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The Filthy Truth About Immigration

The Filthy Truth About Immigration

If your devotion is to all, what is the value of your love? Are such displays of emotion not useless if any member of the horde on the other side of the hill holds the same space in your heart as those who have built their lives around you, who have celebrated and suffered by your side? Is it not pathological to care for strangers more than those next to you?  Shockingly, such a standard has become politically correct in much of the Western World. 

Be it African or Middle Eastern migrants smothering Western Europe or the demand in America for illegal aliens to be immune to American law, the message from the mainstream media is clear: foreigners are more deserving of Western society than those who value and preserve the ideals that made our countries successful in the first place.

Now, many will say that American foreign policy – especially the last eight years of failed nation building coups in Libya and Syria – have created the crisis in which the migrants are fleeing. And, while this opinion contains a partial truth, belief is such rhetoric would require ignorance of pre-2010 migration. 

The red herring of Syria provides the pro-migration movement with a flashy distraction, forcing the world’s eyes away from the over 1 million migrants illegally flooding into the European Union every year. In fact, all the way back in 2010, Libya’s Colonel Gadhafi was holding the EU ransom for billions by threatening to “turn Europe black” by refusing to stop African migrants from crossing into Italy. In recent months, six years after Gadhafi’s death, Italy has agreed to pay $5 billion to build a greater resistance to the threat.  If we do not address the actual reality of migration into Europe, as people who allow Syria to monopolize their discussion of these topics, how could any correct response be mounted?

While much of the media’s blame for migrants and illegal immigrants is directed towards the West’s foreign policy, the true cause is the welfare systems ingrained into our domestic policies. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the average household headed by an immigrant (legal or illegal) costs taxpayers $6,234 in federal welfare benefits, which is 41 percent higher than the $4,431 received by the average native household. The National Institute of Statistics and Geography states that the average Mexican household (3.5 people) makes $10,116. To put simply, a full-time job in Mexico will earn about the same as not having a job in America. Is there any wonder why people want to join the hand-out party?

When I see pro-immigration activists flooding the streets, demanding more immigrants and more amnesty for those already here, I wonder why there is no care about veterans, our elderly. Why do they have no comment about inflation constantly increasing while wages continue to stagnate? Why is new infrastructure not being built? Why is the middle class trapped in a state of funding both poor and rich? The answer, quite simply, quite sadly, is because the news doesn’t tell you to be outraged about those things keeping food out of your family’s mouths. The news tells you to feel sorry for the brown people you are causing to suffer.

In the West, white people don’t have enough children to support the welfare state. With Americans and Western Europeans having fewer children than ever, there is simply not enough money to pay for the desires of those unable to pay their way: free health care, college, younger retirements, nanny service, etc. Unable to pay for these things, citizens fall into the politician’s trap, accepting that they can vote for their wants instead of work for them.  

Those who desire big government will always want more immigration.According to Pew, the majority of Latinos have not voted for a Republican since the early 80s. Those who have come to America for free services will never vote away those services – or opt out of future services. For that reason, regardless of race or culture, Americans who value our Republic, not some dream of a mob rule democracy, must strongly, aggressively condemn Immigration of every potential dependent. We will slip deeper into the ever-failing socialist black hole with each new dreamer. 


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  1. Earl Grandstaff

    The United States actually needs more immigrants. The white population will start to decrease in only several years. We are starting to get more senior citizens and less children. Sincerely Earl Grandstaff.

    • marlene

      The US does not need more immigrants, on any level. I don’t buy your misguided assumption. “We are starting to get more senior citizens and less children.” Well, that’s the direct result of too much unsustainable immigration, both legal and illegal!
      People grow old and babies are aborted. The more jobs there are for working American citizens, the more this is offset! I sense a big disconnect in your statement.

  2. Joanne

    My heart is with our own homeless women and children and struggling vets instead of with an immigrant who breaks our laws the moment he/she steps over the border! And, yes, I am one who believes that if our hand-outs were cut off, so would our immigration problem decrease. Does anyone not believe that now that California is giving free (to them) healthcare, that more and more elderly, disabled, diseased, etc. won’t be heading there? I hope our government funds do not go to pay for this! I would welcome people who want to make the United States their home, if they come in legally.


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