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Stop it! I LIKE What Trump Says

Stop it!  I LIKE What Trump Says

As the editor of the Punching Bag Post and many other publications, I allow my writers to express themselves freely. These are writers that I have hired personally and I trust that they are expressing honest opinions and that their view of the world is clear and unencumbered by the propaganda effects of the major news sources.

A recurring theme among certain of my writers and writers in other publications is “I like President Trump’s policies and accomplishments, but I don’t like what he says.” While touting his accomplishments, these and other Trump supporters have called him such impolite names – a buffoon, a clown, crass, un-polished, ignorant, narcissistic and much more.

Let me say this straight up.

I LIKE Donald Trump’s personality.


On Transparency

Do you remember during the first Obama campaign in 2008, Obama claimed that he would be the “most transparent President ever?” Of course, the opposite happened there. President Obama was secretive, sneaky and evasive and much of his corruption I believe has yet to be discovered. The only time he was truly transparent was at the negotiating table, since all of his positions were either laid out in the media or compromised by his security (hello, Hillary…). Obama’s competitors always knew what he was going to do before he did it.

Donald Trump, however, tweets EVERYTHING on his mind. There is no doubt you know exactly what he is thinking on any given issue as soon as he is thinking it. President Trump has a dozen seasons of “Apprentice” shows under his belt, he knows mass communications strategy and he understands that people are interested in his thoughts. He is not hiding anything (with the exception of his important negotiating positions, of course). You can not deny that NOW WE HAVE THE MOST TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT EVER!

Hey Democrats, the most transparent president ever! How is that working for you?

And what is he tweeting? Do his tweets ruffle some feather? Yes. Do you believe that other politicians are not thinking the same thing? Of course they do. But they are not Donald Trump and they cannot get away with being so blunt and straightforward.

The media likes to take pot shots at Mr. Trump. He responds in kind, and sometimes his return shots are vicious and disproportional. That’s fine with me. Mess with the bull, sometimes you get the horns. Did you want a Mitt Romney or a George Bush who would just “take it” and be above it all? That’s not what you have in Donald Trump.

Tell me this –

If someone is insulting you, would you rather they do it to your face or behind your back? I’ve had friends insult me to my face, sometimes I even deserve it. Most are still friends. But people who undermine me behind my back are never friends. And never to be trusted.

That, my friends, is transparent.

The New York Style

We have all heard that New Yorkers can be rude and short with you, the myth of constant unfriendliness. But I’ve spent some time there, and whenever I’ve needed help, New Yorker’s have actually been friendly and forthcoming. The secret is simple – get to the point! Don’t go up to a stranger in New York and tell them your life story or try to flatter them in exchange for assistance. They just don’t have time. Just ask. Likewise their manner of communication is brash, straightforward, honest and sometimes not so politically correct. Their humor, their complaints all seem to follow that pattern. It’s not for everyone, and something that a farm boy from Kentucky (i.e. me…) had to get used to.

Donald Trump is a New Yorker, he has the New Yorker personality and the New York sense of humor. He has never been a politician before (thank goodness!) so he still has some of that New Yorker impatience. His communications style is to get right to the point, get the message out, be as honest as he can in the moment. If it is not the usual politician’s rhetorical fart that smells like flowers, thank your lucky stars.

Trumps detractors may say his brash manner lacks subtlety. But watch his negotiating strategies, you will find all the subtlety, nuance, gamesmanship and hard-assery you will ever want to see. This is a man who knows how to wield power.


Yes of course, Trump is arrogant. Anyone who aspires to the presidency must have a certain degree of arrogance. Trump has experienced spectacular success in business and entertainmment, he has earned his measure of arrogance.

But I have no problem with arrogance, some of my best friends display arrogance when they are operating within their expertise. Trump’s expertise is in leadership and business. He gets in your face and he says get on my page or get out of the way. Any politician who is not confident in his decisions is a lousy leader.

Trump knows that the media is not going to give him the credit he deservers for his accomplishments, and he is perfectly comfortable “tooting his own horn.” Personally, I am not comfortable doing that. But I wish I was, and could. Remember back to the debates in the presidential primaries? It was very clear in the Republican primaries that they other 16 candidates wished they could have even of a fraction of the limelight that Trump garnered. This is a skill, not a defect.

Attitude on Women?

Trump appears to be “bipolar” in this respect, he has been married and he has been a freewheeling bachelor for major parts of his life.  He expresses respect for women, but he has in the past used his power and wealth to attract them. But these are not mutually exclusive. And do you honestly believe that other rich, famous or powerful males (inluding Democrat politicians!) would not take advantage of their power to attract women? (I’m sure their is a complementary female phenomenon, but I’m really not qualified to talk about it.)

I’ve never been rich nor famous, but I’ve been in situations where my status was high, and yes, it’s amazing when you find that a wide variety of women are suddenly attracted to you and ready to go. We are not talking about rape or forced sex of any kind (a la Bill Clinton), we are talking about attraction and consensual activity. The women in this scenario are genuinely interested and willing, there is usually not any particular “taking advantage of” there, and if there is, it goes both ways.

Bottom line? Rich, powerful men attract women. Get used to it. I hope you experience this effect (or the female equivalent) someday.

And as for the crude statement that Trump made, have none of your fraternity buddies, football teammates, or drinking pals ever made equivalent statements? Were they still your friends after they said it? I guarantee you that most rich, famous men have these kinds of impulses. (Personally I’ve never made THAT statement but I’ve made a few that were regrettable and equally embarrassing.)

Obviously, many find it offensive that men enjoy sex, but I think we have to accept human nature. As it is, if he were not President and if he were single, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him.

Other Claims

Racist? – I have yet to hear any statement from Donald Trump that indicated racism.  I’ve seen many detractors claim that they can see deep into his soul, that they detect racism and then, of course, they write volumes about it. Yes, he is a white male and a Republican. This is enough for the left to twist every word he says, in every possible way and to use every means possible to lable him racist.

Anti-Semitic? – This is perhaps the most ridiculous charge ever, since Ivanka has converted to Judaism and some of Trump’s grandchildren are Jewish.

Trump’s “Lies”  – Trump doesn’t always seem to get his facts perfectly correct. I have a wide variety of uncles who have this same affliction, and I love them all. But lies? He is not trying to deceive anyone, he does not lie for political gains, he doesn’t show the careful deviousness of Barack Obama, nor the more organized deceipt of Bill and Hillary Clinton. And of course, about 95% of claims of lies by the liberal media are documented as false with easily disputable “facts” uncovered by liberal media and think tanks. Sometimes, though he does get things wrong. Can we please make some allowances here?

Why do I like Trump’s Personality?

We need a President that is capable of saying “SCREW YOU” when necessary.

We need a President who can call B^*Sh#@t when he sees a bad deal.

We need a President whose ideas of Good and Bad are based on straightforward measurements that the average Americans can relate to.

We need a President who isn’t overwhelmed with solemn respect for his predecessors, so that he is free to evaluate their “accomplishments” on their merit.

We need a President whose abilities are world class, and who is interested in using them for America.

Obama had none of these characteristics. Trump has all of them.

I like the guy.  Tell me I’m wrong.



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  1. Robert S Wilburn

    No, your right on target.

  2. Barbara McKay

    I agree totally with your opinion of Donald Trump and truly believe that had he not become our president in 2016, this country would be well on it’s way to becoming the USSA (United Socialist States of America). Obama and company had set us on that path for the previous 8 years.

  3. Theresa Carrillo

    OMG!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE… it’s about time someone wrote some truthful responses to the most absolutely vicious and disrespectful rhetoric that has been allowed to fill the air for far to long!!! I love and admire our amazing President!!!! ❤️

  4. Vicki Holshouser

    I agree completely with the author’s ideals. That was why I cheered when I heard him say he was running for the presidency! I knew that all the lifetime politicians were ruining country and we were way too close to becoming a OWO country. I am thrilled with Trump’s great job, and I don’t care if he is nice or ugly with his talk. The majority of the time he is absolutely right and the DEMS hate him for it.!!

  5. Brenda Thomas

    President Trump Is The Best And He Is Honest And Outspoken…I Love That We Finally Have A Great President!!!

  6. Kenneth Reilly

    I have been a big advocate of our Pres and was quick to honor him for turning things and hopes around. He stood up to the opposition for our Country, seems to have helped with unemployment, and offers a future for people that we did not have before. .It seemed he
    was going the right way, with only an ”empty suit” his opposition. The rumor comes on as to charges I had heard, and there has been ”heat” as to the self glory or our Pres, and I am pleading for an explanation and fact. DID he spray a tear gas on a non-violent crowd, have rubber bullets fired, without reason. ? If only to widen his path to the Church ?
    / WHAT WAS THE REASON, TO HOLD THE BIBLE IN FRONT OF THE CHURCH? Self – adoration, a photo op ? Was there a reason and a delivery of worth ? I truly HOPE such an idea is not true, something taken out of context, I pray everyday there will be NO further reason to lean in favor of the present Demo klutz, Joe Biden, and national socialism.