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Trump Chooses Retired Navy SEAL as National Security Adviser

Trump Chooses Retired Navy SEAL as National Security Adviser

President Trump has picked Vice Admiral Robert Harward to replace Michael Flynn – the former National Security Adviser who quit Monday night after he was allegedly compromised by his talks with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. 

Harward is a decorated retired Navy SEAL with combat experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is particularly knowledgeable about Iran’s culture, having lived there for several years as a teenager while his father worked as an adviser to Iran’s pre-revolutionary military.

Harward was appointed Deputy Commander of US Central Command in 2011, where he served directly under current Defense Secretary James Mattis.  

Harward worked on counterterrorism as a member of former President George W. Bush’s National Security Council. He currently works for Lockheed Martin as executive director of the defense contractor’s business interests in the UAE. 

Sources agree that Harward has yet to accept Trump’s job offer. 



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