’t be easy. Even though Trump’s Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence just said Trump does not align himself with this group and doesn’t want their support. “We don’t want the support of people who think like David Duke,” said Pence about the former KKK leader.  

The first step to getting minority communities to come around to Trump’s campaign is by exposing how little the Democratic Party has done for minorities.   

“We’re going to go back to these communities in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and across the country to lead people to the facts about the Clintons’ and Democrats’ failures with our struggling communities,” said Carter to Breitbart News. “We’re not going to tell people what to do, but we’re going to strategize with them how to get more out of their political power. If Donald Trump can show that he’s willing to do something different for them, then these people will be willing to give him a chance because then they’ll understand that they don’t have anything to lose by abandoning Democrats like Hillary Clinton.”

Carter is hoping this approach proves to be successful, while urging Republicans to reach out and invest more in minority communities.

He also recognizes that Trump is different from a standard politician. “Donald Trump isn’t a typical politician and he isn’t beholden to the same old political powers,” said Carter to Breitbart News. “We want to earn our seat at the table in his administration and I think he and the Republicans are smart enough to realize that when we deliver them a historic number of minority votes, they better do a better job than the Democrats have done or they’re never going to get an opportunity like this again.”

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