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Time to push back on the left’s white fear narrative

Time to push back on the left’s white fear narrative

The Democratic Party has fully embraced the left’s theory that America is rife with racism – AND that it is predicated on a fear among white folks that we are losing power as America evolves into what is described in the oxymoronic “minority majority” nation.

In an attempt to pump credibility into their bogus theory, progressives create a nation divided into two competing societies – whites and people of color.  P-O-C is a relatively new demographic that includes ALMOST anyone who is not white European.  

The creators of “identity politics” ironically obliterate all the meaningful distinctions between Africans, Caribbean Islanders, Latins, Asians, Native Americans, Indians, Middle Easterners, Pacific Islanders, and others – and all the subordinate ethnicities within each of those demographics.  No more Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Peruvians, etc.  No more Chinese. Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, etc.  

In fact, there are no more Brits, Frenchmen, Italians, Lithuanians, or Germans in the world of progressive ideology.  There are only homogenized whites and an amalgam of … people-of-color.

The very foundation of the people-of-color theory is flawed factually, biologically and culturally.  It simply fails to recognize and respect the all-important ethnic distinctions and traditions.  People tend to take pride in their ethnic culture – those distinctions in language, food, dress, music, religion, art, architecture and customs.   Progressives want no part of that.  Their political world is black and white – or more accurately people-of-color and white.

The progressive theory suffers even further from the fact that they cannot define “white.”   While all Mexicans are considered by progressives to be people of color, that population is divided between indigenous Mexicans and white Mexicans.  Most Mexicans consider themselves to be white, even indigenous Mexicans – and so does the United States Census Bureau.  Middle easterners lean to being white – especially when compared to sub-Saharan Africans.  

Progressives argue that the opposition to their big-government authoritarian policies is based on the fear that the growing minority population will soon be majority-minority.  There are two reasons that the alleged fear is nothing more than a self-serving political scaremongering narrative.  Outside of a very few nutty white supremacists on the fringe, most white folks do not worry about America becoming a minority-majority nation because most white folks are not racially intolerant.

The second reason has to do with the statistics.  In advancing their bogus theory, progressives do not like to look at the statistics.  According to the 2020 census, the American people are 60 percent white,  (76 percent with white Hispanic), 19 percent Latin (including white), 13 percent black, 6 percent Asian and small percentages of others.  Just on that basis alone, America will have a white majority for many years to come.

It is not a question of some sort of prejudicial white privilege, but merely a question of numbers.  In fact, the “white privilege” subtext is also flawed.  While white Americans have long represented the majority, those same white folks have supported immigration – making America a uniquely tolerant land of immigrants.  

Whites were the backbone in the successful fights for minority rights.  The Civil Rights bills of 1956, 1960, 1964 and 1965 were passed by Congress when there were very few minority members.  

White presidents and legislators have created unique programs that established “minority privilege” in hiring, college admissions, business loans, etc.  Whites ended slavery and the Democrats’ Jim Crow laws and black oppression in the south.  

Whites elect our leaders from virtually every ethnic group – even a President of the United States.  Does that sound like people are afraid of seeing power flow to people of other backgrounds?

Of course, there are people who harbor prejudices of all kinds – and there are white supremacists.  But there is also racial prejudice within and among minority groups.  But their real influence is minuscule.  And yes, we have the residual of INSTITUTIONAL racism – mostly found in our large, segregated cities long controlled by archaic Democrat political machines. 

The oppression of urban blacks and Hispanics has racist outcomes based on the ethnicity of the victims, even when the leaders or of the same racial background.  How does that happen?  That oppression of urban blacks by black administrations exists because the old racist structure and policies is also beneficial to black officials.  In those cases, racial oppression is based on the maintenance of power, profit and prestige.  It is a matter of status that might be compared to the so-called “house Negroes” and the black slave-owners in the days of slavery. Looking at the unchanging conditions in our segregated communities, it should be obvious that black administrations have not benefited the folks in the ‘hood.

As a white conservative (except that one percent Nigerian blood my DNA test revealed), I have no problem with leaders of a different ethnicity than me.  Unlike the modern progressives, I enjoy the great mosaic of the many cultures. I love getting involved with people unlike me. I like to experience the variety of foods, music, religion, dance and customs – especially the foods.  

As a conservative, I see all people as equal in law and Divine creation.  I like the diversity of America.  And I am not only okay with seeing … shall we say … people-of-color take on roles of leadership.  In fact, I have often supported such folks their ambitions.

Now … I will tell you what I do fear.  That is people – white or of color – who want to use their leadership positions to transform America into a nation with a top-down form of governance – in which an elitist class in Washington takes more and more freedom from our states and our local governments, and from we the people.  I fear the takeover by progressives of any and every color.  And I align with conservatives of any and every color.  

I would rather see conservatives of every color in office … in corporate board rooms … in any position of power … than have some arrogant elitist white progressives rule over me.  

While progressives play to … promote … and provoke racial divisiveness, that is not what is happening among the populace in general.  Time to put that theory that whites cringing in fear over the growth in minority numbers and power in the trash from whence it came.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    “The Democratic Party has fully embraced the left’s theory that America is rife with racism – AND that it is predicated on a fear among white folks that we are losing power as America evolves into what is described in the oxymoronic “minority majority” nation.” Uh…ok on the first part, but sorry, I need a citation as to Democrats afraid whites are losing power and America evolves? Just must have missed that one in my Democratic indoctrination briefing.

    Larry, let me sum quick: All Republicans are not racist, most Republicans are not racist, Republicans are indeed the party of Lincoln. Most racists, today, 2022, are Republican or vote Republican. Most minorities votes Democratic.

    Rant away but the people have voted. With all that has been done you have made precious small advances with many regressions at the same time.

    • Miles collins

      The democrats are 98% of the racist problems

    • larry Horist

      Frank …. the fact that you missed Democrats and the media saying whites a driven by fear of losing power as the nation turns more minority/majority is amazing to me. It has been a central theme on CNN and MSNBC … and among their leftwing guests — for months. I have heard it expressed dozens … even hundreds … of times in the past year. Pay attention. I have heard it on MSNBC Joy Reid show several times.
      Ali Velshi has said it. There are too many to recall specifically … but I will make notes as I hear them for future reference. You should note that statistically the US is not on the verge of becoming a minority majority nation in the near future. If is just a political narrative — a racist canard, to be sure — that flows out of the progressive echo chamber. But it is tied to the hyperbolic discussions of white privilege.

      • frank stetson

        Two parter: part one:

        I guess I just tune that crap out Larry because when I look, it is there, however, not necessarily just the Democrats, and, if it exists, the Republicans have it worse. I am gathering the media picked it up big time. It appears that this started, perhaps as far back as 2019, and that PEW may be the original source. Nonetheless, everyone picked it up along with all the demographics we stereotypically love to hate.

        When I looked up your comment after the …. I found much, you are correct, I just tuned it out apparently. FYI — Rachel is my only msnbc regular, others are sporadic, j. reid is a never, too shrill….

        But it was everywhere:

        I could not find the original PEW report that everyone seems to source. However, it appears it’s white people, not just Democrats, and, if anything, Democrats feel it far less than Republicans. More, important, in PEW’s 2021 update, they conclude: “Most Americans say the declining share of White people in the U.S. is neither good nor bad for society.”

        In that new piece, both parties are in the same boat as noted above but when you look at the fine print, Republicans seem a bit more fearful. But the bottom line is that neither good or bad is growing as an idea.

        So, I think you need to update although I have no doubt that you saw it in the news. Look at what your partners-in-crime here are willing to copy/paste if it’s a titillating headline….. Try:

        “Biden Admin Goes Full Drama Queen on Jan 6” Can you say indicted for seditious conspiracy?
        “BIDEN GETS HIS ORDERS FROM PUTIN” every day….
        “Dire Predictions: China, russia, Iran – a Three front war?” Three countries, two capitalized, and any day now….
        “TEACHER STRIKE IN CHICAGO – THE UGLY SIDE OF UNIONS” yes, all Unions do this…..oh shit, they compromised on a win-win that looks like the Union did the right thing, at least for the people……and kids…..

        Bottom line: I am sure you saw it, I tuned it out, I think the research has been updated, if so, you can update your piece….. :>)

        • frank stetson

          The diminishing of White Fear rant continued….part two……
          One of the reasons Obama was electable was he didn’t look “dangerous” except for ideology, not for race. Perhaps with time, Obama looks even less and less “dangerous.” You know, I always wonder why he never spoke of the racist threats, not a peep. I always say, “if it weren’t for Will Smith, there would not be an Obama as President. Will made things seem so less dangerous. I mean, I loved Sidney, but let’s face it, he was a bit angry…. probably had to be for the times, but….. And it may have taken over 150 years, but I noticed, in the beginning, 1865, blacks had a unique language, had to, whites were listening and guaranteed they were dangerous. 100 years later, many urban blacks still had a unique language, but hipster whites were copying parts now because it was dangerous talk and we needed it against the status quo. By 2014 and probably before, Ferguson, thanks to TV, other audible media, the black person in the street sounded a like you and me. Ferguson, poor people on the street, understandable, no ghetto speak, less dangerous. Seemed like most of the time that was the case going forward in America. And suddenly, when folks should like the majority, they seem less dangerous, more understandable, easier to relate to, even when speaking from an urban riot zone.

          A good section of my family came in 1865. It took two generations to marry outside our native community. Other parts came in 1900, it took less than one generation to intermarry, learn the language, and become not dangerous. But on entry, we spoke no English, we wore funny clothes, and we were dangerous white people to the “natives.” It’s the way of the world, but we could blend quickly, within a generation. Blacks cannot blend, they started much lower in the educational arena than us, they had zero dollars, we were poor, but had $5,000 in our pocket at Ellis, and there was vicious, violent, and secretive attacks on blacks, or less violence but shunned in the North, so yeah —— it took a lot longer to better assimilate…..IMO.

          I know that’s simple, but hatred is simple too. And as I noted above, anything different is often hated.

          Larry, that’s my rant, I’m sticking to it and I hope these foolish white folk can just get over their fears and start treating “all men as equals” basing attitudes on actions and words, not looks and appearance.

          • Joe Gilbertson

            If you were a Republican, Ben and Bruder would be calling you racist now…

          • frank stetson

            Well Joe, I am a racist. Worse kind, a Northern liberal racist….. First, I was born in a place that makes Newark look good, in all sorts of ways. Second, I am not proud of being a systemic racist that blindly has supported policies that pick winners and losers based on race. I want to help end that.

            I don’t think anything I wrote above is racist, but I am pretty ignorant and often insensitive to these sorts of things and so I am constantly fumbling, apologizing, getting better every day.

            Still waiting for your evidence on how the election was stolen from Trump and where those votes are….. think there were two others for you to provide data on, but …..have to look then up.

            Nice chatting with you, can’t wait to hear from Ben et al.

  2. frank stetson

    Hmmm. Gotta love an opinion that includes a completely made up statistic. Isn’t in 98.22% You just gotta have that decimal point to make it look official.

    • larry Horist

      Frank … To quote our President … come on, man. Miles comment was a common rhetorical devise. You are getting downright petty now. When the left brands all Republicans as racists .. or the entire Republican Party as insurrection cultist … do you seek precise evidence of that? Of course not. The point is that Democrats preside over the vast majority of institutional racism in America in those segregated cities they rule over. You do not see the oppression of urban segregated blacks and Hispanics as institutional racism?

      • Theodore Sueck

        To tell the truth Larry, Frank is constantly being petty as he spews his intolerant BS to the rest of us. And as usual, I’ll be expecting some more petty little grade school name calling from him aimed at the fact that I don’t fawn on every little piece of bull that he places out there. All he seems to do is look to contradict everything you have to say while using the usual BS left wing talking points. Oh well, haters will be haters I guess.

        • frank stetson

          Yeah, it was common all right. And my response was intended as humor since it is obvious he is lying for effect. Please excuse me for not responding to the rest of your passage due to the fact that extending the lie for miles and Miles seems like just that. Make them some other place and we can discuss….

        • frank stetson

          No facts, just opinion. Catch me in name calling and I will apologize. Every time. The usual time you will catch me is when someone fires off a multitude and I just attempt to return volley in a language they can appreciate.

          Fawn? You have never responded with anything less than venomous hatred of me and anything I believe. Larry knows I don’t contradict everything, but when I do, unlike you, I have facts, sources, and links most often to provide support for my ideas and opinions. Try it sometime. So, let’s see: “petty, spews, intolerant BS, haters…..”
          WaM JC. You earned it :>) Welcome onboard. And yes, I apologize, but what a moment that was..

  3. John Furlong

    I love the white race, God Bless them every one

  4. John J

    I love the White Race

    • larry Horist

      John Furlong and John J. Since I do not know your ethnicity, I do not know if you are black, white or other. That certainly would put your devotion ina different perspective. I also do not know if you mean that in a non-exclusive way. I have zero racial intolerance, so I actual love folks of every category. I judge people … individuals … on what they do, not what they are. Makes life easier and happier. But I never hate even bad actors. I disrespect what they may do or say. I do not place one group above another. I can certainly agree with you sentiment, but would also apply that to all other demographic groups. My basic rule is never hate and never stereotype.

      • frank stetson

        Good for you Larry, so true, so insightful.

        Add this —- could be the same guy and that guy is Dan…. Many websites are able to determine multiple personalities coming from the same address. Not email, but IP or maybe even MAC. IP probably doesn’t work for vpn’s. They curtail multiple personalities used to make the same point look like it comes from more than one person. Just saying, they do it, they announce it, and it’s automatic. Part of the service. Think pbp is godaddy, so…have to imagine they have some tools.

        Boy, would I like some rules-based moderation around to lift up the conversation from the gutter it often oozes into.

        • Nick

          You really want a damper on free speech

          • frank stetson

            It’s a business that can make it’s own rules about a dignified discussion that is free as well as free from hate speech, ad hominem attacks, even bad language. I prefer that such rules are posted so participants can know the rules of the road before they post. All of the is within the first amendment as further defined by the SCOTUS.

  5. bob

    The GESTOPO and all the little NAZIS of the democratic party have got to keep up the ” BIG SCARE ” . Keeping all their liberal puppets and sheep petrified about covid , allows them to keep their CONTROL over them . Without covid , the democratic GESTOPO loses their POWER and CONTROL !!!

    • frank stetson

      Time to break out the all caps Nazi adjective, always a winner.

      Yet BOB says nothing except he does not like Democrats in power.

      We are all Americans bob. Well, perhaps not you. And, as Americans we all share the same problems. If you live with close to 50% of the population, dem’s and indy dems, and they are puppets, sheep, unnecessarily afraid of covid, being controlled by the puppet masters, probably your best recourse is to change their outlook. Somehow, calling them NAZIS does not seem like a great start.

      You’re forced to live with us BOB, when covid goes, we still hold the reins, so whattttya gonna do about it to change that.

  6. AC

    A senior Independent voting white guy here just lurking at what your site is selling and at what price point.
    Didn’t find a thing to suit. Premium prices on second hand merchandise to boot.
    Dubious marketing plan, but doors are opened every day. It’s an indication that the old saying still applies, “some people got more dollars than sense”

    • larry Horist

      AC … you are better off shopping at the progressive flea market where an old geezer can find the outdated products to reminisce over. From you writings, I understand that the modern merchandise that is arriving on the shelves — with a big shipment coming in November — is a bit more than you can deal with. Good luck to you.

  7. Tom

    Great debate Larry and Moe, why hasn’t Curly (Ben) weighed in? Larry, if Lizzy Warren can claim American Indian with one half of one percent American Indian blood, then I think I can call you my black brother with your 1% Nigerian blood!!! Ok bro, on the numbers, I think we can safely say that 60% of USA population is white, and just about 40% is some sort of non-white or POC, with 16% white Hispanics kind of making the numbers a bit fluid. So assuming 60/40 current mix, if there were 10% less whites and 10% more POCs, then the game would be tied!! 10% is about 33 million people. Well, if you consider the number of poor black, hispanic, and other abortions each year which exceed the number of white abortions by 287,000 in 2017, and discontinue abortions as GOP wishes, with white birth rate down and black and Hispanic birth rates up combined with no abortions and amnesty/open borders for illegal immigration, I project the game would be tied in about 5-10 years (based on 2017 stats). Now if we let in all those illegal immigrants (by the way, whites are for “legal immigration”, you just wrote “immigration” – a minor flaw in your article) the POC will be the leading demographic in the next ten years or so!!! That is within my lifetime! So it seems like allowing abortions is a tool of white people who want their demographic to continue to be dominant while illegal immigration is a tool of pro-POC people who want their demographic to be dominant, and want to change the voting outcomes in GOP states. Sad thing is that if black and Hispanic people had just said no to abortion since 1971, and just let the white people continue with casual sex followed by abortion, the POC would now be the dominant demographic without any immigration help! Stats from and

    • larry Horist

      Tom … Good Analysis. However, you missed on fact. The populations is 60 percent white if you do not count Hispanics who consider themselves white. If you include Hispanics who tell the Census Bureau that they are white, the percent jumps to 76 percent. If the white population were driven by the fear narrative, they would not oppose abortion. I think you are too optimistic to believe that the black population would have overtaken whites if abortion was not meant to target blacks — but you are spot on to not that there would have been millions more blacks in America without abortion-on-demand. Even though illegal, forced sterilization and abortions were supported by Democrats — especially in the south — to limit the growth of the Black population. And it is Democrats who push abortions — with emphasis on blacks. That was Margaret Sanger’s primary purpose in founding what was later renamed Planned Parenthood. Those illegal and forced abortions were known by southern Blacks as “Negro appendectomies.” The left first obliterated the important distinctions between nationalities by declaring that we look at the world as African, Asian, Hispanic, Native Indian, Caucasian. That actually runs against the left’s claim of identity politics. The left now sees the world as White versus people-of-color — a designation that has zero historic, cultural or ethnic meaning. I obviously live in a mostly white environment — although with more in-depth experience in the black world than most whites — and I have not heard ANY white person express concern about the changes in the demographics in favor of minorities. Political power and be gained and enhanced on the basis of false fearmongering narratives — and I think this is one of them. And yes. I should have said “legal immigration.” Thanks for the thoughtful comment, bro.

  8. David English

    Larry, I was having a conversation with a hard left relative and commented that “I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be a white male in America today.” She replied that people live in fear of white males because we are all violent oppressors, and that we are holding back Black people from achieving success. I had to challenge that- I asked “What makes you believe that? I, and most other so-called ‘white male oppressors’ want nothing more than for black Americans to succeed!” I then listed the times I had gone out of my way to help black people advance in their careers, and said, “Generally, I’ll go the extra mile for a black person, because I figure a white person doesn’t need the help as badly!” I then commented that it was white liberals who wanted to hold back Black Americans by subsidizing the continued failure of their society, and that white conservatives were all for advancing black success. Then I explained how white liberals, starting in the ’50s, destroyed successful traditionally Black communities in the name of “urban renewal’ and “public housing”, creating the dynamics to keep black people in poverty for generations. The light actually came on with that comment. I maintain that, aside from a few redneck white supremacists and most white liberals, no fair-minded white person wants anything but the best for Blanc America.

    • larry Horist

      David …. you are correct. You friend fails the tolerance test because she stereotypes and hates the stereotypes she creates. You did not reveal if your friend is white or black .. but it makes no differences. She is a racist and sexist by definition. She slanders all white men..

      • DaviD English

        My white gay stepdaughter, Larry.

        • frank stetson

          I found David’s post an interesting set of mixed messages. Starting at the end: Larry asks, with a caveat that it doesn’t matter, the person’s race. David responds back about family relationship, gender, race, and sexual orientation. David, why is sexual orientation important? Does it indicate your feelings of some kind of stereotypical bias? What do you want us to infer from that? Does it add to the discussion even? How often do we meet and greet people with: “hey, this is Bob, my gay friend…”

          As to the reporting of her thoughts about whites being violent oppressors holding back Blacks, David, responds: “What makes you believe that? I, and most other so-called ‘white male oppressors’ want nothing more than for black Americans to succeed!” I then listed the times I had gone out of my way to help black people advance in their careers, and said, “Generally, I’ll go the extra mile for a black person, because I figure a white person doesn’t need the help as badly!” What an odd thought. I can’t remember the last time my white buddies talked about wanting nothing more than for Blacks to succeed. “hey, Bob, I really want to help a homie succeed today.” But if one went the extra mile like David, isn’t that affirmative action of a personal kind? So individual is OK, systemic is bad? David feels “liberal” programs that want nothing more than for Blacks to succeed keep Blacks down, yet his individual action lifts them up. And if he seems to fee that if we just didn’t have urban renewal to make areas better or public housing to support poor people in housing, then more Blacks would move out of poverty helped by individuals like Bob.

          Then, the close: “I maintain that, aside from a few redneck white supremacists and most white liberals, no fair-minded white person wants anything but the best for Blanc America.” I believe David has shown his true color: blanc. Mont Blanc? That movie “Blanc Like Me?” A Freudian slip perhaps? All funnin aside, not often you see white supremacists and liberals in the same Venn Diagram intersection :>) I heartily disagree with David on this, I do believe there is systemic racism much of which is historic, traditional, regulatory, and unintentional. I applaud David offering help to anyone, any race, any time. And I can understand how social programs can unwittingly have unintended outcomes. Yet, the bottom line is a rising tide lifts all boats. There’s an economic reason to move people out of poverty, to lend a hand, individual, or systemic. And not many want to be in the business of hand-outs, more like a helping hand up, not a life-time rescue.

          David, IMO, racism is complex where even with the best intentions, yours or liberals, individuals or the system, can have unintended results. Often our own perspectives seem right, appear OK, but aren’t. Larry has a mixed-race family; I have a friend, who is black, that said this is stealing the kid’s identity and heritage because Larry will always come up short about race in raising his child because he is not black. I do not agree with that, I say it’s just different, and different is OK. But I see the point, just as I see David’s point, as racist as it might seem from a certain perspective. It’s a tough issue, takes a lot of work, we still have a lot of work to do IMO until we become truly color-blind. Much of our reason for this is culture and history, other countries do not suffer the racism we do. You just can’t say “it’s not me” or “that was yesterday, not on my watch,” or “I’m a liberal, friend of the Blacks, and I am here to help.”

          Good piece David, honest and well supported, I hope you can see where different people could come away with different conclusions though. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ben

    I came to PBP to read the conservative take on the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King. Imagine my surprise when all I find is an article on Pushing back on the White Fear narrative.

    On second thought, that’s about how I suspected this would play out.

    • Richard

      That guy is no longer relevant. I’m tired of hearing about king. So I’ll just live my life and quit worrying about what went on in years past. I had nothing to do with Jim Crow or slavery. Native Americans were treated a hell of a lot worse.

      • Joe Gilbertson

        Actually if you listen to smart guys like Thomas Sowell, the plight of the black man was continually improving from the late 1800’s to the 1960’s. MLK and his movement were the culmination of the process not the revolution it was cracked up to be.

        • frank stetson

          Thanks for turning us on to Sowell, heard the concepts, not the man.

          Sowell is indeed one smart guy and I agree, IMO, it’s been getting better although I might not stop at 1970….. Also, MLK was part of an evolution, perhaps a sea-change part, but a part. Culmination? Not bloody likely.

          Would love to see a source on this for our edification. Does not pop up on search although many things Sowell do. Interesting fellow. In younger days, a marxist, then changed his mind. I like that.

          “You cannot live a long life without having been forced to change your mind many times about people and things — including in some cases, your whole view of the world.” Thomas Sowell

          I have no issue with his concepts; it’s just that doing nothing does not seem to be a better option.

      • frank stetson

        Not picking on you, just on your concepts which are by no means unique to yourself. Heck, I have them myself all the time. But I think we are wrong.

        King is no longer relevant? Then how are your feelings on Gandhi? Lincoln? Founding Fathers? Jesus? Why do you pick on King…

        You had nothing to do with Jim Crow? How about winning WWII? Getting Bin Laden? Landing on the Moon? Is it just the bad things or did you have nothing to do with anything that you didn’t personally touch? Are you really not responsible for anything your country, culture, industry, or religion might have done? Think about what John Donne said centuries ago:

        “No man is an island entire of itself; every man
        is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
        if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe
        is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
        well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
        own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
        because I am involved in mankind.
        And therefore never send to know for whom
        the bell tolls; it tolls for thee”

        John Donne 1624, England. Think about it…. One of my favorites, but it’s in the past so I guess Richard feels not relevant to him today.

        “Native Americans were treated a hell of a lot worse.” Yes, and Jews by Hitler, Pol Pot’s cleansing, Kurds by Trump, all might be considered worse. How does that make the treatment of blacks, enslaved by White Americans for around 350 years better? OK? I am not sure your point in comparison?

        I think the bell tolls for all of us and all of us can do better, in so many things.