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Texas/Mexico Border is a 'Smuggler's Paradise'

Texas/Mexico Border is a 'Smuggler's Paradise'

Everything becomes a little more hectic during the holiday season – including the Texas/Mexico border. According to Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera, traffic is “unseasonably” high.

Cabrera is the Vice President of local #3307, the union representing Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley area. He appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show on Monday to discuss the situation, saying the border is “very porous” and has become a “smuggler’s paradise.”

Cabrera says the current influx is “more than we’ve ever gotten this time of the year…Usually this time of the year, it slows down and drops off to a trickle, but we’re still very busy down here. People are coming in faster than we can keep track of, people turning themselves in, and people still getting away.”

The Rio Grande Valley sector has seen a 50% increase in illegal immigration during the past year – making it the busiest sector on the entire border

Incoming refugees and immigrants are exploiting any loophole they can find, says Cabrera. “They’re doing a good job, because people are coming in and they’re getting walked out the door that same day, sometimes with an ankle bracelet, sometimes not. And they head off to whatever part of the country they desire, and we’ll never see them again.”

Cabrera has also noticed an increase in the amount of men traveling with children. He worries about the reason. “We’re going off the honors system…it’s a smuggler’s paradise as far as trafficking, sex trafficking goes, because a lot – these kids can’t defend themselves.”

Furthermore, Cabrera admitted that his team doesn’t manage to capture many of the illegals sneaking in. “It’s hard for us to protect this entire stretch, and we’re getting overrun…” He added that the government isn’t giving them the power to do their job. Without the power to enforce the laws, not much can be done.



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  1. Robert Taylor

    How much MONEY is being funneled to liberal socialist demoncrats by illegals in the US representing Mexican drug lords??
    Bet it’s a HUGE amount! Why else would the liberals be so viciously supportive of the illegals and even more viciously against any upgrade in border security? Mexican illegals have very few skills – except manual labor. Few of them are educated to any real extent. Man of them are career criminals.