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The Government is SHUT!

The Government is SHUT!

The pace of negotiations was frenetic yesterday as budgets for certain agencies expired, forcing them to close as of midnight last night. Agencies affected comprise about 25% of the federal government and include the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Treasury, Homeland Security, Interior, State, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency. (The shutdown does not include “essential personnel”, so critical functions will be still be manned.)

The cause (in case you have been hiking through the Andes for the last month) is that President Trump is insisting that $5.7 Billion be included in the continuing resolution bill for further construction of the Mexican border wall. Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have steadfastly refused to allow Democratic members to vote for a bill that includes this measure.

Earlier this week it seemed as though Trump was softening on this requirement, as White House Press Secretary Sanders told the press that Trump really didn’t want to shut down the government. The Democrats took this as an opportunity to take a hard stance, refusing even a compromise budget in any spending bill. However, Trump has now taken the hard line, demanding that $5.7 Billion be included, some say as a result of harsh criticism from politically right commentators such as Anne Coulter.

Coulter has been a consistent voice badgering Trump to get the wall built. Her comments include, “NEW COLUMN IS POSTED! GUTLESS PRESIDENT IN WALL-LESS COUNTRY” and “My prediction is his support will evaporate and Trump will very likely not finish his term and definitely not be elected to a second term”

A bill including the border wall funding passed the House, but stalled in the Senate, where 60 votes are needed to stop the filibuster and go to a vote. Senators left their chambers today with no resolution.

Trump has said consistently he will trade a government shutdown for border wall funding, quoted Wednesday as “totally prepared for a very long shutdown.”

President Trump has been encouraging Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the “nuclear option,” meaning an over all change in the Senate rules to pass bills with a simple majority. However, other have commented that the 60 vote rule has saved America from countless over-reaching Democratic bills, during times when Democrats held a majority in the Senate.

According to reports, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said that no vote would be scheduled for Saturday and that members would be given 24 hours notice before a new vote is to be scheduled.

Congress had already passed five spending bills in September that covers about 75% of the government for the next year. Agencies covered by these bills will not shut down, and include Pentagon and Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Veterans Affairs.

Editor’s note: It is gratifying to see Trump step up and fight to keep this important campaign promise. As I have mentioned many times, in thirty years we will look back and see that the wall is President Trump’s most important legacy.

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  1. Richard Hayes

    The senate should listen to what the people want. We as a nation agree with the President. We want a big wall.

    • Walter Lundy

      A wall like China built to protect their country.

    • Dolores

      As long as Pelosi and Schumer is there, they won’t listen. I’m surprised that Pelosi said that they forbid the other democrats to vote for the wall. It should then be a closed vote, then if some of the Democrats wanted the wall, they could vote for it.

  2. Cliff

    Its about time that we had a president who stands up to the deplorable democraps who don’t care about this country but only illegal immigrant voters. Thrump needs to keep the heat on these people and expose them at every turn. Go get um Mr. President.

  3. Les Clark

    Trump is right. As far as I’m concerned shut the whole government down. Get those sickening bastards out of our way..

  4. PK

    I suggest: build a wall 10 by 10 yard, 10 yard high, set the stupid idiot in, let him rotten there and think about his ridiculous idea to get the money for his wall from the Mexicans. Why should the taxpayer now pay for it? Btw: with this idea the criminal has stolen the presidency. Hopefully he’ll be in jail soon.

  5. Edward Durham

    Build the wall, period

  6. Gene

    Good for Pres Trump, shut I’m down for America’s sake!

  7. Janine Denardo

    I will be voting for President Trump in 2020 he has been a great President the wall would be built if it wasn’t for theses pathetic Democrats fighting him on everything he is trying to do he has been keep most of his promises and would keep them all if it wasn’t for the corrupt Democrats the Democrats only want theses illegals here so they will vote for them the Democrats don’t give a rat’s a** about the American people if they did they put our vets and elderly and sick 1st but they don’t

  8. Esse

    Russian yrol factory?

  9. JohnBar

    PK’s vitriol and hate-speak is unfortunate and inappropriate.

    • Ford Prefect

      I might agree with you about PK’s post if I were able to understand it. Incoherent ravings from a libtard – yep. Coherent, cogent arguments or opinions – nope.

  10. Steen

    Someone need to stuff a pacifier in his childish mouth


    Going to put my 2 cents in, Stop the one’s pay that are against building the wall and all the perks they get, and I bet the one’s who are against the wall will make a U turn and vote for the wall.. All the Democrats is seeing are future voters !

  12. Dolores

    Schumer and Pelosi refuse to let any Democrats vote for the wall? Who do they think they are? If I had a chance to vote or the wall and I was a Democrat, I’d vote for the wall.