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Trump Announces Withdrawal from Syria

Trump Announces Withdrawal from Syria

President Trump on Wednesday announced the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The announcement, delivered on Twitter, came as a complete surprise to lawmakers and Pentagon officials.

“We have won against ISIS,” tweeted Trump. “We’ve beaten them and we’ve beaten them badly; we’ve taken back the land. And now it’s time for our troops to come back home.”

The announcement was met with bipartisan outrage, with lawmakers on both sides insisting withdrawal would cede Syria to Iran and Russia and facilitate the reemergence of ISIS.

According to the most recent estimates, roughly 30,000 ISIS militants remain in Iraq and Syria.

“[Withdrawal] will lead to devastating consequences for our nation, the region, and throughout the world,” argued GOP Senator Lindsey Graham. “It will make it more difficult to recruit future partners willing to confront radical Islam. It will also be seen by Iran and other bad actors as a sign of American weakness in the efforts to contain Iranian expansion.”

Others have suggested the decision was a transactional arrangement with foreign powers – possibly part of an arms deal with Turkey or recompense to President Erdogan for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

“[Withdrawal] serves Russian interests. It serves Iranian interests. It takes the heat off of ISIS and does a favor for Turkey. How does it serve US interests?” asked CNN anchor Jim Sciutto.

“I would not call this withdrawal, I would call this a surrender,” added CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd. “The president’s decision is surrendering obviously to Russian, Iranian, Turkish, and Assad’s own designs in Syria, but it’s also surrendering to the very strong likelihood that ISIS or other terrorist groups will be resurgent in Syria based upon his decision.”

Author’s Note: All of the above arguments are valid, but the way I see it, the United States had no business in Syria from the beginning. The only thing our continued presence in Syria will accomplish is risking more American lives.

The US intervened in the Syrian Civil War under President Obama in 2014. Troops stationed there have been fighting ISIS and assisting the “rebel” forces trying to take down Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The conflict has also exacerbated tensions between the US and Russia, which support opposing sides.

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  1. Thunderman

    America has been fighting in the Middle East for decades and for no other good reason other than the oil supply. Now that we are energy independent our interests are not as urgent. It is time they resolve their own conflicts.
    Further more the Middle East has been at war with itself since the beginning of time and even to this date nothing has changed with all the conflict and war they have absorbed over the years. Therefore I have to ask myself, have we really made a difference with all the fighting and tax dollars spent? They are still fighting amongst themselves and can’t seem to ease their own tensions. I am not am expert in Middle
    East diplomacy but just maybe, and I am saying maybe, President Trump is taking the correct action.

    • Mark Wright

      I agree. Our President is smart. Russia & Turkey will finish off what’s left of ISIS rebels. Bring our troops home. Allow our troops to celebrate their victories with their families.

      • Romney Dickinson

        wrong as you can be. the Kurds will be wiped out to the last human. Hate to say a CNN reporter could be right, but he is. Trump’s action will directly aid every enemy in the Middle East. Seems Trump will sacrifice an ally to keep a damn promise. Sometime promises have to be broken. This is THE ONE SINGLE MOST ACT OF INSANITY he has ever promoted. If I were a Kurd or any other ally I would run, not walk away from America as a friend. I voted for and so far support Trump, But he is making too many drastic decisions. I support him as long as he does what is best for America, me and mine.He is doing more harm to his re-election than all the efforts from the dems, socialists, and Soros.

    • AntiCommunists

      Yes, we must get out of those tribal conflicts… they never learn, they never want to learn, they never want to deal with diplomacy or ways to fight “enemies” other than battlefields… never learn strategy of pressuring “enemies” like in chess, and leveraging what they own to get what they want from a neighbor. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A 4-5-6-7 LEVEL CHESS PLAYER AND BRILLIANT STRATEGIST… yes, bring our kids home before we lose even one more… IF any turn out to be antiTrump and want to give him h*ll for saving their butts, then SEND THEM BACK AND THEY CAN USE SOME OF THE FIREARMS/POWER WE GAVE TO THE GROUP THAT THE ANTI-TRUMP “WARRIORS” LIKE. You can bet their families will not want them to return. GET OUT OF THOSE MIDEAST HELLHOLE STUPIDITY.

  2. R. Hamilton

    This can be argued either way, although if he announced the change without the usual preliminary behind-the-scenes coordination, that could be expected to ruffle some feathers.

    However, I get the distinct feeling that whatever he does or doesn’t do, most Democrats and a number of Republicans will criticize him for it. That says more about them than about Trump.

  3. Leonard M. Blake

    I feel that this once again a sellout for the KURDs! They are the ONLY TRULY Loyal supporters of the USA forces!! Need to leave them then wit shoulder fired anti aircraft missiles as Turkey is going to bomb the crap out of them with their air forces. I would go and fight with the KURDs if i was younger!! Bush, obama and now Trump are selling out the KURDS!!!

  4. Dom

    At last, and thankfully, our troops are leaving Syria. They should never have been there in the first place. Kudos to President Trump – I do enjoy saying that. Now he needs to remove all of our military personnel from the Middle East.

    • AntiCommunists

      To Dom… yes, totally agree… get us out of the MiddleEast Stupidity and bring our kids home to deal with criminals on the homefront. put them on the border with orders to shoot any any any adults crossing our line. we have setup arrangements in Mexico for would be INVADERS to file applications to become citizens.

  5. Dennis Ray Wall

    WOW! It seems rather odd to me but I’m not a military strategist. But it does seem like to me Israel might suffer the most.

  6. Curtis Teel

    We should bring all of our people
    Home. They are in great danger there. We may need them here to keep us safe.

  7. Bill Cash

    I believe if we go back and review the initial decision to enter Syria we will see that most everyone was against it. We got ourselves involved in ALL of that area long ago and we are still there getting our troops killed and spending loads of money that could be put to a much better use. If we undergo a direct threat from anyone in that area then we “unload” on that threat. But these things we continually get involved in are civil matters in those nations and their civil wars. It is way past time to make an announcement that we will no longer allow ourselves to be involved in their civil matters but we stand ready to create one huge sandpile of any nation that poses a direct threat to the USA. Then if anyone of those nations makes a move on the USA we make good on the promise.

    • Romney Dickinson

      help and protect our allies, but stop meddling. i would agree to paying double taxes to support the most dangerous, destructive military the world has ever seen. Get everyone home, ”walk softly and carry the biggest stick around. Don’t use it without military necessity (no politics), enter the war zone, wipe enemies out asap, THEN go home. THAT is far more humane than stringing out a war. America needs a big dose of guts, brains, and doing the right thing. The best model would be WW II.

  8. Bill Cash

    I don’t guess this will be posted either. But I have made three attempts to get a comment on this situation and as several times before it didn’t get posted. So I will take your suggestion and LEAVE your site.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Stop your bellyaching, I’ve only got two hands…

  9. Lozell Stiles

    I think it was a mistake for the withdrawal, the same mistake that Obama made.

  10. JohnBar

    Remember the Republic of Vietnam? They asked for our help….we did for a while until it was deemed doomed. We betrayed their trust and walked away. We left in shame.

    Syria did not ask for our help…we did an intervention to support allies. We withdrew our Intervention Forces due to lack of Allied support and muddy lines of communications. It is Strategic Force Realignment. No shame! No legitimate soverign country has asked us to help them.

  11. phuck trump

    trump is a traitor !!!!!!!

    • Romney Dickinson

      no the dems are. All of them. arrest them, try them, eliminate them. Obama first, Clinton’s next.

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  13. AntiCommunists

    We have given Israel 3 or 4 BILLION dollars every year. They have huge military and troops trained, female and male, to fight… let them fight their own battles for once. We pay them to do it if they want.

  14. Romney Dickinson

    As well as betraying our only ally, the Kurds, the northwest corner of Syria contains the LAST remnant of Middle East Christians. What the hell kind of behavior is that? Obama brought in tens of thousands of islamist terrorists, and almost zero Christians. Trump STILL is NOT bringing Christians to America. Why does this nation assist in the elimination of allies, Christians, freedom fighters? And down on the southern border ILLEGALS, CRIMINALS, MURDERERS, RAPISTS, DRUG DEALERS, NON-HISPANIC TERRORISTS……..JUST WALK OVER, pick up their “pass card”, go to the front of the line over everyone else and pick up food, medicine, education, healthcare, in-state tuition, and benefits we don’t even give to the military. I would say this in reality should be called TREASON by those who have worked to give America to the undeserving and the destroyers of America. Truthfully, America has almost no friends or allies. We patriots are following in the tracks of the dinosaurs.