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Germany Sees Rise in Anti-Semitism Due to Refugees

Germany Sees Rise in Anti-Semitism Due to Refugees

In 2015, Germany took in over one million migrants and refugees, with another one million expected to arrive in 2016. After these refugees have settled into Germany, there is no doubt that the next few years will see their families come to the country as well, increasing their numbers even further.

Despite this influx of Middle Eastern refugees and migrants, German Chancellor Merkel is astonished with the rise of anti-Semitism in the country. She recently spoke to the German people about this issue, stating “We have observed in several schools and meeting places (anti-Semitic) events (led) by young people, against which every adult has to act,” she continued, “We must also encourage students who think differently. We can try to reason (with them) again and again but it should also be clear: (Anti-Semitism) has no place in our society…we must simply put clear limits.”

The refugees and migrants let into Germany mostly came from countries where anti-Semitism is the norm, so to allow these people into your country, you must accept the ideological values they carry to come with them. Germany has put themselves in a vulnerable position by bringing in anti-Semites from the Middle East, and now Merkel must learn how to handle the rise of this dangerous mindset.

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