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Hillary in her own Words

Hillary in her own Words

We thought you would like to revisit a clip from a speech in 2010. 

This video clip shows Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemning security breaches following a massive release of confidential government information in November 2010. Hillary says that such disclosures represent “an attack on the international community” and promises that such a breach will never happen again. 

Remember that while she was condemning the release of State Department cables by Wikileaks, she was leaking classified information to Russia, China, Al Quaida and whoever else, in her unsecure email service.

“The United States strongly condemns the illegal disclosure of classified information. It puts peoples lives in danger, threatens our national security, and undermines our efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems,” says Clinton.  



Viewed today, her words are the ultimate hypocrisy of a crooked politician. 

According to the FBI, Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” with sensitive information she handled as Secretary of State. The investigation into her use of a private email server revealed 110 emails that contained classified information – some of it marked TOP SECRET. 

The former Secretary of State’s behavior represents “gross negligence,” a crime punishable under the Espionage Act. But Hillary has the President and the State Department wrapped around her little finger, and the FBI decided not to prosecute her. 

As we have written many times before, Clinton’s mishandling of government information allowed foreign intel and other hackers to access government secrets. China, the Russians, and Iran had access to information that no doubt affected the infamous Benghazi attack, the botched JCPOA deal, and other events. 

And now this hypocrite is poised to take the White House.

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